Have you had a dream that never comes true?

Has it always made you feel so sad?

So helpless?

Day / Question 9 of 365 Days of Planning, Questions we have dared to ask and answer: How to Maximise Your Year, Tune your Mind to Achieving Success, Happiness, Abundance, Confidence, Purpose, Manifestation, Motivation.

I read in the news that some kids passed their national exams( we have national exams in Kenya) that make some parents go berserk crazy maniacs even murder their children.

I always wander away from my topics daily!.

These national exams are like a qualification for idiots and the genius because our society is divided like that ( capitalism is everywhere and annoying).

Some students come from very very poor backgrounds even a dollar a day doesn’t qualify.

Yet these kids pass the national exams.

We have very rich people around Kenya but none steps in or a few do.

It has always been a dream of mine to step in, I hate begging for funding to support a dream of mine.

I thought to set an example so that others could follow, find those under-privileged  kids take them to school.

When someone comes from a poor background, all they know is suffering, chaos, hopelessness, anger, violence – in their world nothing like hope ever exists.

Hope is an insult to the poor.

Education is hope but they don’t have money to create the hope.

I have dreamt for years ; even though I hate the Kenyan education system I hate to hear a dream being crushed.

I had my dream crushed – that of being an air hostess when dad told me to be a teacher.

I felt insulted when he called the air hostess: a job for prostitutes, servants.

I love being a servant.

I know what a dream crush can cause: a lot of confusion, lack of confidence or enthusiasm, a lot of anger, hate, rebelliousness and blame game.

In fact, there’s nothing as bad as a crushed dream it’s murder overdone.

Year in year out, I have unsuccessfully supported those kids whose hopes have been crushed due to the class system in the country.

I have felt like a failure seeing a kid’s face wanting and yearning for more because that’s how I have been -wanting, yearning.

I have some that I support but still feel it’s NEVER ENOUGH!

But this year, I asked myself:

How bad do I want to help these kids?,

How bad do I want to make those changes in their lives?,

I mean, how bad?.

I have always wanted to make a difference for one kid at a time but that’s never enough but that one is already a difference, right?

Look how I speak, ”I have always wanted”.

Those are wishful thoughts, only for dreamers and not doers.

Doers push boundaries, wishers keep wishing, dreamers can choose whether to let their dreams die or live – unfortunately many dreams die as dreams.

If you badly want something, don’t wish for it year in and year out … it’s time to show how bad you want that something.

It’s time to create an actionable then go for it.

As long as you do, your feel relaxed and the guilt flies away or the longing and depressive wishful feeling disappear.

A dream that never fazes is also powerful shows you where your strength lies – find a strategy of how to reach it and impact, if that’s your dream.

Find a way to make the dream come true let it never be a memory.

                                                   Words to Ponder:

Memories are worth it when they stem from actions, when you show people the steps you took to accomplish them then they become worthy to live on them.

But when dreams die in the brains, they make an individual have a blank stare which is usually very unpleasant.

And I always insist, can you imagine all the answers are always within your reach? They occupy your thoughts and mind daily – don’t look far, within you.

This reminds me, I have always had another dream to be independent, a very rich woman because I see myself that way – un-apologetically.

                                           Wow Gertie:

I believe if I can make a worthwhile change with the little I have, then I’ll create massive change with all the wealth.

For what’s wealth when only eaten by one mouth?

If you want something, don’t be sorry for wanting it, want it that bad.

But it took me loooong years to realise my dream, strengths and aspirations for the future I wanted.

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