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If you want to make money online in Kenya, better become acquainted with the most in-demand jobs earning more than 9-5.

These jobs, if done well, are more than a side-hustle and can turn into businesses. 

  1. Virtual Assistant 

I got hired online as a VA in 2012 after deciding that writing was too oversaturated.

Nowadays, the field of VA is still being confused for a way of making a quick buck online.

Let me tell you, times have changed and no one wants to hire a secretary online and pay them well.

The role of a VA has gone from earning $10 or more an hour online to earning $2 an hour. Why? Because you’re not specialising in exactly what you have to offer.

For example, if the field of ride-sharing is a hot industry, jump in as a VA, not to rideshare but help the newcomers create an income for themselves online.

For example, I love and feel successful in operating a hotel business in my home, Airbnb. I can be a Virtual Assistant helping homeowners create Airbnbs that make them rich.

The key to a successful VA is to remain organised but look for the opportunities not explored.

Virtual Assistants are needed in all fields to do regular office jobs but fill in bigger shoes like SEO Copywriting or being a VA specialised in the social media marketing or digital marketing.

Go where the big bucks are, according to your passions and interests.

Remember not to reinvent the wheel but become good at finding the missing link. 

2. Editors 

We all need editors. I have a standby editor for my books and everything I do online.

I’m a very fast writer but sometimes, getting the grammar right is a huge problem.

An editor is not only organised but very knowledgeable about the nuances of the English language which can go as little as distracting a potential client due to ‘broken’ English or bad sentence construction, which my editor complains about daily.

Also, I get a lot of story ideas for publishing from my editor. If you’re a writer you know you’re the editor, proofreader and critic before anyone else.

Editors are on high demand because no blogger wants to publish poorly written hard to read blogs.

And with many businesses clamouring for their own share of the online business, it’s time to market yourself to these businesses.

Help business owners sleep well with correctly written social media posts.

You can work for any business, editorial skills are needed in all industries. 

3. Graphic design 

A graphic designer’s role is getting more and more noticed. It’s easier to become a graphic designer these days with Canva.

But if you want to establish a graphic design business, jump onto Photoshop and learn how to use it. There are lots of YouTube videos, for free, teaching how to use Photoshop.

Don’t faint if Photoshop requires a long process to acquire in Kenya, ensure you get Inkscape or GIMP, they’re also great free graphic design tools resembling photoshop.

You can help businesses design visuals for their businesses including business cards, logos which are increasing in need due to branding getting recognised as a central part of any business, flyers, posters or catalogues to help layout the business products. 

4. UX/UI

UX/UI sounds complicated but it’s all about designing websites with great or epic user experience.

For example, when you visit the Apple website, how do you and the website connect?

It’s the same thing on this website, I want to design a website with a unique experience, including easy navigation, contact forms, subscription 

5. Consultant 

Consultants are mostly hired in the business, education, IT and healthcare industries.

It doesn’t mean consultants aren’t needed in other fields, they are. In fact, all industries/niches need consultants.

As a consultant and to be highly regarded, you are an accomplished individual in business, for example.

You started a business, it became successful, began writing books or how you accomplished so much for your business. What did you do to make your business so successful?

A consultant is an expert, a guru who knows a lot about their niche, they know ‘insider’ information than no one else knows and they can navigate the hurdles to reach their success levels.

This is an on-demand job because everyone wants to be told that their projects will succeed, no one wants to start a failing project.

You can consult for any field but it pays to niche out or concentrate on fields in most need of a consultant. 

6. Writer 

Writers love to string words to make sentences. Most writers are told that they may die poor because everyone is a writer.

No, in fact, writers are too few, those who earn big bucks to be proud of their work. To be a successful writer, you have to choose a niche that pays well and is on-demand.

I made a list of writing niches that pay good money and some of the niches include technical writing, copywriting, SEO Copywriting. Plus, I also created a list of popular niches writers get paid good money.

If you want to be a successful writer, know how to market your work and in the wake of Kindle publishing, there’s no excuse for sleeping hungry.

Writers are on-demand right now because of the increase of online businesses, so you can write and get paid handsomely doing the following, writing and publishing online product descriptions, SEO copywriting, technical writing.

You can find work in magazines, create your own blog, write for corporate companies as a PR strategist, campaigner.

The list of where writers can work is endless but competitive. Remain relevant by writing for digital prints and know how to write SEO copy, it pays handsomely and you don’t need to go to school to learn SEO. 

7. Tutor/Teacher 

As a teacher, you learn a lot by researching but some teachers don’t get it.

The work of a teacher is so on-demand online due to helping students prepare for their IGCSE, KCSE or any other exam.

