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  1. Blogger 

If you want to earn more money online as a Kenyan going beyond four figures, you have to begin writing on your blog.

The notion is that you have to be a good writer to begin. I don’t even consider myself a good writer but I string words every single day and my clients love it.

To make more money with a blog, you have to become dedicated to the craft.

Something I am realising very early on as I focus my energy onto this blog to help lessen my freelancing for others. It doesn’t get easier to work for others.

Dedication means consistency. For months since deciding my blog was a business and not a hobby, I have fought this. How do I move from hobby to business? A hobby business is easier to run, right? 

Aside from dedication, you have to choose a niche and before writing, ask yourself is the niche I want to blog about broad enough to get readers?

Will I build a community there to help with my monetising efforts?

In Kenya, blogging isn’t well explored and those bloggers don’t earn much or money at all.

And those earning big bucks are either publications or a few individuals. We’re not earning with blogs like Nigerian billionaire bloggers, don’t even tell me about their currency because it doesn’t matter, they’re still very very rich!

Establish why you want to begin blogging and what you want to achieve.

Then ask yourself how will people know I am blogging, come up with a marketing strategy.

It’s important, you want to leverage free advertising like Pinterest or Instagram or YouTube to help promote your blog.

The aim will social media as with blogs is to be informative, educative, entertaining and provocative. Be all, do all. 

You have to keep learning. As with everything I’ll teach you on how to make money online as Kenyans, you have to keep yourself on what’s the trends and improve on your content delivery.

Google and readers want fresh content daily or regularly. So, determine your publishing calendar and write an editorial calendar a few months in advance.

Since becoming serious about blogging, I have content lined for a year, it’s that important, there are not lazy or writer’s block days. 

The best blogging niches with the most money in Kenya include: 





Dating, relationship and sex 

2. Author 

When you begin freelancing online you’ll realise everyone is a writer. When do you ask them what kind of a writer are you? The stutters and stammers become real.

I was once there, running a freelance business which I wasn’t proud of. It doesn’t have to be that way.  

There are some really high paying categories Kenyan writers can start from, the fiction authoring.

Before jumping into self-publishing you have to know what works well and sells well. For example, the niches of crime, autobiographies and biographies of famous people, romance, erotica, business, leadership and entrepreneurship are some that pay really well.

You have to begin from where the customers are and learn what turns the customers on to buy a particular job.

Start from the book authorpreneur ELITE and the blog Kindleprenuer. On the book authorpreneur, my eyes got opened.

The author Raza has outlined all the information about how to outline your non-fiction book, how to publish, market, how to choose titles and book covers that sell.

If you want to become an author, it’s the easy part. The hard part is marketing and I attest that it’s not easy. You have to develop a strong mindset to take criticism and tune out some criticism.

Make sure before you hit the submission button, your work is free from grammatical errors, something I dread a lot of the times.

Don’t settle after publishing one book or two, to make an income from your books you have to write several books to see a steady $5000/half a million of income per month.

Like everything online, you will learn more as you write. 

3. FBA 

I have talked a lot about fulfilled by Amazon as a business for Kenyans to do and earn a lot of money.

It’s one of the ways I have tried but has been hyped about by gurus like project life mastery. The Selling Family or Jessica Larew attests to the fact that FBA works.

I always become so sceptical when the first step to beginning a business, I am offered a course. I can say I felt the same way when I visited her website and gave up that’s why I came across Stefan of Project Life Mastery.

He recommended Amazon Selling Machine and there was no course, there were a lot of resources available for free, before purchase. Plus, I felt the guys were open, not saying Jessica wasn’t.

FBA is a mode of business like dropshipping, the difference, your source for hot-selling items on Alibaba, find a manufacturer or supplier then send them to Amazon and when a customer orders for the item, Amazon ships it on your behalf.

There are also other terms similar to FBA like white labelling which is buying non-branded products branding them and selling them as your own.

You need to understand how this model of business works. Don’t jump into it. You have to invest at least $500 to buy the goods or hot selling item.

It takes time to research what items are hot selling and if you find it someone with a bigger ad budget has beaten you to the game.

You must pay a subscription fee to Amazon ranging from $29 – 100 or more depending. 

4. Voice over artist 

I have read about a man who earned $1.5M in three years being a voice-over artist.

Now that’s 150Mshillings and once can live off comfortably in Kenya for life.

Even if you divide the 150 by 3 = 50M per year in Kenya is still way too much!

Most Kenyans are bilingual or multi-lingual, we know Swahili, English or French, German, or in my case Swedish.

You can assume work as a voice-over artist translating materials for authors, publishers of filmmakers looking for voice talent.

You can start from Fiverr and charge 500/$5 per gig then upsell if it’s a translation job. Most of the common accents are American and English/British accents.  

5. VA 

A VA earns more money if they know what niche they belong to.

For example, don’t be a VA doing general office work that’s what every VA on Upwork does.

