Asia took social media by storm with news reports around the globe when it recorded the highest number of entrepreneurs than the USA. 

There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of youthful billionaires in Asia. Asia is becoming the playground for the rich; the land of milk and honey.

While Asia keeps gaining ground on power and prosperity, the rest of the world is left questioning what it is that these young brilliant minds do. 

We look into the stories of these Asian youthful billionaires to serve as a ray of hope for Kenyan youths who are on the entrepreneurial bandwagon. 

How can Kenyan youths make the best out of their young years with creativity in their ambitions just like the Asian youths?

What Kenyans Can Learn From Asian Youthful Billionaires

Problems are part of the success of the journey. 

” If there’s one thing I have learnt from gaming, you are going the right way if there are obstacles in your way” – Tan Min Liang, founder of gaming devices.

Entrepreneurship is a hard grind.

Before your business keeps afloat, you are definitely going to be bogged down by challenges that you will face.

It is important to jump over the hurdle because, with every hop, you are nearing the finish line.

Do not turn around and walk away.

Prepare yourself to address these problems with effective solutions.

If you can, have a mentor to help you in this journey. 

Never give up.

37Games is one of the largest growing browser games companies with the most popular games on its English platform.

Li, the founder of 37Games, talks about how he spent his life working in Chinese tech companies and failed in developing his own R & D company before he founded this successful company.

Giving up is never an option once you are an entrepreneur.

Learn from your mistakes. Pick yourself up when you fail.

For every problem, there is a solution. Keep your focus on the end goal.

Dream of success.

Even during the pitfalls, have a positive mindset.

The best is yet to come.

Have leadership skills.

An entrepreneur is his own boss.

You should have the ability to brainstorm the right ideas and the right approach to move your business forward.

You have to provide solutions and solve problems with insightful concepts to build your business.

If you are working with others, you should be able to coordinate effort and delegate duties to your employees. Channel the ambitions of the people working with you to work towards your vision.

Cheng Wei, founder of ride-sharing company DiDi was voted as one of the most influential leaders in China’s tech industry. 

Have a team.

Jack Ma started his first successful company at the youthful age of 31.

He is the founder of Alibaba Group.

Jack Ma boasts of the importance of working with a team, to get to where he is now.

He had strong backup from his employees as well as family.

When you want to succeed fast, move together. Find people with whom you can align for a common goal.

You can not do everything alone.

When you face challenges in your business, they can provide useful solutions.

Managing your own enterprise is not easy.

Have a co-founder if you may.

Have a skilled workforce.

It is still quite surprising that Jack Ma could start his own company when he doesn’t even know how to code.

He was just an English teacher.

Have a team and instil your vision in them in order to succeed.

Never overestimate your competitor. 

Asia and the rest of the world have been under America’s feet when it comes to innovation for the longest time.

The USA recorded a higher number of billionaires until Asia took the lead horse. It is important to know who your competitors are and their playing points.

You can either counter the competition or meet them.

Competition is always there, but do not put your focus on it.

In Kenya, Airtel was once one of the biggest telecommunications networks, until Safaricom.

If you want to climb to the top of the ladder, make innovation your priority.

Pay attention to the customer.

Customers are a vital part of any business.

They buy your idea, products or services.

The whole business dynamic is made to improve customer satisfaction.

Colin Huang understood this when he founded the e-commerce operator app (Pinduoduo, PDD).

The app is designed to provide customers with a group-buy experience.

Know who your customers are and build a product around them.

Tailor it so that it is efficient for customer use. Have good customer service. 

Be creative.

Ever wondered why there are many video-making apps with different features yet they all serve the same purpose?

Entrepreneurs try to improve customer experience and satisfaction by coming up with creative ideas on content platforms.

Zhang Yiming came up with Tiktok, which is used around the world to film creative short video clips from comedy to dance and share them with friends.

Tap into your creative side and use that to gain monetary rewards. 

Do not put your focus on money.

 Zhang Bangxin started by offering tutorials to junior school students.

Later, he founded Xueersi education for teaching the Chinese language.

Work to connect and address your customer needs instead of thinking about the profits you will gain.

In time, when your business breaks even, you will start getting your profit.

Have a great idea.

Your idea should be viable.

Before your investors give you money to support your vision, they have to know that it is something sustainable and it can give them back their investment with profits.

Think through before you start. Share your idea with a mentor or a professional and have them guide you on what course to take. They can build on your idea or help you sell it.