You can coach students online via Zoom, Skype. So what subject do you know so much that there’s no curveball that can get thrown around without you finding the answer to?

For example, if you know a lot about English start simply by making videos on pronunciation that people get wrong all the time.

Then expand your classes to showing how proficient you’re in the English language. 

8. Sales Rep 

A sales representative isn’t afraid of rejection, is confident, reliable and aggressive.

Aggressive meaning they don’t give up until they sell.

You have to be well-spoken because sometimes you’re required to deliver presentations of your sales or how you’re going to sell a particular product.

You also have to participate in sales meetings, staying up to date on product information to know what changed about the product you’re selling.

Sales reps are so in demand online because businesses struggle to sell to sustain themselves.

A good sales rep stays on top of the trends of their products/services. 

9. Web Developer 

Web developers in 2020 and above are needed in every niche. 

10. Transcriptionist 

The job of a transcriber keeps increasing with video production happening.

You can get hired in any field. To get started as a transcriber you need to practice. 

11. Social Media Manager 

A social media manager needs the following skills to prosper in their trade photography, writing, editing, researching, data collection and analysis and marketing.

You need to know how to lay good pictures/visuals for the business.

You also need to drive traffic, relevant to the website.

12. Project Managers

A project manager is a great organiser. 

13. Case Manager 

A case manager assesses patients needs, advocates for patients, guides and educates them. 

14. Recruiter 

Jobs are needed online and offline in Kenya to help deal with unemployment in the country.

Recruiters are responsible for hiring talent that will take the company to the next level.

15. Nurse 

They’re case managers who help educate patients on their health and nutrition especially patients who suffer from lifestyle diseases.

The services of a nurse are needed and increase due to pandemics like coronavirus and lifestyle diseases.

Nurses can work from home when advising patients on their nutrition, exercises to take. A great nurse is empathic. 

16. Data Analyst 

Data is used by companies to analyse information about purchase powers, make decisions about things like product purchases, analysing and spotting sequences or frequencies.

A data analyst studies the numbers, so you must be good at knowing what numbers mean and how to use the numbers to help a company or a trend. You must know about graphs.

For example, to analyse a Google trend, a data analyst has to spot what the trend said a few years back and why it’s important or detrimental to a business.

Most data analysts online are required to help e-commerce businesses to analyse the trends using Google Analytics to help predict the behaviour or pattern of purchase. 

17. Accountant 

The most common online job related to accounting is that of a bookkeeper.

You will help plan and achieve financial goals by creating journal entries, preparing invoices, handling a company’s payable and receivables.

A business needs to know about their tax returns and filing their taxes whether they’re based online or offline. 

18. Graphic Designer 

They’re integral in creating the visuals for the business which include business cards, logos which are important branding tools. 

19. Virtual Travel Agent 

Since diving into the world of a freelance travel consultant, the world changed for me. I travelled virtually before my clients.

You have to have great organisation skills, customer service because the number of questions you get to answer become a lot, have great research skills and a good communicator.

Meaning you stay in touch before, during and after the travel to ensure your customers enjoyed their trip.

Though the travel world keeps saying the work of a travel agency is dead because of the increase in the internet and individuals booking for themselves trips online, it isn’t.

Travellers need to get good bargains which require a lot of research, what a better way to get around it than using a travel agent online?

Advertise your work on social media and show the trips you have booked plus the reviews. The hospitality industry more than any industry relies on superb reviews.

You can start your business on Instagram using these key pointers I stated in the article how to succeed as an Instagram travel consultant.

20. Customer Service Reps 

They utilise phones, emails, chats, social media to answer questions about placing or receiving customer orders.

Apple, Hilton among other Fortune 100 companies hire customer support specialists all the time.

Making customers satisfied especially by running an online business isn’t easy.

Some customers don’t understand how to use the online systems to get help, that’s why a human is needed to help guide customers through rebooting their computers or helping them understand how to track their orders online.

You need to have great listening skills, patience and an excellent communicator.

Meaning your language use is so simplified for the customer for them to understand what you’re saying.

You cannot use technical jargon for a non-techie person, this adds to the frustration. 

21. Engineers 

Software, computers, are needed to help solve problems including designing of the machine, computer software or tech equipment.

They’re also needed to help develop software easy to use. 

In conclusion, though these jobs are listed as on-demand work from home jobs, it doesn’t mean you don’t have competition or work laying ahead of you.

In fact, working from home needs for you to have a niche. When you have a niche you develop your skills and become an expert in your field.

Working online demands for experts who will take businesses from level to level.

You remain competitive by acquiring as many certificates or courses as possible in your field.

You also have to learn how to market your skills and self to businesses. Marketing means knowing how to brand yourself as an individual and as a business. 




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