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Has Meru County ever fascinated you so much to the extent you want to invest in a business?

Starting a business in Meru poses a great challenge because in every street of Meru businesses have occupied the Meru Central District Area. 

An entrepreneur ready to invest in Meru County may ask, what are the best businesses to begin in Meru County?.

How do I beat over-saturation when I want to invest in Meru County?.

I create a list of the top 20 best businesses to begin in 2020 in Meru County which could make you rich. 

The Top 20 Businesses to do in Meru County to Make You Rich Include:

  1. Taxi Business 

Meru County is known as a notorious Probox hotspot.

Taxi business is at the centre of Meru County.

It’s not a wonder that a man owns over 500 Probox for not only transporting people but miraa.

People in Meru love travelling in private means because the matatus in Meru County ply the longer routes.

Plus the cost of sharing transportation eases the pocket. To start a taxi business in Meru, ask yourself a few questions:

Do you know how to speak the language

Where will you station yourself as a new taxi business

Are you looking for customers by the wait method or are you actively hunting for them? 

 The best practice to begin a taxi business in Meru county is by 

Creating a  Taxi app like Uber or Bolt and advertising the heck out of it.

Let the residents know your taxi service doesn’t overload or carry extra passengers along the way. Build trust in your customers. 

Also, check the prices of used cars or new Probox vehicles, check vehicles on

They don’t have to be Probox, you can use other means of transport.

To get customers or to get repeat customers, make sure you ask your customers for contact details or better yet, hand them your business card. 

2. Transporting Farm Produce

Meru county is the hub of farming and a Kenyan breadbasket.

We get fruits like avocados, veges, bananas, green peas, mangoes among other farm products from this county.

A farming transportation business to other under-served counties like Nairobi or Mombasa is a great business idea.

During the drier months, retailers struggle a lot to get farm produce from their counties.

Ease the work of searching for farm produce by taking them from Meru County to other counties. 

To invest in this business, you need a lorry and a driver.

You also need to know farmers, no need to use middlemen because your produce prices will hike and you don’t want that.

You also need to price well so you get money for fuel, paying your driver, yourself and the farmers.

You need money to help you pay the men in the markets who help market your goods. Plan and learn as you go. 

3. Clothes Business 

During my visit in Meru County, I noticed all the ladies wore boutique or tailored clothes.

I also saw the streets lined with a lot of boutiques.

The clothes business is an over-saturated market which means there’s room for newcomers.

Instead of beginning a boutique-like all the others, why not show how to style the clothes on Instagram, for example?.

Or show how to accessorise clothes?.

A mannequin does so much, don’t copy what every boutique owner in town does.

Also, outsource unique clothes and not what every boutique in town owns.

It pays to know how to do alterations as well.

Have a stand-by tailor who will help you take care of customer’s clothes which don’t fit. 

4. Hardware Store

It’s not a surprise that a hardware store is a top business to have in Meru County.

There are people building homes all the time because Meru County grows daily with investors coming from all over Kenya.

Also, the rush to own property in this fertile Kenyan lands pays a lot as land is cheaper than other major cities.

When starting a hardware store in Meru County, make sure to have tools not found in other hardware stores.

Have great shopping customer service and experience.

Stock your business with tools not found in other hardware stores.

Because Meru is a farming county, make sure you have farming equipment. 

5. Farming 

You want to be a renowned farmer. Rush to Meru County.

It’s a great county for beginner homesteaders. Homesteading isn’t a poor man’s job or for boot-wearing only.

It’s a way of creating an income for yourself as well as your family. 

6. Car Spare Parts Business 

There are so many taxis and cars in Meru county.

Starting a car spare parts business seems a viable business.

Sell spare parts for all types of motor vehicles and have great customer service. It pays to listen to your customers’ needs. 

7. Beauty Business 

Where there are women, the beauty business and industry thrive.

There are so many boutiques in Meru county which do very well.

Don’t stop the beauty business with only make-up, but natural skincare routine and procedures for clearing blackheads or acne scars.

Go as far as selling inner thigh lightening products or underarm/armpits darkness correctors.

Get certification in cosmetology to enrich your clients’ lives. You could start a blog or YouTube channel where you connect with customers 24/7. 

8. Hair/Wig Business 

Women in Meru county are all about their hairs.

Women have hairs the lengths of Middle Eastern/White Women.

Starting a wig business doesn’t seem like a great business but it is.

Caring for natural hair takes its toll on the women in morning routines where we all aim to save time.

