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How many times will we be told? These women and men of sheep’s clothing are becoming more and more creative. They prey seeking even the most educated or talented in the society. Lying to them that ‘religion’ will save them. But, sorry, after squeezing you dry of anything and everything you have ever valued, they kill you. They milk you, running you over. What more than to regard religion and church as one’s own house? Don’t take or give  to them because you never know. Or better, stick to your own church, the one you know. Don’t be swayed by nani and nani, who tell you that Pastor nani’s sermon was very intelligent, that it touched their heart. Now they want you to be touched. Sorry darling, once you step into that unknown building, be assured you have lost all you had. Making rich the pastor who gives ‘very intelligent sermons’.

Stop using the people men and women, sorry but sorry, one day one time, you will be caught and severely dealt with. Oh, one day one time, okay? And you and you who lets Karl Marx’s words get to you, ”religion is the opium of the masses”. Be wary, many will come through his name, and they will take your soul ripping it into small unknown shreds then discard the rubbish to those who like flesh. Be wary, they that give intelligent sermons, they that praise wealth and they that stand on the streets claiming to heal the sick, be wary.

Ask yourself, question your conscience before you do anything, let it guide you. It will direct your path, gracefully. Don’t tell people your problem three quarters of them will laugh at you, tell God, the tree, cow, you believe in, never a human being, never. Especially one dressed in a sleek suit imported from London with a fake American accent, that he was memorising in his house, never! It will bring lingering heartbreak, one which a lifetime for you on earth will make you feel like breaking someone’s lying mouth and letting air never pass from his nasals, because, he is a rogue.

How do you want us to tell you, stand on a tree or also come in the name of Pastor for you to be convinced. Be warned, you, your days are just . . . seconds!. I am surprised but not very much because it’s in human nature even the most intelligent of society to be blinded, this man, Paul Magu was, his entire family was, his life … just like that, ended. Two beautiful boys and a girl who had ambition for life plus their mum and now the dad, damn it! Feel pity unto these people, but we have to say no, you and me! Should we start a campaign to do away with rogues in the name of God? What should happen? Talk Kenya, because this is saddening!!!




Anders Holmberg · 15 December 2014 at 4:15 PM

Thanks for this great writing, as a believer i want to say that all killing in the name of God is totally and utterly wrong, really a sin against God self.
Christ came to set us free, be sure that followers of Christ always work for liberation of people in all ways and not to bind to any leader that wants to use you in any way. Always freedom – never slavery to any human being. We know that Christ made us free even from the power of sin and death and by that sets us free to love each other.
Dont believe in leaders – believe in God!

    stephanie · 21 December 2014 at 6:05 PM

    Yes and very true. But, tell that to some people and they will hear as it leaves through the other. I really pity us, especially those believing or exposing themselves to false Prophets. They come very convincing you know. Thank you for your comment, Sir.

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