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Would you love to earn 10M shillings a month with an e-commerce store? There are some evergreen and trending products you can sell online for-profits, read this article.

Then, there are profitable products commanding millions of customers daily in your e-commerce store.

The first question to ask before sourcing for these profitable products from China to sell in Kenya is to find a niche. A niche is an area of specification.

For example, if you want to sell electronic accessories, narrow down to car electronic accessories, or electronic accessories for car-owners. Don’t begin from a wide/general niche. 

You don’t even need to invest in a big store, read this article about starting a niche e-commerce store in Kenya. Start a dropshipping store with Shopify/Oberlo Apps.

Import the products using the Oberlo app to your Shopify store from Aliexpress.

The Oberlo app helps you find products with e-packets delivery. If you have a U.S account, then ship the product to the U.S. and in 7 days it gets delivered there.

Afterwards, ship the product to Kenya from the U.S. to your customer in 21-28 days. It takes a shorter time unless you want to use the express packages which eat into your profits. 

Profitable Products to Make You A Multi-Millionaire from China for Kenyans 

The following are the most profitable products that can make you a multi-millionaire from China to sell in your e-commerce niche store in Kenya. And they include the following: 

  1. Kids toys 

This is a no-brainer. Kids are born every day in Kenya and kids toys grow in demand. Kids toys range from plush toys, remote control toys, educational toys and stress-reliever toys for kids suffering from Autism or Cancer. Start the toys business from a niche, for example, educational toys. Kenyan parents take their children to school when they are still very small. Capitalise on this by encouraging the importance of playing with toys than books. Research all the possible educational toys available offline and online, then include the ones not available in Kenya. 

2. Mobile phone accessories 

Mobile phone accessories continue to be on the rise, check the rapid popularity of wireless earbuds and car accessories. Or the increase in the need for quality phone cases. You don’t need to import phone cases, you can design on Canva and print via Printify or Printful or another Print on Demand service to increase your income. 

3. Clothing and apparel 

Kenyans wear clothes on the daily and the clothes business keeps creating internet millionaires in Kenya. Get into the business of selling women’s gowns. Women’s gowns, lingerie and lace bras keep going on higher. Know how to operate an online boutique by reading this article on how to build an online boutique in Kenya. 

4. VR Glasses 

Virtual reality glasses are for gamers. Need I say more after a gamer because a multi-millionaire, PewDiePie, everyone wants to enter into this virtual reality. Virtual reality glasses like this one and this one make a tidy sum of income. Source for affordable virtual reality glasses from China. Educate yourself about virtual reality glasses by reading the Cnet blog and Pcmag. Gaming still creates a lot of income for gamers on YouTube. 

5. Sports equipment 

When searching for a hockey stick for my kid, it became an upheaval battle. The only shop selling a hockey stick was miles away from me, in Nairobi. The worst part came when searching for camping equipment for kids. I got a shop called and their service is the best ever for an e-commerce store in Kenya. Kenyans are getting more interested in ‘exotic’ games like golf, polo, camping, start stocking your store with sports items of all niches. Start from a sports passion. 

6. Consumer electronics 

Electronics from mobile phones, laptops, Pcs are the most profitable electronics to sell in Kenya. They say Kenya is a digital nation with the internet as cheap, Kenyans purchase electronics all the time. My all-time favourite shop, Ken Computer in Mombasa Mainland and Elite Digital in Nyali centre, patronise these stores to see the electronic fanaticism. Choose to stock a particular product like what Elite Digital does. 

7. Bags, shoes 

Women and their bags and shoes, but men aren’t getting left behind. If you log in on Facebook groups like this one and this one, you will see the level of engagement shoes and bags get. Explore the categories of shoes which make the most demand, then source them from China. 

8. Beauty products 

Women and men alike, especially the transgenders love makeup, plus it’s not a crime to be a feminine man! Beauty products are all-time profitable products creating empires. See, the way Hudah Beauty, House of Tara and Fenty mint money? Ask yourself, what niche of beauty products isn’t supplied in the Kenyan market. You can start with mink eyelashes for example. Or inner thighs bleach products or armpits products. 

9. Pet accessories 

Our animals are our babies and we love and adore them. See how Doggles became popular. Do you have a design for a pet in mind? No need to worry before inventing the product, sell other pet accessories. Don’t limit yourself to dogs or cats. I love birds and fishes. Create a store with the pet you love and include everything about that pet, from backpacks for parrots, eagles phone cases, explore the niche to the maximum. Your passion for a product also makes the product sell. 

