How do you tell your awesome body after a day’s work?

Do you listen to your body or annoyingly curse at it always like this?

I’m so slow, oh my I haven’t finished some things this week.

I have been too slow again! I cannot believe I’m doing this again!.

Next week, Oh my I cannot go out today, I’m still working on something here – it has kept me busy and I’m too slow.

I don’t like how I work nowadays.

I wish I was a little bit faster, that would enhance the completion of this project a bit earlier. God!

Sometimes, I feel like I hate myself so much because I don’t seem to achieve anything.

Have you ever spoken words of ”wisdom” like these ones to yourself?

Is it a habit you have to always decide how much you hate how you do things or how slow you always seem to be?

How many people have a ”Congratulation For Today” message stuck somewhere on their desks?

How many planners even take time to say thank you to themselves each and every single day for their strengths?

How many parents do you hear out there saying thank you my body for the strength you have given me to work, run around with my kids and still make love and work some more?

How many planners have you heard planning on a way they set time aside to say thank you for all the planning they have enabled to plan for their customers successfully or even coaches, businessmen or women?

Well, not many people get in the congratulatory modes for themselves most gear towards others and how to better them.

When you are busy planning make sure the number one goal isn’t to start a gratitude journal but to write somewhere on the desk a reminder to always say thanks to yourself.

When you learn how to appreciate yourself you learn how to appreciate others around you or those who work for you.

You learn to look beyond the faults, to appreciatively correct the faults and teach some new strategies. You learn not to criticise others but see them through a mirror as yourself.

Picture this, if you have employees, you hire them because they mirror the company’s mission, vision, goals, ambitions name it.

Those are you.

When you criticise them yet you trained them, who’s to blame?

I hired someone to manage my pillow shop while I figured how to balance my time between the shop, blogging, vlogging, mothering, taking customers orders.

But as time went by, I wouldn’t go to the shop, patiently waiting for customer’s orders to arrive.

The lady wouldn’t even tell them how to place orders she had forgotten everything I taught her on day 1.

I had stopped showing up, so did she.

She stopped appearing for business and started appearing for the money only.

Her physical body was there but her soul, mind and spirit were on how end month would come for her to get her money, go home and party.

IN months I had lost thousands of shillings (hundreds) and I couldn’t sustain the shop, her salary and had to fire her.

I’m so sad it went for far too long until friends of mine(customers turned friends) would whisper, ”What exactly is this lady doing for you at the shop?”.

I wanted to blame her, for everything until I realised a fact; she’s my mirror.

I had never learnt how to say thank you to myself or others.

I had learnt that employees were employees and were to learn fast in the job making the company run even when the owner wasn’t around, how wrong!

When trying to build and even after building you have to keep showing up until you find someone who reflects your goals, ideals and ideas.

When you say thank you to those who work for you you’re showing them how valued they are.

It always starts from you, leadership.

Tips for being an employer of the year and win the employer of the year award?

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Do you want to be taught how to love yourself more each day and appreciate your failures, weaknesses strengths?

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