If you have reservations about someone stealing your idea, have it patented. 

Be ambitious.

Frank Wang, CEO of drone manufacturing DJI, loved the flight.

While in college studying electronic engineering, he created his first drone in his dorm room.

Vijay Sharma while still in college, founded the digital wallet.

Use the resources you have to your advantage. If you find passion in something, go after it. Be a go-getter. 

Never underestimate yourself.

Kim Dae- il, founder of Pearl Abyss, is a college dropout.

Along with many other successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Many youths think that they need the best brains and good college education to qualify to be an entrepreneur.

While they are as important, develop your business using the basic skills and tools and if you can, employ the best people based on talents.

Do not think of yourself as not good enough to start your own company.

A lot of entrepreneurship is about learning to become the best version of yourself as you progress through your journey.

Believe in what you do.

Do not talk down on your dreams.

Motivate yourself. 

How Do Billionaires Make Their Money?

Billionaires make smart investments

Have multiple streams of income.

Billionaires have more assets than liabilities.

Who are the Richest Man in History?

The richest men in history include:

King Solomon

Jakob Fugger

Mensa Musa

Henry Ford

Cornelius Vanderblit

John D. Rockerfeller

Andre Carnegie

How Do I Become a Billionaire From Zero?


Start an online business

Diversify your income


Follow your passion

Improve a service

Take action

Never quit/give up

Be determined and persevere

How Do I Grow My Net Worth to 1 Billion Dollars in Kenya?

Make smart investment

Work on your mentality

Don’t think of the billions, you never get money when you chase money. Think of the value you bring.

Get out of debt, ensure your assets are more than your liabilities.

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What Jobs Can Make You a Billionaire?

Any job that you turn into work can make you a billionaire.

Follow the laws/principles of becoming a billionaire like changing your mindset, working on yourself or never giving up and let the Lord be your guide by blessing your plans.

The jobs that can make you a billionaire include the following:





Real Estate Developer

Luxury Fashion Guru



Cosmetic Surgeons/Specialist Doctors


and the list goes on.

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A few years ago I believed having a billion dollars was for the white man, well, because I don’t see any black men on the Forbes list until JayZ, Aliko Dangote, Mr Otedola and Kanye made the list.

Even then I was never convinced that making a billion dollars would be something I could do.

This dream of making a billion started in October 2018, after months of sickness, I woke up with an epiphany and since then, the epiphany makes me feel crazier and crazier.

I feel like the dream is rushing me to become the best version of me that’s what billionaires do.

They strive to become the best version of themselves while pursuing their purpose.

I’d love to ask you, do you believe that a billion dollars are attainable?

If for a moment you doubt it or feel you cannot achieve it, I assure you you will never achieve the billions.

But if you slowly begin to work on your mind and mindset, reconditioning your mind the find your purpose and let desire drive you without giving up, we will soon begin to talk about the new age of billionaires.

The ones living in Kenya, Africa and the world will pay attention to Kenya and Africa as a whole.

Why am I writing a billion topics these days?

Because I feel like it’s about time the world stops picking at us; it’s time we move beyond looking at where we came from but train our eyes on where we’re going. So, where are you going?

Can you see the road?

Are you enjoying the journey?

If a white person can do it, an Asian can do it why can’t we black people do it?

We keep pushing beyond obstacles, obstacles make us, why not achieve billions?

See, everyone’s level of success is measured differently, I cannot dispute that.

See, I didn’t billions to mean success because some people have billions and they don’t remember the last time they smiled.

I don’t want that for us, I want to smile with billions, as successful people that worked our purpose to achieve and change our society.

See, the Asians realised this.

One person became a billionaire and ruled the Forbes list and the rest went like, we can also do this.

We can change our lives and society.

Billionaires are change bringers.

Start by asking who are you?

What do you see yourself doing for the betterment of society and what is your purpose?

Realising you can do it comes from a deep knowing inside you, that no one can achieve for you your dreams but you, no one can do for you your dreams but you.

Change, billions, start with you.

Do the young Asian billionaires motivate you or challenge you what you can achieve?

What is a billion dollars to you?

What will you do if you have a billion dollars?

What problem have you identified in your society/surrounding/community and do you believe you can offer value for the betterment of the society?

Billions make value, do you have value?

Do you believe you can make billions?

What’s stopping you or what’s motivating you?

What books are you reading and do you implement what you read?

Billionaires are known action-takers, are you one?

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