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a freebie offer for all

Is it possible to have a freebie generating a whopping six-figure income for your Kenyan online business? What are the strategies a businessman/woman can employ to get their free products to make more people talking and looking for more products offered?. 

The following quick and simple strategies can help you get it right with your freebie. Helping you create without an effort a freebie generating so much money for your Kenyan online brand. 

What’s a Freebie?

A freebie is a free product/service/incentive you offer to your customers so that they buy the more enticing products you have. A freebie doesn’t have to be products, it can be information related to the product or vice versa. 

Before Offering a Freebie Consider These Strategies

  1. Do You Know Your Customers?

Who are the ideal/potential/target customers? How will you reach them? Where do they hang out? Do you know how they’ll respond to your products? Does the product match their pain-points?

Will you send to them the freebie via post or is it a downloadable product which they can easily access. Knowing your ideal customers is critical as offering the freebie.

You don’t want your offer a physician-related freebie for those interested in making money online. While the physician would love a means of making money online, is it a viable idea.

Will the physician relish the idea of this freebie and want to ‘’look’’ more of your products

2. What Do Your Customers Want, Their Struggles and Needs? 

What are their pain-points and how can you answer the pain-points. Don’t stop there, what are the end-results they are looking for. What do they desire and what are their dreams. 

3. What Are Your Customers Saying?

 The best place to know what customers are saying is on social media. Use social media as a critical place to find data and analyse the data. If one person asks, know there are a million asking the same question.

How do you intend on answering the question with a trip-wire freebie that makes your customers eager to get the next product? 
When you are creating a freebie don’t limit yourself to blog posts or videos.

 4. Examples of Freebies to Offer to Your Customers Include:

Printables like checklists, planners and even printable quotes. A popular way of bloggers to increase their traffic.

Tutorials. A tutorial can be a blog post like this one telling you how to offer a great freebie. It can be a sewing tutorial. Whatever tutorial freebie you offer, gear to be as informative as possible. It’s impossible to be taken serious if your tutorials end half-way. 

Roadmaps. Roadmaps are guides/ultimate guides for example. They offer the depth of a product. To make your roadmap sustainable ensure that you offer a chapter teaser or a tripwire.

Webinars. A great way to hold a seminar about your products/services. A webinar is an interactive platform where you meet with your customers and you get to answer their most burning questions.

Free reports.  Free reports include testimonials or results got from your previous work online or webinar. Or Income Reports like most bloggers do check Ryan Robinson’s reports, they give me a kick in the gut.

Mini-courses. Mini-courses are a short form or a ”eye-opener” to the main course. Like having a mini-course touching on a subject then using the help of landing pages for conversion.

Demos. Demos are best used for website themes or showing how the website will work with a particular theme. Check these themes out,

Ebooks. Ebooks offer complete information about a particular subject. For example, The Complete Guide to Six-Figure Income for Kenyan Airbnb Hosts. But, you can offer a ten-page or a five-page PDF as an ebook on a particular subject. For example, Master the Art of Niche Marketing as a Kenyan Entrepreneur, make sure to get your guide by signing in here.

Video Guides. Like offering free sewing tutorials on YouTube but creating Introduction to Sewing Classes for those students who love to know more about sewing. Or showing illustration then creating classes on illustration.

Giveaways.  Provide contests in your social media to encourage sign-ups or opt-ins. Or a blog giveaway for reaching a number of views so as to encourage more viewership. Giveaways give power to a brand by helping a brand promote itself.

5. Share Your Freebie on Social Media. 

Social media is a powerful platform to create content which resonates with the viewers/audience/group. It’s time to shine with your freebies. Show your followers what you were doing behind the scenes and how it’d benefit them.

Or create interest in your products (entice). It’s also a great platform for research by knowing whether your product is a hit or miss. 

6. Make the Freebie as Actionable as Possible. 

Instead of showing them, get into actions. You can use the how-to guide voice in the freebie or videos. Let the freebie be divided into steps that your followers follow.

Let the steps be actions they take and implement each and every single day. Get them to do non-stop. 

7. Freebies Must Be High Quality. 

When providing a product, ensure it’s of the highest quality possible. You cannot provide a freebie with half-hazard information and expect to get a conversion on your main products. A freebie is a time to show them you’re an expert. 

8. Get Focused. 

There’s no need of discussing so many topics in one freebie. Focus your freebie on one topic which is the most asked according to your target market.

Getting focused means not confusing the freebies message and also creating interest in one topic that you get asked often. 

9. Develop Freebies with Clear Results.

 Nobody wants to buy a freebie with no direct results discussed. Developing clear results helps the customers hold you accountable in case your freebie doesn’t work.

A freebie that says, ‘ Make six-figure income for your Airbnb or Master your mindset in 30 days’’ makes you want to click purchase asap. Because the creator is promising the result in a certain time-frame.

Imagine, something like ‘A Self-Paced Course to Master Freelancing’ Or, ‘‘Master Freelancing, Land Your Best Paying Client Yet”. Which result would you want to pick and why? 

10. Make the Freebie Presentable. 

Nowadays, sleek is the answer. There’s no point of creating freebies which don’t have great covers. Because platforms like Canva have made it easier for ‘graphic designers’’ to emerge from all fields.

Make your design elegant and to the point. Take your time to create a freebie which uses high-quality materials or graphics. That way customers know you spent your time crafting for them. 

Want to Canva like a Boss for Kenyan Entrepreneurs? SIGN UP FOR THE 25 DOLLAR COURSE BELOW.

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11. A Freebie Must Lead to the Product/Service You Want to Sell. 

Why. because it’s what you wanted with this freebie, to help convert your customers to buying the products you have created for them.

