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I am a proponent for life but what if a human being commits an unforgivable act? Please share your thoughts below as I formulate a nice blog post.

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Anders Holmberg · 8 November 2016 at 1:03 PM

I believe death penalty is more like a crime than a punishment. I dont think we have the right to choose between death or life, only God has that right.
There is also always a risk that an innocent person gets punished, in other penalties you could do it right if you find this out, but never in death penalty.
Some say death penalty is a good way to scare people to not do any crimes, but i dont think this works. Look at USA – they have much more murders and killings than some other countries – and still they have death penalty.
No in my view death penalty should be banned for ever in every country around our great earth.

Gertrude Okore · 24 May 2017 at 9:21 AM

Thank you, though I would wish to support you to some extent – I won’t.

I am a pro-life through and through. Some people like Ted Bundy among other serial killers and rapists have committed serious crimes – despicable and beyond human imagination.

How can I spare that person if they kill my daughter or son or father, for example.

I am a vengeful and hateful human being, haha (pun intended), but surely, I want to mete out the same if not an extreme way of or amount of pain, I have been given.

It wouldn’t be enough as I will be doing it out of anger but I will feel better. So, if I shot people do death, why not also be shot to death?

Another interesting way of looking at the Death Penalty I believe.

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