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There’s nothing as daunting as finding freelance work online as a beginner freelancer in Kenya. 

Not because Kenyan freelancers aren’t on demand but because they face stiff competition. 

So, you may get discouraged while looking for freelance opportunities as a Kenyan newbie freelancer.

 The worst is that the only freelancing options available are over-saturated and you may feel you’re missing out. 

I reveal for you the secrets to finding freelance work online as a Kenyan beginner freelancer. 

The following uncovered secrets will help you find work fast without sweating it. And they include; 

  1. Join a Freelancing Site 

The easiest way of finding work online is by getting on content mill sites like

Upwork, the hottest right now. But if you need to get hired on Upwork, Laura Pennington has a great course on Upwork a site which enabled her to earn a full steady income.  


Some tips to know before joining the content mills site; 

Know how to write great bid proposals. 

Know how to use connects and how connects help you get jobs. 

Ask yourself if you’ll be needing extra connects so you know how to win on the bids. 

Deliver on the work you have got awarded, to the best of your abilities.

If asked for a revision, go revise and please your client no matter what.

You’re aiming for that five-star review to help open up more opportunities. 

Be confident.

When you want to win a job online, you have to get into the right mind frame. That you can do it and give the work your best. Don’t doubt your abilities. 

2. Engage Twitter 

Since Twitter’s inception, I have never understood the way around it.

But as a freelancer beginning work online it’s time to use those hashtags very cleverly.

Use Twitter hashtags to find jobs, explaining you’re ready for hire.

Hashtags trend quickly on twitter, find the right kind.

Learn how to use twitter to land a job by following these strategies. 

3. Cold Emailing/ Calling

There’s nothing as scary as calling someone you don’t know explaining to them what you do.

The scarier you make your dreams the harder you go to accomplish them.

As a newbie, did you know that most freelancers that get hired are the ones who cold-called?

Cold calling must be strategic. For example, keep these tips in mind, who are you calling, is it the Head of Marketing or sales.

What are their names?

What is the message you want to pass across?

The more you cold call the more businesses you are likely to close.

Know about cold calling by reading this article. 

4. Announce You’re Available for Hire 

If you are starting out as a freelancer, you have to tell others that you are available for hire.

You can start a blog and include the available for hire as a section with all your contact information.

Also, make yourself available in jobs platforms. Let others know about you and your skills. 

5. Work for Your Former Employer 

If you’re parting ways with your employer, make sure it’s on amicable terms.

So that you can ask for work from your former boss.

Ask your former boss, what he is looking for.

Or for the period you worked there, ask yourself what services do you offer that your boss benefits from. 

6. Ask from Local Businesses 

In your local business area, what are the business opportunities you can offer?

As a newbie freelancer, talk to as many businessmen as possible.

The more you talk the more they know about you and your available services.

7. Scour Online for Jobs Board 

There’s nothing wrong with scouring online jobs board for work.

The online jobs board to scour include, freelancer or Upwork.

Other jobs board include ProBlogger or Flexjobs.

I also have an online jobs board suited for Kenyans.

Some online jobs board are a niche like freelance writer jobs sites or nurses. 

8. Ask for Family Friends Employees 

A lot of your friends or family have businesses or they know a friend who could use a freelancing service.

Ask them about the kind of work they’d love help with from a freelancer.

And also, tell them what skills you have that would help them in their business.

Sometimes, friends and family are the hardest to enjoy your success, move on and go onto those with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

9. Start Working for Self

Self-employing yourself as a newbie freelancer may seem like a scary beginning.

But learning how to move productively by yourself is an admirable task to you. 

10. Join Facebook Pages/Groups for Freelancers

How many Facebook groups do you belong to as a newbie freelancer?

Joining these facebook groups doesn’t mean you engage in non-productive activities.

It means being meaningful and forward-thinking with your time.

For example, commenting on others newbie freelancers post. Learning and asking questions. 

11. Work on Fiverr 

Fiverr doesn’t mean earning five dollars as a freelancer.

Did you know you can offer any service on Fiverr as a beginner freelancer?

And the upselling service o Fiverr is so powerful.

To succeed on Fiverr, upload gigs like videos and also engage in the Fiverr forum.

See what you can offer.

The more you know about the topics, the more your expertise shows.

Fiverr is an interesting marketplace for newbie freelancers.

Learn how to make it big on Fiverr by reading this blog post.  

To enable you to find freelance work faster, you need to put yourself out there.

This means having the skills matching the kind of job you are looking for.

Be confident.

If you are not confident about your skills others will notice and won’t hire your services.

Or you risk doing mediocre jobs.

Know how to charge your worth the more you know your worth the better you become at charging.

If you don’t know how to charge you won’t advance so much as a freelancer.

It’s also important to know the target market or your intended clients.

Lack of proper knowledge of who you are marketing to or working for, you won’t get far. 

It’s not hard to find freelancing opportunities as a beginner Kenyan freelancer, you have value and confidence to do.

Are you a beginner Kenyan freelancer. How did you find work online as a freelancer?




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