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We love our kitchens to have the best looking products. Did you know that you can turn your love for cooking into a business selling kitchen products that are on demand? You can sell everyday kitchen products like aprons or coffee mugs because we want to adorn our kitchens with unique or the best kitchen set. There are direct sales/MLMs you can use to help you sell kitchen products and they are Pampered Kitchen and Tastefully Simple among others. 

The Most Popular Kitchen Products to Sell Online in Kenya 

Cutting board 


Salt and pepper shakers 

Personalised wine glasses 

Coffee tea mugs 

Utensil box 

Rope bowl/basket

Hot handle holder 

Decorative dishes, cups and glasses e.g by decoupaging or etching 

Personalised magnets, buttons/pins think bottle cap magnets

Clay leaf bowls 

Ditch ovens and lids 

Pampered chef kitchen gadgets, Pampered Chef is an MLM 

Nylon scoop and drain spoon for mandazi

Popcorn maker 

Mix n scraper 

Nylon turner 

Food chopper 

Glass microwave trays 

Pizza stone and pizza cutter

Slow-cooker set 




Wilton cake pans with Disney characters on them or Star Wars

Nylon toolset 

Non-stick stainless steel skillet

Tips for Selling On-Demand Kitchen Products Online in Kenya Successfully 

To successfully sell on-demand kitchen products online you need to keep in mind these tips

Use Facebook for marketing your kitchen products 

No matter Instagram’s popularity, Facebook dominates the Kenyan market social scene. Customers are readily available on Facebook. Plus the various Facebook groups allowing for selling and buying are too many, for example, Kilimani Mums Marketplace, Glam my Home, Kenyans Buying and Selling Good Online and Expat Groups like the Mombasa or Nairobi Expats groups. Though the ex-pat groups have controlled the number of advertisements, follow the rules there, if you are an ex-pat. Advertise things when moving out of the country or town to another. Facebook is where many Kenyans and form friendships, that’s the epicentre of the Kenyan social scene. 

Market your kitchen products 

Most online business operators forget to market their products. To reach a wider market, use Facebook ads to help bring in paid traffic. Marketing is also having a story to tell around your product. What’s your product’s story? When you tell product stories, you sell more than when you post pictures of your products. 

Use dropshipping to sell your kitchen products 

Dropshipping is a low-cost type of business to begin from your home’s comfort. Have a Shopify/Oberlo app, then send kitchen products from Aliexpress or Alibaba directly to your store. It helps when you choose the ‘e-packet’ delivery means because the items take less than 7 days to arrive in the US. After which you can ship to your customer in Kenya. You don’t hold the inventory, but it’s better when you know how to brand your dropshipping store. Remember, the supplier is the one who sends the items to the customer. Talk to your supplier about item branding. Or place the order as if the item was yours send it to yourself for branding. Either way, choose what works for you. 

Find your niche/speciality 

I talk about how I battled with my blog for years working on it as an eclectic blog or hobby. When you are a crafter, for example, a glassblower then you sew, woodwork, do you think you will explore your potential? By the time the day ends, you are so exhausted flying from activity to another. Choose what products you love the most and people buy the most or want the most. If it’s aprons, find all the kinds of aprons you can on Alibaba. Remember, aprons for kids, for disabled, cotton aprons, see what you are doing? Sticking to a specific product. As your shop gains notoriety on the one product, so does your name. When you start from what you love and people want, then give the best customer service and experience there is, then you create your name as the go-to person in your niche. Customers will start begging ou for expansion. A niche also helps you know how to create marketing messages. 

What’s your unique selling proposition? 

What’s the one thing that makes you stand out? You can fail to be the only niche store in your market, but when you offer the best, customer experience, for example, you become the best. When customers have questions about the delivery of their goods, you are there to answer. When they have issues concerning payment methods, you are there to answer. And when delays occur, a non-evitable unforeseen circumstance operating an e-commerce store, you communicate by apologising in advance. Then that’s your unique selling proposition. You may be in an oversaturated field, but when you have the best customer experience, then you set yourself apart. In other words, what are your business strengths? Is it researching for products that customers are looking for? Or is it your marketing messages? Whatever it is, strive to be yourself while selling products online. You can, for example, create marketing messages that leave others with wonder, if you sell blenders, blend all the household items you can think of. If you sell waterproof aprons, drowse your apron in all manners of liquids. Do you get the drift? 

Branding your kitchen product business 

Branding is the centre of your business. When many entrepreneurs hear about branding they fret. I was once here believing that branding is a time-consuming process. I know what you are thinking, you want to make money online and fast. Wait a minute! I want you to become rich, to have freedom of working online. Let’s go, what’s your business name? And does your business name go hand in hand with the kind of product you sell? Is your brand creating a brand story? A brand helps in your identification, it’s like your badge. Look at Safaricom, what makes it unique? Green colour, the logo. What about Apple when you hear Apple, what do you think? iPhones, Ipads, great and sleek phone design. Branding is also setting expectations. For example, your customers know when the next iPhone will be launched. They know what to expect in terms of customer service and experience. Have you ever visited a luxury boutique? What do you see at first glance? Before your eyes glaze over the sleek display, the welcome, the silence of the customer representatives and their attentiveness, their detailed explanations about their products. What do you want when people come to your store. What is the message you want them to carry to their homes? 

Branding is about creating trust and establishing yourself as an industry expert. It’s learning from your mistakes and improving. So if you are starting an e-commerce business for the mere reason of selling kitchen products to fizzle away, think again, what legacy do you want to leave behind? 

When selling kitchen products online to Kenyans, bear in mind it’s not about selling kitchen products only.

It’s about conducting research to find out what people want then you delivering it to them. Create the best customer service and experience.

Remember, Kenyans are scared of online shopping outlets, because of getting scammed and subpar products, fill in the gap by having the best customer experience.

Start from a niche so you become an industry guru, then expand your business. 

Which of these on-demand kitchen products will you sell online in Kenya and why?  




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