Be a VA with a specialising. Choose what your marketable skill is, is it copywriting, marketing, SEO marketing, video creation, editing and production?

Focus on skills that pay you a lot of money rather than organising and booking meetings, those are the $2 VAs or those that worked in 2012.

Right now, to stand out become outstand or have an outstanding skill.

Create a powerful profile on LinkedIn tell others looking for your talent what you’re great at going.

It’s easier to start a VA firm and offer services like those of digital marketing. 

6. Social media manager 

Social media managers became more than individuals bringing for firms likes and follows.

They started bringing traffic that pays meaning conversion.

A social media manager has to be organised, come up with content and be a skilled graphic designer.

If you don’t know how to design with Photoshop, you can begin from Canva. It’s easier to learn and practice. 

7. Crafters

A crafter can earn $0 or $1M depending on how well they have marketed and branded their work.

If you want to start a crafting or a DIY business, you must read this complete guide to help show you how to get started with a handmade business.

Crafters are the most underlooked and underpaid yet talented. Let’s be honest, how many talented artists do you see earning millions in Kenya from their art?

In order to earn more, learn how to have a business mindset. Which simply means, know how to market your work.

Know the rules of branding which starts with why, your purpose, is there a market for your handmade products?

And if there is a market is it large enough for me to fulfil the orders? How will customers know or hear from you? Are you ready to create more than customer service but experience?

You want the buyer to come home smiling because you have provided all the answers.

You have to ask the right questions as a crafter.

Spend time talking with people who will help advance your work than hiding behind the desk writing, or canvas painting, or wood sculpting or carving. Let others know what keeps you burning the midnight oil. 

8. Interior decor and design business 

Homes are built in Kenya more than trees grow. I predict in a decade’s time, the only trees there will be in the photos.

Don’t worry though, as an interior decorator, it means business booms for you.

Kenyans are fighting for the exquisite designs they see on property shows or on house magazines abroad or because they visited a high-end home and they want the same. Remember, you can do what I see some YouTubers do.

Start decorating a bear cluttered home for $200 then people will start you with bigger amounts.

You have to show what your design eye is.

Some like decor clutter, some like minimal decor clutter, listen to your clients and go with the clients needs then exceed their expectation. A home is a story for the client, let it flow flawlessly. 

9. Airbnb 

This is my best job yet after writing or content creation.

After setting up my home for almost 11 hours with my daughter, it got a booking in just three days!

And from there my true dream of owning a hotel became real and now it’s an obsession. I don’t know low times with my Airbnb, or now a guesthouse, because, I chose my niche.

When I started I wasn’t bothered about decorations, I kept everything at a minimum.

You can check my Airbnb story on my Airbnb book, a guide which shows you how to become rich or even earn 600k or more a month with 80 per cent booking on Airbnb. It’s a guarantee.

There are steps to follow, so many of them, but, you will be happy you did follow the steps.

They include:

knowing how to use your smartphone to take exquisite photos,

how to choose a niche and why an Airbnb niche is crucial,

what’s Airbnb and why it’s the best to get started,

what and how to create a converting Airbnb for your guests and how they will become fanatics.

Mind you, I didn’t know about the experience, I only suggested a few hotspots in Mombasa to visit and those recommendations became wilder and wilder until I saw Airbnb begin their experience.

It shoved me into the world of tours and travel and you can check me blog to see where next we’re travelling.

You don’t have to earn a meagre $25 a night you can earn as much as $250 or more per night. 

10. Online teaching / Online course creators 

Since learning about online courses, I shrank into space. I learnt from Danny Iny but became too afraid to create a course.

I knew I had some courses in me but was too afraid to stand before the camera.

Since taking on the fear and publishing YouTube videos consistently from 2019, I have seen a steady rise not on YouTube but myself and the zeal to succeed in this online space.

An online course needs you to know a lot about a topic. I know a lot about online marketing and online businesses and making money online.

This space changes every single day, you have to stay on toes, it’s the same for online course creators. You have to stay abreast with information.

What do you know a lot about that you can share with the world around you?

Break down your courses into modules then let others learn from you. I find the pricing of an online course becomes the headache.

It boils down to, do you know your target market? Who is your target market? When you know about your ideal market, you will know how much they are willing to pay or how much their disposable income is. Or how to tweak the course so as to benefit them or to reflect their problems and fill in the gap.

So, don’t just create a course, find if there is a need. Then, what’s that need and how can you fill it?

An online course creator is a teacher, know how to explain to your students via videos, text, or whiteboard animations to make material fun, educative yet serious.

To be taken seriously, have tests at the end to help your students gauge their progress.

Don’tforget to introduce price tiers, that means include as many tiers as possible to leverage on your profits.

You don’t need much to record an online course, a hosting platform like Udemy, Thinkific, Teachable, a way to receive payment, an excellent sound system and video.

Video lessons bring in more engagement than text tutorials. Incorporate. 

11. Graphic designer 

I write quotes for a living. Ooh, how I wish. I’d love to sell them in frames, lovely frames.

