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When I started sewing, I have been documenting with a lot of you my struggles, on YouTube. I had a severe problem with the sewing foot pedal. It caused me nightmare and let’s just say, the sewing machine, was my greatest enemy.

For some reason, I never had a problem sewing on a straight line, but there are some things which I believe I did right.

  1. I drew straight lines and always kept my eyes on the fabric.
  2. At first, I kept my eyes on the needle as I was told by my instructor, and even online, but that was causing me problems.
  3. So, on my own, I decided to always sew on the number 4( which is what I call it today). The markings on your throat plate( throat plate guide).
  4. I didn’t know what seam allowance was all about!.

As I kept checking online, when I had all the world’s patience, I found a number of guides sewing on a straight line( even a book). Sewing on a Straight Line!.

As a beginner sewist, I know where your nightmare comes, if you’ll ever learn how to sew on a straight line and if it’ll take years for you to learn.

In fact, I walk you in this tutorial like a beginner MUST be, because, not long ago, I needed my hands held.

I show you how to, plus I have included some 4 fun projects for you to try until you get the hang of it.

These projects will require a lot of manoeuvring, want to know the projects?

Find out in the video. These projects can be turned into fun projects for later sewing when your confidence has increased, significantly.

NOTE: It’s a long video to watch, I walk so slowly, JUST FOR YOU.

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