But wearing a wig takes five minutes.

Plus wigs helps in those bad hair days.

To get started in the hair business, you must know the current wig trends and make those trends available to your customers.  

9. Selling Real Estate 

The real estate in Meru County I realised grows up daily. A lot of people realise the importance of living in this agriculture rich county.

Plus the property in Meru isn’t pricey like in Nairobi.

Meru is in a strategic place near Nairobi and near other major Kenyan towns like Nanyuki, Timau, Isiolo, Kirinyaga County, Embu County among others.

Investing in the real estate which is an underserved niche seems profitable because of Meru’s position and fertile lands. 

10. Rehabilitation Centre

Due to the richness of miraa production in Meru county, there are so many miraa and alcohol addicts.

Some say miraa is a drug but like all drugs, overuse leads to addiction.

Starting a rehab centre in Meru County will help those recovering miraa addiction gets help and a home. 

11. Canning Mangoes 

The mango season in Meru is like that in Mombasa county where mangoes rot in trees.

The surviving mangoes get retailed at a loss. Why not start a fruit canning mango factory in Meru?.

Keep in mind mangoes are seasonal crops but canning lengthens the life of mangoes.

Canned mangoes are eaten as snacks like what this Nigerian did. 

12. Tour Guide 

There are a lot of physical features to be seen in Meru county.

As a local or a Meru lover, set a business of taking new Meru travellers to explore this beautiful county.

In Meru, visit the miraa farms in Tharaka, soak in the mountainous/hilly views and enjoy the warm ambience of Meru and the people’s hospitality.

You don’t have to stop there, there’s food to savour from the green bananas, muthokoi or githeri, the never-ending greenery and banana fields.

There is a National Reserve and several picnic locations to take in. 

13. Hotel Business 

On my tour of Meru, I didn’t see lots of hotels that were touristic.

Setting up a five-star or luxurious hotel in Meru will bring in lots of income.

Enhance a hotel business in Meru by offering the local experience or tours experience so that travellers can enjoy the great scenic views.

Also, incorporate the dishes/foods in Meru.

Meru county is food-rich so offer the great taste in bigger Meru size versions.

Make sure you advertise heavily. 

14. Selling Water 

Selling water business in Meru is a fail because the water in this region comes from Mt.Kenya.

Selling water to other counties will make you lots of money like what Dasani does.

Sourcing water from the slopes of Mt. Kenya where the water is fresh makes for a great water company.

You don’t need filtration and distillation processes when your water gets bottled in Meru County.

Tip for selling water; Package your water in reusable environment-friendly bottles. 

15. Start a School 

Like all counties in Kenya, investing in education or schools in Meru county is the best business investment.

Check for vocational training institutions like hairdressing, sewing, mechanic, electricians, plumbing for higher education.

And daycare facilities like those found in Nairobi or check this guideline to start a great daycare in Kenya.

Children are born daily in Meru county and parents look for the best education for their children. 

16. Tailoring / Sewing

The sewing industry in Meru hasn’t been thrown to the dust.

When walking in Meru county, you see lots of women and kids adorning kitenge clothes.

Such clothes aren’t available in the supermarkets but from tailors.

Like textiles, sewing is a booming industry in Meru county.

A great tailor knows how to take custom orders and the correct pricing procedure.

To start a tailoring empire, read this guideline.  

17. Retailing

If you ask around Kenya who the best small shop owners are, you’ll hear Meru people.

Start a retail business today with someone from Meru and you will close your shop before a Merian does it.

Why?. Because their lives revolve around business and they know what their customers want and ensure to provide it.

Retail business entails great customer service and being a people person.

Have the provisions a customer needs and sell at unbeatable prices better than the supermarkets.

Retail shops throng Meru county like flies. 

18. Selling Cars 

The growth of the Kenyan millionaire has left the country with many cars than the roads can handle.

And Meru county hasn’t been left behind the car craze.

Meru people are businessmen and want the convenience of a car. What the best way than to start a car yard?.

In the car yard, provide the best customer service.

Have the best load-carrying cars because Meru is a business county where car buyers look for cars that can withstand heavy loads. 

In conclusion, Meru County is an agriculture rich county, get yourself a piece of land to grow avocadoes or mushrooms or any other on-demand crop and see yourself getting rich.

You don’t have to stop at farming, there are other businesses to explore as well.

These top 20 businesses are the best to do in Meru County.

Which of these top 20 businesses will you do in Meru county in 2020 as a Kenyan investor to get rich? 




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