I went on a search and found a graphic design tool called Canva. I love this graphic design, I can design posts for Pinterest or create sleek greeting cards and sell my quotes year-round as digital downloads. 

12. Translator 

Most Kenyans are bilingual or multi-lingual, right? We either learn a new language after high school or during times in high school.

I got a translation job sometime in 2010 or 12 to translate material from English to Swahili.

I thought it was the easiest job ever and would be done in a few hours and the pay was pretty awesome.

After a few excruciating pains of serious google translate and using Kamusi, I submitted the work way past the deadline.

The client was a bit furious but said it was a perfect job. I vowed I’d never lie I’m a translator again. 

13. Pinterest affiliate marketing 

Did you know you don’t need a website if you have a Pinterest or Instagram account which re free to sign up for?

Then start a Pinterest board with the niche you love. Source for products you like then recommend them to your Pinterest followers, I mean it’s that easy.

You sign up for merchants that sell the products you love plus your customers will then, recommend to them the products. 

14. Web designer 

I always fancied the day I’d be interested in the technology world and begin earning millions online, I never.

You have to appreciate your strengths and not wish for what you don’t have. A web designer must have knowledge of HTML or CSS languages in order to help them tweak codes.

These days WordPress and other Content Management Sites have become a drag and drop, it has never got easier to build a website.

Do you remember back in ‘012 when websites cost millions of shillings and only the rich companies in Kenya owed them? Not these days. 

15. Network marketer

I have had about network marketing since joining a group of mums on Facebook.

I learnt a lot about network marketing in 2017 but couldn’t figure out what niche I wanted to join.

Now, I know, health and fitness. Now, in network marketing, don’t listen to all the naysayers, saying it’s a pyramid scheme.

Find a trusted company and a niche you’re passionate about in order to begin promoting their products.

You have to invest an upfront sum of money depending on the direct sales or networking marketing company. Ever heard of GNLD or Forever Living Products?

The mistake most Kenyans make when joining a network marketing company is they believe they’ll make major money asap.

That’s a wrong way of approaching a network marketing company because you will fail and like everything else you have to sow and reap first. 

16. SEO consultants 

Knowing what Google wants and tailor-making content to please it is very hard.

The easiest option is to write what your customers want and hopes that Google will do the rest.

That’s where the help of an SEO comes in. they’ll help you with your keyword strategy.

What keywords rank you better and you’re going to learn a thing or tail about long-tail keywords because money is in the long-tail keywords.

An SEO can easily earn 500k for doing the research for a corporate firm who wants to rank their business on Google.

You can learn more about Google because it’s the most famous search engine before moving on to Bing or Amazon from websites like search engine land, 

17. Business coach 

Businesses are sprouting each and every day online and offline.

The problem is that these brilliant business ideas die before their fruition. Why? Because they didn’t plan their marketing strategies well or didn’t do proper research to know the market.

Other businesses die because of lack of forming trust between the business and its customers due to poor customer service.

Majority businesses also forget about proper branding and proper branding isn’t about choosing a business name and having the latest trending expensive logo.

It’s about the design of the products or services and ensuring customer excellence.

As a business coach, this is where you come in helping these businesses live more than five years or two years.

Create marketing plans for businesses, let them have a consultant on the stand-by helping them 

18. Dropshipper 

Since learning about dropshipping I became so intrigued I created my own Shopify store which I’ll come back to it after this blog runs itself in 3 months or 6 months time.

You don’t need inventory when you’re a drop shipper. If you didn’t know that’s how Amazon got started through dropshipping.

Dropshipping has become so easy these days with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Apps like Oberlo which enable you to add products from Aliexpress to your Shopify store.

When a customer orders for the products, you notify your supplier or manufacturer then they ship the product to the customer like it’s you. It’s that simple.

Help Kenyan business owners wanting to set up eCommerce shops to do this or design their Shopify stores then they add Google analytics and Facebook pixel to help analyse traffic and run Facebook ads respectively.

You can charge up to 250k per business to set up so you need at least 2 shops a month.

Or work for big corporates or better yet, find 10 businesses and charge them 50k each for running their Facebook ads, you have to know about FB ads to succeed.  

19. Resume writers 

I searched for a job in vain and it can be the most hectic pain a workaholic like I feels and I felt it. I felt like jumping and dying from the tallest building.

A resume writer already knows how to tweak your resume to centre on your strengths.

They also are aware of what employers are looking for. They’re some essentials of what are to be in the resume the hard skills, then explain what and how they will help the employer upon hiring you.

It’s important to explain without going into too many details. As a Kenyan, you know youth unemployment discourages many youths from completing school.

Set up a resume writing service with a subscription for entry-level job seekers, mid-level, those transitioning and advanced.

You can earn more money by including writing cover letters. See the side hustles for career coaches?

It’s easy to earn more than half a million shillings or $5000 a month writing resumes. The pool of candidates who would do anything to get a job is too high. 




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