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You remember this post?

I love how you have reacted to it … thank you for being my readers.

I want to give it a facelift, update and a pdf report which you will download for two dollars. First five email subscribers can get it at a dollar.

Here’s what you will get in the resource:

Safety Procedures: Consider does your kitchen meet the requirements? Does your home?

How do you plan to childproof your home or playground?

How do you encourage hand washing? Is it a daily routine to avoid diseases and germs?

How is your toileting facilities? Do you have enough to cater for ten, fifteen kids?

Ventilation and room temperature, how well is your room lit? Is it decorated to entice kids to come back?

Do you intend to discipline these kids? Which discipline method is the best?

How do you plan to deal with toxic substances like lead, paint that sometimes can cause allergies in kids and babies?.

Do you have emergency kits in place to deal with injuries?

Who will give your caregivers an interview?. What’s the plan? I have a nice plan, check it out in the resource.

Who will administer medicine in times of kids’ who have medical problems and require constant care? Are you trained, are you willing to take the risk to learn?

How do you plan to attend to the needs of the kids, babies? What about those babies, kids who require a lot of attention … it’s never enough?

What’s your niche?

What’s your schedule?

How do you plan to make money on the side with the daycare? Oh wow, do you it’s essential to do so to add to your income.

There are also Warnings and Hazards to keep in mind.  You didn’t know kids could be very loud, tiring, annoying and noisy or even push you to your limits?

Well, Sorry. If you don’t love kids, don’t like their noise … this is not your career.

Have you seen what’s in store? Kosa Ulie.

Now, onto the questions you have asked over the years.

Why did I suddenly change my thoughts on running a daycare? 

My goodness, what’s not to adore in kids?

That’s why I changed. I questioned myself, why do I have a business plan about a daycare which I am not running?

I want kids to have a safe home away from home when their parents have gone to work.

I challenge you to not take this as a business only but also a task, a commitment to a parent.

Kids will keep these memories you create for them forever. I wanted to change the face of daycares in Kenya not as operated in crammed dark rooms but cozy surroundings.

What am I doing that’s new and fresh apart from what I wrote here? 

I cultivated myself a niche.

I cultivated a new plan.

That plan included, offering twenty four seven services.

Think about mothers with postpartum depression, alcoholics, night duty workers.

Did I call it a niche? Yes, what’s the category of kids you are willing to take? How will you handle them.

I also ask myself a crucial question, Why daycare? How daycare? What Daycare? After answering these questions, I felt I am ready to take on the business.

I had forgotten that for a business to prosper, I MUST reach out to people.

I never thought about marketing. Now, make it central to your business and its growth and development.

Market a lot. How do you market? Social media, email marketing, word of mouth, challenge parents for a daycare tour. It’s tremendous, try what works and go with it.


How or what category of licensing does a daycare need? How do I register a daycare in Kenya?

Single Business Permit … will know more what class a daycare falls into.

Oh, I can tell a story. I have struggled to talk to the ”right” people to help me register a daycare.

I have been told for over a month about the disappearance of the lady who does registration.

I have enquired, inquired, disquired(this is not an english word, I am expressing anger, dissatisfaction, mortification and disgust) and almost gave up.

Then one day, I found someone at Huduma who helped me know what I needed.

It was just an inquiry for Heaven’s sake.

I wanted to find out. Then I was told it’s only 20,000 plus safety procedures and others which may add to a little more than 20 or 30.

Find out from your local authorities, I hope they will not be as elusive. I will light the torch on this matter in depth … it was a little hilarious.


What rates can I charge?

Hmmm … depends on you and people you serve.

Imagine if you locate a daycare in Lavington, Karen or Muthaiga.

Would you charge the same as a daycare in Kibra? Not to underestimate anything, but there is a very huge difference in the areas.

If you live in middle income estates charge middle income rate. if in high end estates charge high end rates.

I can give you a clue: there is monthly rates, this can be like school fees.

Hourly rates for those who bring their kids for half a day.

And there is daily rates for those who bring their kids for a day or two as they search for a househelp.

You can also decide to add to your daycare needs by providing more services to the kids like teaching, transportation, providing laundry services and meals.

HINT TO TAKE HOME: Provide teaching.

