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Upwork is an excellent freelancing website for beginner Kenyans looking for work online.

It’s becoming more and more tasking to get hired on Upwork for Kenyans because Upwork states over-saturation in certain niches.

So they reject profiles after profiles.

Upwork, though, a great online marketplace for beginner freelancers to earn money isn’t on my most recommended long-term online work strategy.

There are certain skills which get you hired pretty quick on Upwork.

The most on-demand Upwork skills Kenyans must acquire to get hired fast in 2020 include the following.

Before examining the most in-demand skills on Upwork for Kenyans, a point to note :

Any digital skill pays a pretty sum on Upwork. Digital skills include digital marketing skills. It doesn’t take long to acquire digital skills. 

Online Learning Websites for Kenyans to Learn Digital Skills:

Free YouTube School 

Or find the complete article about Online Learning Resources for Kenyans on This Blog Post. 

It pays to have a digital marketing skill, tech or IT skills on Upwork, let’s dive into the most on-demand Upwork Skills.

The Most On-Demand Skills to Have on Upwork as a Kenyan Include:

  1. Digital Marketing 

A digital marketer helps bring brand awareness by helping companies create marketing messages in line with their vision and mission.

A digital marketer is also a lead generator and an SEO expert.

A digital marketer is divided into other categories like social media marketing or content marketing. 

2. Social Media Marketing 

Like a digital marketer, a social media marketer brings brand awareness by reaching out to customers via videos, blog posts or content.

They bring the news about a particular product launch to the customers.

They do this by posting content and following follows/impressions left by customers.

A social media marketer must also know how to analyse data to know where the customers come from, what products intrigue them and what videos they click on.

Also, they help companies come up with a marketing budget and know how to drive customers to their social media pages. 

3. Email Marketing 

Whoever said email marketing is dead lied.

Email marketing remains a key area of selling or launching products or even a free way to test a market for products before their launch.

An effective email marketer is a great copywriter who writes emails which customers open and click on.

Because the success rate of an email campaign means customers open their mails. 

4. Programming 

Programming skills on Upwork gain popularity as the world becomes digitised.

Companies look for programmers with unique languages like CSS or HTML 5 for blogs.

If interested in programming, there are many schools online like Code Academy, Udemy, YouTube. 

5. UI/UX Design 

How does a website provide great user experience?.

When the site loads faster and is accessible for mobile phone users. UX/UI Designers earn upt0 10,000 a month depending on their experience. 

6. Saas / Cloud Computing 

I came upon Saas when I found Clickfunnels as great software for creating landing pages.

Imagine if you help customers solve a pain point like what Russell Brunson did/does with Clickfunnels about developing engaging websites.

On Upwork, clients want software developed for all kinds of reasons. 

8. Cyber Security 

As the world keeps getting digitised, so does the stealing of information.

Employers on Upwork want freelancers to help them develop security measures for their clients who purchase through websites.

It doesn’t stop at SSL security keys and locks, some employers want their customers to have privacy, to receive notification in case of suspicious eyes, among others.

Also, the increase of Bitcoin Trading increases the need for cybersecurity as clients want their money protected and locked away. 

9. Web Design 

In 2000, the world of website design was too complicated a process you’d feel like dying.

In fact, the people who had domains in the early 2000s were rich businessmen/women and companies.

The world of website design keeps getting easier with Upwork employers looking for ways to simplify web design further.

That’s the reason why you don’t need a web designer these days though maybe a requirement for when designing or want to redesign a website like I do mine.

Think WordPress drag and drop features, Wix or Squarespace among others.

As a web designer, come up with templates and themes to make navigation appealing. 

10. Web Development 

To build a website you need to beware of programming languages like Java, CSS, HTML5+ or more.

The websites developed in 2020 and beyond are mobile responsive as more and more people opt for mobile phones and tablets than laptops.

Loading fast is a feature that web users appreciate plus the ability to add features like plugins, themes and fonts without affecting the load speed. 

11. Data Scientists 

Think of a data scientist as an analyst/behaviourist/a predictor. They track the behaviour of users on websites.

Think Google Analytics for eCommerce stores.

Where bots analyse why customers abandon their carts and get to remind them via email.

This data helps a company know what customers want, their desires and why they need particular items.

These bots help Amazon create bestseller ranks in books or products. 

12. Mobile and App Development 

The increase in mobile phone acquisition and enhancement makes apps development a lucrative niche.

