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As a die-hard Kenyan, I’ll confess, I don’t give a thought to Kenyan movies, I didn’t even care for Supa Modo. Kenyan movies carry the same sad theme of slums, poverty yet our lives have changed, I mean, there are bungalows and Lamborghini lining the streets, people are shopping luxury and travelling jet-life.

Even our politicians don’t frequent brothels they ”order” for concubines like they do champagne and lattes.

Globalisation and its effects have made us change how we do business, even parenting, you cannot just spank a Kenyan kid. Because he or she knows her rights.

Our movies don’t offer a lot of enticing scenery therefore don’t leave a lot to ponder on, I can go on and on, after all, words are my forte.

This isn’t a literary class either, it’s how I jumped like a baby when I saw the title of a Kenyan movie with the letters, LESBIAN, in it.

I mean, I’m Pro-Homosexuality, an activist because I believe in humanity and people’s causes. If I go on, I assure you, you won’t keep up, let’s leave this for another day as well. Remind me though.

I pored the Facebook page of Nyali cinemax( which has become annoying lately), as Friday was fast approaching and needed an outlet to make my eyes rest away from words and amateur videos.

BANNED. BUT BAN LIFTED FOR 7 DAYS and I was like, ”What the hell is this? How come?”.

I have kept my activism under the radars because I lived in an extremely conservative society, in and out. Then I discovered YouTube, not in 2015 when I decided to be pro homo but in 2013. Being camera shy, how could I express myself, even now I struggle a little bit, here and there.

I have been asked severally why I promote the LGBTQ community despite them being evil, sick, copying the western nations, ungodly and all. I don’t promote any sick individuals but love to educate and bring awareness.

Kisses y’all.

Growing up, my dad always encouraged us to be at the front, to beat them all. In fact, he never agreed with us when we flaunted our tests, while this can have negative impacts, it in fact is one of the reasons I love to lead and not follow. I love to know before and educate others.

The movie setting as I said wasn’t as serene as anyone who knows Kenyan politicians to be, would have thought. These guys live large at the expense of their electorates, as if they’re asking, ”Who told you to make a mistake?”.

I mean look at them: jets, helicopters, shopping luxury, wearing and adorning bespoke suits, kids schooling in luxurious destinations which you can only dream of when you’re dreaming.

If I keep on, this is a topic that causes my sensitive Pisces nature to ‘‘come out”.

If you’ve lost track … As the movie wore on, I saw the writer cum producer Ms. Wanuri create tension between Kena and her gal, I forget her name. But she’s the other politician’s daughter. I mean what a conflict than two prominent politicians’ daughters falling in love?

This kept on until their fingers and hands couldn’t lay on their bodies. They had to explore and I could hear some men moaning…


The sexual scene was something to cry for, that was no scene at all. Just a little moaning like two birds chirping in the wee hours. It happens all the time even in Nollywood blockbusters( they’re improving though), Africans cry foul when sex is introduced into the movie.

Yet our households have 5 or more kids. Our men slice the throats of their wives when they refuse to have sex with them. Next you know, there’s a ”New Wife” and the first wife says, ”Amen” or told off when she speaks but hangs on for the sake of her children, their children, I forget.

Kena followed her girlfriend to her dance rehearsals where she enjoyed herself with other girls. Her girlfriend, who I’ll call, Maureen, never gave her girl dance group members a thought. But she did notice Kena, should have said this earlier.

Their little tryst in a Nissan van owned by Kena, where she went to blow off steam always jazzed me. I loved to see that scene. But one day, the Village Gossip Chairperson, who I’ll call, Mama Mdaku(Gossip) told others that the two daughters are faggots. They engage in sexual immorality. They kiss each other and when Kena and Maureen got down to business or were about to, you can imagine.

They were beaten back to the senses.

They kept showing a scene of Kena’s guy friends who disliked a faggot. But that fag came to comfort Kena, that scene is what we mostly see in homosexual-themed movies. Silence, confusion, remorse, you just want to hug a person. But cannot.

Need I say, Kena was a butch, she had more male friends looked male herself. Seemed to have shaved her hair for the movie too.

That moment of violence also created a silence in me, why the violence? What did they do?

Their were taken to jail but being politicians daughters were released and Maureen’s father unleashed his terror on her. While Kena’s father was so receptive. I loved him because, he was also undergoing some issues due to marrying another woman.

The same thing I always say, ”accept others for their weirdness because you’re weird in their eyes”. 

After that, the two girls went on to live their separate lives where Maureen went to London and Kena went on to live her life-long dream of being a nurse.

At the hospital where she worked, Mama Mdaku reappeared but all these years she wasn’t accepting of Kena and ordered her out of her sight.

This just means, homophobic people will never change, they’ll be who they are.

The end of the movie was the saddest, I heard Maureen’s voice calling on Kena, I had anticipated they’d kiss but,…

ABRUPT ENDING: My 1 hour 20 minutes ended like that !!

This move brought to my attention some issues the LGBTQ community is facing in Kenya, nothing new but they are:

  1. Kena was taken to church for prayers to ”convert” her, at this scene, I exploded into laughter like an idiot. My voice was heard in the theatres, I saw a few heads turn.
  2. You can be prayed for because, well, you’re evil and need prayers. And prayers do move mountains.
  3. Some parents are more accepting of their kids and don’t even care who they sleep with, they mind their children’s happiness.
  4. Men believe ONLY and ONLY  a man can satisfy a woman, so lesbians can change. Even Blackstar( Kena’s friend believed so) because he liked her.
  5. We need to educate the society more on homosexuals, there was sheer ignorance and labelling that disheartened me so much. Why bother?
  6. RAFIKI broke all the barriers and may be the change we want to see.
  7. We claim to be loving Christians yet the word of God has passed from one ear to the other.
  8. Do we actually know where the law on homosexuals comes from? Our British colonial Masters. They left us in the murk but their laws includes inclusion of all even marriages.
  9. We’re just prejudiced without knowing why. My father always taught me to find out more, become curious and knowledgeable. I’m a woman who needs to stay abreast or else the world will laugh at me LOUDLY.

I got some questions for you, does watching a movie based on violence and terrorism turn one into a violent recluse or terrorist?

This is the same question we must be asking ourselves. Unless you were conditioned in that environment like B.F.Skinner said of rats.

Unless you were told being homosexual is the only way as is seen in Social Learning.

But theories can be proven wrong some gay men adopt kids who end marrying not men but women and same for women.

Why is the society prejudiced without knowing why? Why are you?

Can this be the voice of change? This movie? Participate in this discussion because once many give a voice, the rest will have to join or left to swallow in ”pride”.


I’m making another review of this too… keep waiting.




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