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Real ways to get rich in a short working from home in Kenya

How can I get rich on the internet as a Kenyan? What skills should I possess to become an internet millionaire?

Before becoming an internet millionaire, ask yourself, what rich means to you.

A rich person according to me, is a giving person. To become online, ask yourself; what is your speciality and why?

Your speciality could be eating or stealing. Stealing isn’t a good hobby though.

After realising your speciality, writing, for example, ask; how can I benefit others as a writer?

What services or products can I make as a writer for profits? And is there a market for my services or products? 

Before selling a product to customers or a service, do you sell it blindly or do you find out if the customers want the product?

Your service can be exceptional but when you don’t have a target or buying audience 

20 Quick Get-Rich Strategies on the Internet for Free in Kenya

1. What does rich mean to you? 

People equate the rich with money. Some people don’t care for money but feel rich. Rich is a state.

When you define rich, you get to set your money goals and life’s ambition which means, what makes you feel rich. 

2. Pick a niche

A niche is an area of specialisation. This means, if, for example, you want to become a writer.

A writer is a general niche, there’s no specific role you identify with. But when you call yourself a personal finance writer, you are telling the world you talk about saving, investing.

A niche, I learnt, helps you establish yourself as an expert. You want to identify as an expert rather than a know-it-all with no expertise.

You get rich when you have specific knowledge (specialised knowledge). 

3. What skills do you have? 

Before working online, I didn’t know what skills I had or how I could benefit from my skills.

I knew I could write but what kind of writing I could do I didn’t know. I wanted to write about everything.

You cannot write about everything. You don’t know everything.

Realising your skills and how you can get rich from your skills, makes you valuable no matter where you work from. 

4. Find a side hustle / diversify your income 

There’s nothing as painful as working in one job then suddenly the job ends.

We keep seeing what Covid did to the economy by causing higher rates of unemployment.

You must come up with a side hustle. A side hustle gives you a fall-back plan for uncertain times.

Plus, having multiple paying side hustles means you can invest in yourself and hobbies you treasure.

This goes to the definition of rich. I like having more than enough because I want to give to others. 

5. Pay your debts 

Yes, Kenyans sink deeper and further into debt each year.

There are mobile apps and good banks like Equity bank and shylocks willingly lending money.

If you want to be rich working from home, you have to pay down or reduce your debt. 

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6. Cancel subscriptions 

Sometimes, you may have subscriptions that don’t make sense or you forgot about.

It’s time to go through your email and credit or debit cards to determine the obstacle to your riches.

That prime membership or Netflix membership which you don’t use or the magazine subscription which seems insignificant; it’s time to cut your ties with them. 

7. Budget and always have a budget 

Don’t have a budget? Are you the impulse buyer walking into a luxury boutique purchasing everything and come to realise you didn’t save money for food?

Always have a budget and when you reach the limit, make the hard decision of throwing the other things where they belong.

You can always acquire more things, they’re not going anywhere. 

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8. What’s your passion? 

I talk about passion all the time. Some people will tell you passion doesn’t matter.

How can you pursue a career for years without a passion?

A passion drives you, makes you get up in the morning. Love what you do, it’s simple because love follows love. 

9. Create a product 

Do you have a knack for solving people’s problems? Problem solvers like Jeff Bezos identify a need and fulfil the need.

They see people’s hunger for a product then provide it for them. Do you have an idea; amazing like Paypal, Amazon or Apple?

Tell people what you want to solve for them and see your bank accounts balance rising. It’s not rosy, the life of an entrepreneur, but it pays. 

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10. What’s your business model

These days, subscriptions based businesses seem to be what people get drawn to.

See, Amazon with Prime, Netflix, Dollar Shave Club?

A subscription-based business models mean you get money following your account every single day.

What millionaire doesn’t want that? Choosing your business model means you choose a model that works and benefits your customers daily.

It means updating your platform all the time to accommodate your customers’ needs. 

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11. Save money in an investment bank or a Sacco 

Don’t save money for the sake of saving money. A fatal mistake people in Kenya make.

Save money in an investment bank, where your money grows. In terms of assets or money back.

That way you see your money accumulating. All millionaires and billionaires love it when money works for them and not working for money. 

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12. Increase your income by acquiring a new skill that pays more money 

If you want to be rich working from home, ensure you acquire a new skill.

You can learn a new skill on YouTube for about three months or a month. Take 5 hours daily or less to master the career that pays you good money. For example, you love animation.

Take time to learn about animation. They say God has a way of paying hard workers. 

