20+ Free Online Universities For Kenyans To Learn Valuable Job Skills To Land A Dream Job Or Get Started in An Online Business.

Is there a lucrative skill you’d love to learn as a Kenyan but are stumped as to whether an evening lecture would help? Would you love to expand your knowledge or is there some skill set you’re looking for to find work online or start an online business? Well, digital learning is so exciting as … Read more

Writing Jobs from Bustle for Kenyans and US Nationals.

I love Realwaystomakemoneyonline Blog, this is where I collect these jobs from. Just tell me if you want these kinds of jobs regularly and I will share them with you, regularly. You can apply for them by following the links below. Also she shares courses on Udemy which can help a job seeker revamp their … Read more

Online Job Leads for Kenyans: How to get online jobs 2017

These anywhere jobs are about as juicy as they sound. No scams, nothing. But as always, do your due diligence before settling for a job. As a genuine lead may be filled with about any scam in the virtual world. I got these jobs from Anna’s blog, it has helped me get some really nice … Read more

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