You knew you just have to love kids? Well, wrong.

Search for a curriculum.

Download my resource for two dollars and learn how to tailor your curriculum to your daycare needs.

How should you organise a daycare?

However you want.

Not helpful?

But ensure there is enough space for every child, you and their parents.

Do not take in soo many kids that they can hardly play. Do not allow for soo huge space too.

Balance but always make sure you have an eye for every child.

Crucial in case of kids acting up, pinching or pulling and so on. And provide lots of toys to play.

Keep a play area indoors and outdoors. Indoors you call it a cosying up area, a quiet area. Outdoors it’s a shouting match area, after all our motto is: Kids Love Play.


This reminds me, a self compound where there are no neighbours interfering with your work is really … COOL. Some neighbours do not like kids.


How much money should I invest in a daycare business? Did you consider time?

Oh this now is brain cracker.

Know why … you can spend as little as nought to millions of shillings.

If you choose to offer services like playgrounds, are you going to charge the kids? Will it be inclusive in your budget? Will you put up something like this?

Are you going to make things like books? Plush toys? .

Have you considered things like remodelling the home, house to suit a daycare need?

How about the kitchen? Will you be stocking the kitchen with five star meals or should the kids come with their own?

I am thinking, If you are to buy essentials it could cost you 300, 000 shillings and above.

You can decide to cut back on these expenses by investing big and reusing things you have in your home.

I plan on reusing my old dirty sofas which I will sew slipcovers for.

Sew plush toys, cloth diapers, cloth training pants, bows, soft shoes, ever heard of quiet books?

Anyway, I am so crafty and a DIY mummy it pains to have time for all these … you can hire me to create for you.

NOTE: Don’t throw anything away … time to get busy with making and sewing bean bags for balls.


What would I suggest for a manageable but balanced menu?

What is a balanced menu but manageable? You will agree here with me that, surely, this depends on you and the kids. Some kids have soo many allergies, you have to account for that too. Some kids can eat just about anything, not meaning to make fun here … but it’s the truth.

This is how I would schedule for a normal kid with no allergies.


Cereals, check out for oats,

plus milk,

scrambled eggs,

freshly made juice,

strawberries or bananas

10 AM Snack

A fruit



Minced meat, chicken, fish,


Pasta with greens

mashed potatoes with some chicken, beef soup,

mashed green bananas with soup, greens.

Keep in Mind, Greens  means pumpkin leaves, kales, spinach, tomatoes, green capsicum etc. I have included tomatoes because I think they are a vegetable.

4PM Snack 

A sweet tooth snack. A cake as long as it’s not too sweet, or bread, or pumpkin pie. Or anything like porridge.


Can give ugali with beef stock, chicken stock and minced chicken and greens.

Or any meal you can think of as long as the kid is not allergic.

For dinner, I am sure not many kids will be available but if they are. Here’s what you can keep in mind, can they eat your family meal without allergies or reactions.

Take Home

You can explore with meals offered to kids in Kenya and beyond. Don’t necessarily rely on ugali and the like or meals which are to add fat.

Think of omena, dagaa, if you like, pies, fruit mix like avocado and pawpaw.

Give smoothies. Bananas are cheap and available, blend that, mix with some milk and you have a meal.

Also get creative and use wild imagination.

Ask the parent beforehand what meals their children are allergic to. And in case of allergies what to do.


How can I as a caregiver protect myself against eventualities and uncertainties like death or illness.

Take a liability insurance cover. You know, I haven’t yet identified with these type of insurance, at least not for now. I promise to update you.

But, a liability cover will ensure no one sues you for negligence. They will not place a claim unless they have sufficient proof.

I also believe it’s good to protect yourself by having laws drawn by a lawyer to distance yourself from such claims.

Death is painful and death of a child under your care. The parents will blame you forever. Sometimes, some parents don’t want to disclose medical history to parents for fear of being judged.

I believe every child caregiver MUST have rules in place for dealing with emergencies. First being, having an ambulance service from a reputable hospital.

Another, signing forms of User Liability drafted by a lawyer in a lawyer’s office.

I promise to update this information as regularly as possible and what I have learnt. For now, follow these simple steps above.






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