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Narcissism: of self importance, feelings of grandiose when you are actually not grand, exaggerating your achievements and your projections for the coming years. Looking down on others because you believe they are really small and unworthy of anything. Narcissism: considering of power and money as the means and only way.

Mostly, politicians have inherited wealth or it will be acquired from the family. And the drive is power, prestige, lust, control and authority if not superiority.

Political narcissists are not to feel guilty even when plagued with issues of corruption, bribery and ”insider” trading. They are not supposed to portray defeat but are to exploit others and their vulnerability.

They are very ethical people, individuals with so high self esteem that others’ gayism or homosexuality is evil while they are ”closeted”.

It’s not good to be gay but it’s good to keep it under wraps.

What happens? Passing of laws which undermine or render lgbt’s immoral, against christian values, undervaluing community and soo many an understandable jargon, marketed reports and case studies passed as RESEARCH. This is how to ”pocket”.

It’s illegal to be an immigrant when they themselves are immigrants.

They blow their own trumpets because power is so endeared to them that it doesn’t matter their opponent. It really is feelings of, ”the small fish, you small politician pretending to be a giant be damned, I am the big one who will swallow you, get me?”.

Unfortunately, these big egos make these men and women feel like God …soon we are following you, your ideologies.

Even those fuelled by war, fire and tribalism. We rally behind you like, well, fools. And you like it!

Securing their inflated ego and ”bigness”. They stay in office, hold office. You common mwananchi will vote him over and over, Hon. Kiraitu Murungi, Hon. Wilfred Machage, as a few fish to fry.


Ignorant Voter: ”My Mp, Senator is a developer that’s why I have re-elected him over and over”.

Me: ”Oh really? What has he done for you personally that makes you feel so impacted?

I.V: Stuttering … aaa …, well, there are roads these days, I can transport Miraa.

Me: ”What an achievement? Are schools affordable, does everyone put food on the table, does he connect with the local mwananchi?”

I.V : ”aaa, well … he does, to be honest, I hear him a lot before elections and after elections,  only the first few months”. Then silence.

Me: ”I am not trying to get into your nerves … I’m … ”

I.V: ”Oh I understand your point, I have never looked at it from this view point”.

Well, you must ( I think to myself, YOU MUST).


If he doesn’t get re-elected, guess what, he will make sure to hang his body around for the next position in office.

To criticise, Linturi, to criticise Gov. Munya. Or else, go on to another ”body” where he will rule with an ”iron” hand even when not in power.

He will also make sure to immense a lot of wealth because without it, goddamn, he is doomed.

They also use religion to tell you, Oh, As a God’s Minister, ”I have received God’s revelations. The one true God you serve Has sent me to deliver a message. He has said, I am going to take this nation to newer heights where so and so has not taken you.”

Oh he really does!. Guess what? They did these major running for themselves and theirselves, not for you, sorry.

Ever thought about their manifestos and agendas? They are so good in claiming how they will implement them.

How well they will work for the good of the community and how you should read their manifestos.

I love the illiterate Kenyan voter who doesn’t care for agendas but even in these agendas, no matter how good they are, they will dupe you.

Do you know what? You are not supposed to break your promises, but I am Politician I can make, break, create and destroy without your warning.

You know whether one is a TNA, whatever it means …my ignorance, Jubilee or CORD mean, does not mean a thing. It’s just a name in the end they regulate what we eat, how we eat it and how regularly. They determine who will treat us, our education, who rules us even from the grassroots. They determine who we talk to, which tribe to hate on and why, when, what and where.

Do these ones feel bad, angry or pity on you when you don’t have food on the table?

Ask yourself, how many times has a politician come to help you find money, employment, food. It’s not his work whether you are his constituent or not.

For example, when citizens of The Republic of Kenya are perishing of hunger, the only relief they get is maize and beans, 2 kilograms!

They don’t care for whether they bribe or bribe take, whether speaking against you, your tribe or even a lgbt community will affect them.

After all, don’t they know how to manipulate your ”ego” which they know is little compared to theirs. They can even lie they will take you to school, when you reach there the school fees has never been paid.

They will actually laugh their hearty hearts out when they watch on the news how you have turned into a scavenging bird.

”Kwani, the early bird msemo, Mkenya alikuwa anafikiria nitamsaidia kabla sijajisaidia?”. ” hahaha, boss, hawa watu hawaelewi ni mfuko yangu kwanza, yetu second, zao ni next kura. Nitavuna tu kama kawaida”.

They use the power of their offices to feel invincible gods. They can insult you and your tribe, or even the police at the Gilgil weighbridge because they know they will get away with it.

They can commit murder to students, little people, they can intimidate bloggers and other naysayers, well, because their offices will protect their acts.

And they are allowed to because in Kenya, there is no justice for the poor. And there is, was no evidence.

The media we depend on has been bought by politicians.

They control what and when to say and by whom.

Isn’t that why we don’t necessarily see accountability on these narcissistic men and women.

Oh, they can also slap women in public and never get prosecuted, because you know well, she uttered the wrong words to a big man.

They are so out of sync with reality that they tend to misinform us even when we have the facts.

The problem, who else will speak for us when the media is quiet and not necessarily attacking cruelty against humans?

Do you know who a narcissistic politician is?

He is proud, greedy, manipulative, thinks so Mightily of Himself, Herself, is a grand man who drives a grand car, constructive criticism is something he never learnt in his life, he can also play with your emotions, go to a corner and high five with an opponent they were insulting each other with, to fool you.

Remember how a famous politician cowed when he was told to provide proof of another thieving?

Now, this is how they brush you off, by contradicting themselves, answering a question you never asked them and actually behaving as though they have a sore throat. They could care less whether they lied or not.

Are all politicians narcissistic? Of course. They praise themselves, they talk about themselves so much with so much Kingly behaviour you would be surprised they are none of what they are talking about.

Remember adages like KUSEMA NA KUTENDA? Try challenging it, you will hear lots of arrogance and ignorance.

What is the difference between Kusema and Kutenda na Kusema Kusema?

They are so extremely ambitious that sometimes it’s very disgusting.

They are ambitious and cannot wait to take what they believe belongs to them or should belong to them forever. Oh and their families.

All in all, they simply want something they were deprived of during their childhood.

Maybe, they never got enough attention. Anyway, who does in traditional african societies where 10 kids was just the beginning? They want to feel special in front of someone else and that someone else is you and me.

You get so infected in this cynicism and myopic talks and deeds that we simply hack each other to death.

We could care less that we were once neighbours.

We could care less that one day I was a landlord you were the tenant, we could care less because Mr. Politician has, is happy to divide us.

And we let him. And he gets away with everything because, he is a protected man and nobody saw him. The evidence was insufficient.

That is how you allow him to eat, manipulate you and me, yet, feels nothing. Goes to his chambers smiling and talking like this:

Mapoliticians Convo




Part 2 Convo


You can of course check the definition of narcissism and use it however you want.

I found my inspirations from these websites, I will list three of them for you:





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