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Technology is making other countries rich and developed.

Technology simply is a science that helps solves problems through machines.

For example, the invention of Saas helped solve problems like grocery delivery, house-sharing, car-sharing and other services like pet services.

In Kenya, a lot is going on to make the country become tech-inclined.

The first step is ensuring connectivity through smartphones and social media.

Kenya has a lot of users on Facebook and Twitter, who actively use the platforms daily to advertise their business or announce the news.

We’re also making headlines every day with Mpesa, which is a medium of exchanging money through the phone.

Mpesa worked very widely and well in Kenya and is becoming a means for other nations.

Recently, Mpesa partnered with Paypal, so you can easily withdraw money from Paypal to Mpesa.

Technology arises from modernity because modernity brings with it ideas to help people improve their lives. 

15 Best Tech Business Ideas to Launch in Kenya

The following are the best business ideas to launch in Kenya if you are tech-savvy and they include the following:

A Saas developer 

You can help solve any problem with your software.

Saas, are known to bring in a substantial income because of their subscription model/structure.

Saas products for internet marketers I know about include Clickfunnels, Builderall.

You can create a Saas that helps people track and tick their to-do lists, organisers, planners or trackers of weight or productivity. Have you seen apps targeting meditation, like the app, CALM?

Saas doesn’t require a huge big investment and the risk isn’t big.

You need to come up with an idea that solves a problem now market, market, market by showing people how your software works.

Get your Saas as an affiliate in order to make money from distributors. Affiliate marketers help hype about your product, its pros and cons so you know what to improve.

Affiliate marketing your software also helps cut costs of your marketing making you focus on the customer service or development/tweaking of your software.

This is a business that works well with influencers in the tech industry.

You can decide to choose a niche product like mobile apps or trackers for glasses of water consumed, steps taken, sit-ups done or exercises.

Think along the lines of what do customers want and how can you help them make a difference in their lives?  

Remember, like with any business, you will have to keep marketing to your target audience. See what Rusell of Clickfunnels keeps doing on his YouTube channel?

Website developer/designer 

You could help develop another WordPress and earn money through ads.

Look at the fast-growing rate of Wix, Squarespace, they developed code that simplified how websites are built.

It’s simple, easy … you can build your website in a matter of minutes.

And now Wix saw the demand for logo development and they are helping people have their logos designed by themselves.

Think of a gap, then develop another history. 

Graphic designer 

I became fascinated with graphic design work because I wanted to create beautiful images to accompany my quotes.

I wasn’t getting the hang of it but turned to Canva and PicMonkey. I remained with Canva.

These are graphic design websites with templates making it easy for anyone wanting to become a graphic designer. You can help design graphics for businesses on social media to help them with their marketing campaigns or you can design T-shirts or greeting cards.

On Canva, you can design logos, catalogues, brochures, pretty much any visual to help market your business or a company.

Tech specialist 

This is like becoming the tester of products. When you know a lot about the tech industry, then you become the go-to person of tech products. Think of opportunities like the UX/UI designer 


A copywriter is one non-tech role that always exists in the tech world.

You have to have a copywriter otherwise, who is going to break tech jargon into attractive writing/advertisement pieces that make companies or individuals buy the products you create?

AI technology 

Think of chatbots, which help eCommerce stores run efficiently even when owners aren’t around.

Ever snooped around a website then a pop-up window greeted you and you thought, how do they do this? That’s chatbot magic which helps with customer service when owners aren’t available. 

3D printing 


As a specialist, you know a lot about technology. You can help consult for private firms or the government about technology investment.

You can teach about the importance of technology and how technology made Singapore, South Korea rich nations in a short amount of time. 

Sells domain names 

This business of domain selling has been around since I started working online in 2009 through a website called Flippa. It’s like buying second-hand clothes, finding the best quality then resell for the highest price.

You find domain names in any niche which are highly sought after, then buyers bid. The one with the highest price wins. You need to do lots of research in your chosen niche to become successful. 

Cloud storage 

Where do you store your photos?

We don’t have lots of filing cabinets in our homes these days because of Google storage which enables users to store their photos, videos, files in the ‘cloud’, basically meaning, in the air.

Cloud storage minimises loss with fire, water or other natural disasters or an artificial disaster like burglary.

You can start a cloud storage company for the civil offices in Kenya, where they lose files all the time. 

Ecommerce business 

See when Jumia came to Kenya how other e-commerce businesses sprouted up.

Instead of beginning with Jumia, which fails miserably in delivering to its customers, begin with a niche market or product.

For example, you can begin with a kitchen product you love like the portable kitchen blender or any other hot selling kitchen item.

As the need for your product grows, through excellent customer service and timely delivery of your product, then can you ask your customers what they think about you introducing new products.

Even Amazon started with books and see, though it sells lots of other goods these days, they have made self-publishing a lot easier. 

Ebook shop 

Since I wrote my ebook in May of 2019, a book focusing on Airbnb, I became obsessed and have since written and published other books like tailoring, pillow business books, romance and crime books.

If you want to begin an ebook shop, choose niches which people like to read like the crime books: mystery, thrillers and suspense or the most read genre romance novels. 

Tech podcast 

Do you like listening to the radio?

I have never been a fan of the radio but podcasts are a way of communicating your information about the tech industry.

You can talk about the developments in the tech industry, what’s changing, what’s making a comeback and you can recommend products. When your tech podcasts reach millions, you can easily become a podcast influencer in the tech industry and get called for launches of phones like the iPhone or Samsungs. 

Online marketing consultant 

Hardware repair 

We have so many tech products in our houses which have become useless due to old age overuse or spillage.

If you know a lot about phones and phone screen breakages, you can start a business which pays you beyond your imagination.

No one wants to buy a new phone in a month because their phone broke, right? Help them repair.

You can also help with installing or updating apps because some people don’t realise that’s important as well

App developer 

Start a Tech boot camp school

A tech boot camp is where the ‘heads’ or the interested people who want to meet for a tech union in order to socialise or create a movement of like-minded people meets.

Have you ever of a girl’s maths boot camp? That kind of thing.

Organise an event where all the tech people, investors meet to hear about the latest development in the industry.

You can launch your school or your boot camp can be a tech school. Have you heard of tech schools in Kenya? 

The technology industry I believe will change the phase of Kenya.

We can get online jobs/to create jobs online for the millions of Kenyan youths and up the employment gap.

Technology helps us think or invent.

For example, we can find our own cure for cancer and become at par with other rich researching nations in finding the cure for coronavirus or other epidemics like HIV. 

When you check online the fields with the people earning a lot, the tech fields jump up.

If you want to work online, get a skill in the tech field, even Upwork agrees that the tech industry pays a lot more than other industries.

An article on Linkedin listed the most valuable skills for 2020 and beyond and tech skills jumped up. 

 It’s not a surprise that the first world nations are called so, because of their advanced technology.

Do you believe, like me, that technology is the answer to the youth unemployment in Kenya and also to help develop this nation further?




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