Create great landing pages to help guide customers to where you want them to go. Or lead them to your website so they peruse the kinds of products/services you sell.  

12. Be Intentional. 

If you run a big website like, which has a million topics under the sun, how do you create freebies? I have audiences I cater to.

The ones looking for info about making money with Airbnb and those looking for ways to make money online in Kenya. While Airbnb is also an online platform, a host can benefit from general products like Business Plans, Canva Like a Boss, Niche Marketing Guides and so forth.

And tell the customers whose product it is for you have created. For example, Airbnb hosts intending on making a six-figure income in Kenya. To online business owners or would-be. Be specific with your audience.

13. Be Unique 

My life’s mantra is to be as unique as possible. And so must be yours. When finding information about the services/prducts you should be selling to your customers, add your unique point of view.

Don’t sound like everyone else, do what everyone else is doing. Make it yours by sounding like you. 

14. Let Your Freebie Be Easy to Reach

There’s nothing as annoying as visiting a website that offers you a freebie on mastering Instagram then having to sign through fifteen more pages to get there.

A freebie must get to the intended customer as easily as possible. They need to know that you don’t have hidden agendas with their email addresses.

When you make your freebie easy to reach your customers don’t feel as though they’re running an errand or as though you have sinister motives with the freebie. They know when they buy your other products, they’ll get it in their inbox or delivered asap. 

15. Know the Art of Copywriting for Sales. 

A freebie with great copywriting is the best to create an interest in it. A freebie that reads, ‘Want to know how to turn your blog into six-figures in six months?. It doesn’t have to be a long and tedious, it’s easy and to the point. I erase the guesses, the questions about a blogging business’’.

Or this,

‘How to make an income with your blog. An easy and straightforward guide”.

Which one of the two creates more interest and conversions?. The one with a clear point gives clear results and has figures. In fact, figures convert more.

Copywriting is an inexcusable skill not to have, learn how to copyright for your business from Kopywriting Kourse by Neville Medhora

16. Offer Your Freebie in Bundles/Kits.

Bundles/kits may include all the information you have discussed in your niche packaged into one document. The document which includes a lot of call-to-action and contacts in case the customer has a question.

I see bundles and kits a lot on Creative Market or Etsy. Bundles / Kits help you sell at a discount and customers often see them as a bargain. Bundle your free info into a kit. 

17. Use Your Strength as a Freebie.

Do you know what your strengths are? How can you turn your strength into a product? For example, I know a lot about customer service, Airbnb and working online. How can I turn this information into products?

No wonder I packaged my knowledge of Airbnb into an ebook now on Amazon. I talk the whole day about working online and decided according to questions asked to answer them in an Ultimate Guide to Working Online as a Kenyan. Have you grabbed your copy yet?



I also know a lot about writing business plans so I decided to simplify the process by creating a simple straightforward business plan. Eliminating the question and the painful process of writing a business plan for all entrepreneurs.

Get your pre-order by emailing me. Use your expertise to simplify the information on what seems hard or your strengths to create a powerful converting freebie. 

18. Develop a Freebie From a Viral Post.

I started creating quotes on Instagram last year in October 2018 because it’s the only social media I fell in love with. Despite working online for almost a decade, I have never been interested in social media until Instagram.

I’m developing my mindset coaching lessons there and find the platform so interesting yet challenging. And it was a lot to prove that I can get interested in what I don’t like or fear. Now, Instagram is an obsession. I see ‘’Kingdoms’’ created on there and can’t wait to build mine as well. 

So the quotes I created, I posted them on Pinterest as a way of bringing visibility to them and guess what/ I found some posts generated more than 10k plus views and clicks and shares and the number keeps growing.

I want to establish myself as the queen of quotes as well. How that matches with mindset courses/classes. I took those quotes and I’m now creating t-shirts and blog posts on them so as to keep the juices flowing. Or you can give a product to your viewers for more shares. 

19. Give a Free Chapter.

One of the few strategies of generating interest with your freebie is to offer a free chapter or a sneak peek into your product. For example, after writing a book, why not create content around it or offer a chapter that seems to disturb your customers a lot?. 

That way, they can be let into what they are missing by not buying your whole guide. Remember, a lot of sharing is caring, so share a lot.

Customers love those who share a lot of helpful information. 

Customers love those who share a lot of helpful information. 

20. Follow Your Freebie With a Funnel.

A freebie must convert itself by you creating a funnel. A funnel means sieving all the ones who never wanted the product. Or answering the customer’s questions by creating an even more complete guide.

A great way of creating freebies is by using Clickfunnels. They are the leaders in helping to convert your abandoned carts into sales or generating interest with your freebies.

Another great platform for building funnels is by using the Builderall platform. Think of advanced landing pages. 

21. Call-to-Action 

A call to action for your freebie means telling customers what to do before they abandon your website.

A call-to-action has to be memorable, capture the customer’s attention and ask the customers what to do next.

A call-to-action also needs to create a sense of urgency. Tell them the offer will expire. Or that the item they have bought from your shop goes well with this other item yet the second item is limited in stock. Want to learn how to create a call-to-action which convert. 

Subscribe to my youtube channel or blog

A freebie won’t be memorable if it’s not offered in an attention-grabbing way.

Your target market won’t get interested in clicking past the blog post they’re reading if the content isn’t meaty and touches their core questions.

It’s important to learn how to write freebies call-to-actions that creates a sense of urgency to your customers so that they can opt-in your services or buy your products.

If you don’t have a great freebie you cannot depend on Clickfunnels to help you create funnels.

Funnels are great lead generators but great lead generators come from attention-grabbing freebies. 




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