Get into technology, that’s where the most money is plus you get to work your hours. Technology doesn’t feel like work!

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13. Be patient and or realistic about the goals you set out, give yourself time 

A lot of people working online or from home give up after 3 weeks or 6 months.

They come with the notion that getting money online will be easy but it becomes a nightmare.

You end up not making money or make pennies. Or you sign up on Upwork and don’t get a job. What do you do?

Instead of going ahead to create portfolios of your work, you give up. You say there’s no work online it’s a scam.

Allow yourself to fail, several times.

Pick up the bags and keep moving. Be patient and take the time to learn what happens online and how it happens.

See, learners online make more money and they are the internet millionaires/billionaires. 

14. Beware of get-rich-quick schemes 

There’s nothing like investing in Crypto overnight and getting rich. Nothing happened like that.

Let no one deceive you; you cannot click on a link and expect to earn money. No one pays you money like that online. 

15. Find high-quality clients and put out high-quality content every single time 

Rich people ask for premium pay when they know they bring value to a product or service.

You are born rich, ask for your worth. If you offer high-quality products why not get paid according to your effort and more?

Also, learn to seek clients who have your back. Clients valuing your quality work and look forward to working with you.

You find such clients through cold pitching and on freelancing sites. 

16. What’s your offer?

Your offer is a business phrase to mean; what’s your unique selling proposition?

What are you bringing to the table that’s different from the rest?

How are you different and why must I choose you?. When beginning work from home, we don’t believe in standing out. We want to fit in.

If you try to fit in a space, you will be too thin or too fat for it.

Carve your unique journey and see the doors open. It’s always hard at first but it becomes easier. 

17. What do you think about money? 

Money and how you think about it can make you rich working from home or living from hand to mouth. Do you have a fear of money?

You fear to lose money that you end up losing money. You see the rich as wasteful because they spoil themselves with goods.

You only dream of having bills money. If your aim is to get bills money, I assure you money won’t ever be enough for you.

You are afraid of the responsibility success brings. For example, you don’t love criticism. You won’t get rich.

Your belief about money is that being poor is nobility and we’re born to be poor. 

If you want to get rich working from home, you must observe your mindset. The mindset is the centre of everything in your life and it’s your mindset that’s made you who you are.

For you to make money working from home, you must adjust your thinking. What you say about money and how you relate to money.

18. Believe in yourself 

It may take a few years to believe in yourself, but self-belief is a deep-seated knowing that whatever you touch turns to gold.

Whatever you do prospers. If you don’t believe in yourself no one will and your work will lack. You have to tell yourself that you can do it.

Self-belief, like money and the mindset, needs you to work on them every day.

19. Build a brand 

What do you feel when you hear a brand? A quivering heart or a heart filled with ambitious words, I am the next Apple of Kenya, as a Freelancer.

A brand is your identity how do you want people/customers to identify with you. It’s building awareness around you first before.

Customers connect with you before the product or service your business wants to provide.

What do you want customers to learn when they purchase from you?

A freelancer, a work from home contractor are businesses. Treat yourself as a business.

All businesses build brands.

Take time to stand out with your freelance brand. Have a logo, tell a story with and in your business.

A brand is what people say behind your back when you are gone. 

20. Become a professional 

Professionalism seems like a general term. What it does mean?

Simple, show dedication to your work. Don’t take in more work than you accomplish. Don’t ever hand in subpar work.

Always take criticism as constructive.

It’s not offensive, you weren’t getting insulted by that younger man or woman, they want you to move forward.

Always, promise and overdeliver. Go above and beyond to ensure your customers leave with a smile.

Professionals get rewarded with good money. And you, as a freelancer, are a professional.

Treat yourself as one and behave as one. You cannot show up dressed in pyjamas and expect good pay.

You have to dress up, have your resumes at hand and portfolios to show your experiences.

Have your contract in place to show your work terms and conditions.

Be your best, that’s all there’s to professionals and showing professionalism.

So, do you want to become rich working from home? A lot of people don’t believe workers from home or online workers have hope.

In fact, the notion is that we struggle to make ends meet. We don’t shower before showing up at our desks.

We don’t take our work seriously and are often playing and lagging behind schedules. Working from home isn’t a joke if you want to make money.

In fact, you have to remain competitive for you to make money.

The world is moving towards online workers, you cannot afford to lag behind playing with your job.

Take your work from home seriously and see the rewards. Take it as a joke and join the 8-5 workforce in a month/week. 

Do you believe it’s easier for a Kenyan working at home to become rich? 




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