Kenyan Politicians: Practical whys they should never be your friend.

  Remember Okonkwo of the Umuofia? Yes, the political satire by Chinua Achebe. Or was it?I always beg to be corrected. Flash forward to yesterday, the 9nth Oct, 2014, when the President returned from the Hague. Kenyans, we are entertainers, we’re gate crushers and multi-taskers, no, not in our homes. We travelled, we went to … Read more

Kenya at 50: Is there anything to show for, Are we there yet?

As a country we have made big strides to be where we are but is there anything to be proud of? From the days of walking miles of kilometers to and from home to school or hospital, giving birth in the house through midwives, sending letters through neighbours and taking months before arrival. Now we … Read more

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