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I have promised since 2015 to write an in depth blog post on recycling and making money. Guess what? The post is packed with ideas of what to explore and how to begin. Around you there is gigantic waste that needs to be collected.

Think along the lines of:

  1. plastic bags
  2. plastic bottles
  3. soda cans
  4. glass bottles
  5. beer bottles
  6. car tyres
  7. bottle tops
  8. toilet paper rolls
  9. sacks
  10. clothes.

And the list goes on and on and on.

The question you must be asking is: How do I upcycle these things to make gold? Make it appealing to the eyes?

How can I make people appreciate the beauty of used things?

How do I make money from these recycled things?

Well, I have packed for you a tutorial blog post. I am sorry for not curating it sooner so you don’t have to wait.

Otherwise, please add a list here for things you would love to see recycled.

I love ideas. How much are you willing to recycle?

Do you believe the recent plastic bags ban will help deal with a Clean Environment?

Should more be done?




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