10. Shapewear 

Women and men alike these days love to have slimmer tummies. Start a shapewear niche store like Tatiana does, hope onto her YouTube channel to learn more. 

11. Anti-stress toys 

Anti-stress toys aren’t for kids suffering from autism or cancer, it’s also for adults. Have you seen this squeezy ball? Or do you love to play with slime? See the popularity of stress reliever toys on YouTube to see which category is popular then start providing the toy category. 

12. Backpacks 

Laptops backpacks, school-going backpacks, strollers, backpacking backpacks, are always popular. Don’t get limited, new mums prefer backpacks than diaper bags which seems like an additional handbag. Offer such bags in your store. 

13. Survival kits and other outdoor items 

I love the outdoors when travelling, but I have to ship items like these survival set from Amazon because none is available in Kenya. What outdoor activity do you love? The outdoor and survival kits are a perfect niche for subscription boxes because it’s have to come in a kit/package or set if you like. Think picnic blankets, beach umbrellas or knives in

14. Maternity dresses 

Women in Kenya realise the greatness of looking beautiful when pregnant. Introduce maternity wear. This niche goes well with starting an online boutique so read this article about beginning a profitable online boutique in Kenya. 

15. Makeup kits 

See what Liveglam does, Liveglam creates millions of dollars in revenue for the store owner. Get inspiration to offer make-up kits. A makeup kit can include sets of lipstick shades, lip balms, mascara. Or any beauty product women care for. 

16. Lamps 

We need lights in our homes from outdoor lights, motion sensor lights to desk lamps. There are some bendable desk lamps I searched for in Kenya but never found them for product photography on a budget. Some lamps like this one are alarms that shine to wake those who don’t love light like it’s the sun shining. 

17. Smartwatches 

Apple changed the way we do business with the introduction of smartwatches. The fanaticism for smartwatches keeps getting higher with smartwatches having Bluetooth connection and functioning like a phone. Others telling you how many steps you have taken in a day. 

How to Make Millions Selling Imported Profitable Products from China 

The following strategies will enable you to sell these imported products from China in your online store for a profit and the strategies include: 

  1. Use Facebook ads 

Facebook ads enhance your product reach. After adding a new product in your store, use Facebook to help reach a  wider market. Learn more about Facebook ads from this course. 

2. Add the value of your product through educational videos or blog posts

If you want to sell more products online in your niche, use YouTube for video marketing. Videos like what Tatiana does with her shapewear products help customers learn how to use the product. But they connect with you. 

3. Research the market and fill the market gap 

Even though these profitable and evergreen products will always sell. Research the market to explore what’s not been sold yet. There’s no need for shipping the same product over and over. 

4. Niche out to stand out

The riches are in the niches remember. Don’t forget that standing out means selling a product from a category you love. Then finding the underexplored product in that niche. For example, electronic accessories is an overdone market, what remains? What product can you sell under accessories? Think car accessories, pet accessories for car owners, for example, .see what I mean, when your market is specific so will your marketing message. 

5. Start a blog in your Shopify store

Content sells. Gear to educate with blog posts about the pros and cons of the product. Write reviews for every product in your store. That also brings in another level of value and education about the products you stock and love. 

6. Know how to Google rank your business 

Employ an SEO Google Master to help you rank in the ‘snack pack’ business category. Your business must be on the Google list. Check if Yelp accepts foreign businesses. List your business there to help spread the word.

7. Ask for reviews 

Enhance your reach by reviews. Remember, reviews help word about your business spread. Customers get to know you on a personal level. Also, it’s a vanity-filled society where reviews count. 

8. Have a passion for the product you want to sell

You won’t like me when I say start from a passion. Money enthusiasm wears out after acquiring everything you have. It happens online/offline. When you begin selling a product, sell it because you love it and the value you achieve from it or your customers achieve from it. Plus a passion product sells more. Read this article about starting a passion business in Kenya. 

See, starting an e-commerce store isn’t hard. And sourcing for the most profitable products to sell online to make you rich got easier. 

Combine this list of profitable products and the evergreen trending products to know what products you can sell. 

You won’t go with these products. Know how to build your brand, it’s not about selling but building a name for yourself. Brand yourself well by reading this branding article in-depth. 

Which of the above profitable products making multi-millions and can be imported from China will you sell in Kenya and why? Have you done the proper market research?




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