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An ebook on working online in Kenya and what you need to know and ask. In this ebook, you will learn, be engaged and all your questions answered.

Here are the things you will find in the book:

  1. 101 questions about work online in Kenya
  2. Answers to the questions. 
  3. Why you must be learning online for your next work adventure
  4. The lucrative side-hustles you must join in. 

You will also find:

  1. Courses about blogging. 
  2. How to create a wordpress site without coding 101. 
  3. Skills you must be on the lookout for.

And you will find tips that include:

  1. How to stay sane in the insane online working world. 
  2. That includes: switching off your mobile phone for any calls, texts or shocking political news. 
  3. It also includes why social media is just a noise, instead,  how to implement effective social media strategies that will enhance your online and offline business. 
  4. How to never give up when your business takes years to monetise. Keeping a level head. 
  5. What you must do to survive the ”storm” that sometimes affects online work. 
  6. How to get your feet wet to sharpen your skills.

Plus many many many more tips.

Some of the tips will be used as an exercise.

Oh, I will also have a survey to help you decide whether you are cut out for the online working life.

I will include the work online jobs you can start at no extra cost or with minimal investment.

You will also get one-on-one consultations with me.

Why must you trust me? 

I am a great advocate for flexible work.

I have respect for industry gurus.

During my work at home adventure, I never found resources that would suit me as a Kenyan.

Until to date people ask me how I make a living online.

How I have managed to stay put.

How does a blog make money? And wham! the idea for this ebook was born.

It will be a resource like Tim Ferris’s 4- hour work week.

You will come here to reconnect, rewind and rebuild.

You will also find my struggles throughout the book: how online work didn’t work for me for so long and what I did and I am doing about it.

Also, you will get a peak into the best Kenyan blog I read and follow to this day, years later.

You will hear my successes and failures.

Oh, wouldn’t this be an extremely expensive ebook? 

No, of course, it’s a ”broken – down”  kind of ebook.

The first one you will get at an almost nought price while the rest, we will negotiate the price.

I love negotiations.

So, how do I get the book? 

Get to be a subscriber and you’re in. First ten people, nought price.

Also, this book is a creation of mine from a long time ago. Fortunately, I have had to edit a lot of information from it so … watch out for it.

Another thing, 

We are learning together in this journey, don’t hesitate to question, challenge or offer a new perspective. I love untried ventures.

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