OMO : The Washing Detergent on Kenyan Supermarkets

Last Updated on 29 October 2013 by Gertrude

Omo is a word that has many meanings, a Swahili word meaning front of a Meli,(ship), a sub-tribe or group in Ethiopia and what we are focusing on the detergent washing powder. In OMO they believe that ‘dirt is good’, to connote the importance of play to kids … generally, this was made for mums who have kids! It is sold in different parts of the world in different brand names. While there are many categories of omo, our main focus is on the powder!

Washing was, is made easier by omo, want to wash? Soak clothes for an hour or two, do other chores, after the hours elapse, come back and the clothes are almost self washed. New omo is in pink packaging, which has a nice smell like that of after- wash detergents, hence no need for star soft, or fabric softeners.

There are downsides to it too, before the introduction of New Omo, there were complaints time and again, about hands getting bruises after scrubbing and rubbing. With new omo, there is no worry. But the problem is, there is no foam in this, after soaking whites, the foam disappears making one add more and more omo, amounting to waste.

Omo is widely available in shops locally in sachets ranging from 5.00. I would recommend Omo to those who hand-wash as it’s gentle on hands and clothes. Omo has a washing product as well. Washing of whites doesn’t have to be a headache with omo in business! What washing powders or detergents do you use? Which one works for you?


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