A popular Upwork on-demand skill to have. App developers get tasks like developing apps like Glovo, Uber making food delivery convenient and cars accessible to our doorsteps. 

13. AI and Machine Learning 

The coronavirus making headline news first came into the notice of health officials through AI.

Artificial Intelligence is like Robotics where machines get programmed to perform certain tasks that humans can’t.

Websites employ this method by having Chatbots pop up when a visitor clicks on the website.

This helps customers feel at home by asking questions or asking their way around. Making the businesses sleepless. 

15 Powerful Kickass Guide for Getting Hired Fast on Upwork as a Beginner Kenyan Freelancer in 2020

  1. Fill in the correct profile. There’s a client profile and freelancer profile. You’re a freelancer and that’s what you MUST fill in. 

2. Link your Upwork Profile to Facebook, Behance, Linkedin or Twitter. 

3. Add an Upwork Professional Photo.

4. Add Title.

Your Upwork title must be simple and concise. Meaning, describe what you do in-depth.

Use keywords and phrases to describe your skills.

For example, if you’re a writer, say, an SEO Copywriter specialising in creating sales landing pages for businesses. 

5. Always niche out.

To get recognised as an expert on Upwork by employers, find a niche. A niche weeds you out as an expert. 

6. Add Upwork Overview

An Upwork overview is like a cover letter.

You start with the important information first regarding your industry. Here, you must get specific, using the SEO Copywriter example above, use as the opening statement and how long you have worked in the position.

Don’t exaggerate. Include your soft skills which include attention to detail or research skills and good communication skills.

Also include the hard skills which are SEO Copywriter, Landing Sales Page Writer, A Java Programmer.

It’s always important to add online systems and software you use or are aware of, for example, knowledge of Freshbooks or Quickbooks, Asana, Timeetc.

It pays to know how these systems work because they are what most employers use. 

7. Add an intro video.

Since YouTube, freelancing sites haven’t been left behind. Profiles stand out with video introduction.

To stand out more: say who you are, what you offer (your niche).

Videos help Upwork employers to know your personality and help gauge your language skills as well. Helps build trust.

Make the video a minute long.

Example of how to make a video intro profile: Introduce yourself,

state with brevity the work you are interested in,

describe the necessary skills mentioned and how they will help the employer,

state your experience past and present regarding the role,

thank the employer for taking their time to listen to you,

express your desire to work with them and,

invite them to have a look at your profile. 

8. List your necessary skills.

Skills can be hard skills or soft skills. Hard skills include SEO, Sales Leads Generator, Programmer, Landing Pages Copywriter.

Soft skills include a people person with personable personality, attentive to details, works under pressure. 

9. Assess your English Skills.

It’s important to take the English Skills Test because your employers come from English Speaking nations and they’d love to communicate messages to you clearly without barriers.

You don’t have to score 100 per cent, but it helps to pass the test, especially when applying for proofreading or writing jobs. 

10. What’s your experience level.

Your work experience level may not be there online as a beginner freelancer.

That’s why I insist all the time, have a portfolio or a website where employers can see what you have been working on.

It can take a month to build a portfolio or a year, depending.

You need to show employers you know what you say you know and a website says it all. 

11. Education 

Education doesn’t matter to some employers but it’s a perfect idea to include as a new freelancer.

If you are a recent computer programming graduate, do you see why it’s helpful to showcase your certification?. 

12. Employment. 

A few beginner freelancers, refuse to add employment experiences.

What the employers ask for is to verify you know what you are doing?.

An employer has so much to do already so there may not be time to teach from scratch.

They may only have time to teach the basics like using online software like Asana, Basecamp. What you did as a volunteer equals work, include in your profile. 

13. Build and update your profile.

It’s important to include your portfolio on your website to help show employers what you have done.

This works well for writers, graphic designers, web designers. Show your past work samples and projects you worked on.

Don’t worry when your portfolio has a page, it counts as a portfolio. 

14. Set your hourly rate.

Before bidding for work on Upwork, check what others offer so as to offer competitive or better pricing.

Just make sure to have the experience to boot your price. 

To win on Upwork and get hired fast as a Kenyan freelancer, you have to exude confidence. 

15. Be competitive. Meaning, let your beginner portfolio and profile stand out. Video does make you stand out. 

Capitalise on these on-demand Upwork skills to get hired fast as a Kenyan. Don’t sell yourself short, you deserve the best payments.

Which on-demand Upwork skills will you learn to enhance you getting hired fast online as a Kenyan Freelancer in 2020?. 




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