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Top 5 Online Businesses With High ROI and You Can Start With No Money in Kenya

Can you start an online business with zero investment but with high returns? A business needs capital for you to nourish and grow it but not everyone starts a business with equity.  And how can a Kenyan start an online business with high ROI? 

Despite us proclaiming that we’re a digital nation, many Kenyans haven’t embraced the idea of creating a business from home. Is a home/online business a viable idea in 2019 in Kenya for Kenyans? Or is it just a myth? Well, I have sampled 5 very lucrative online businesses you can start with little to no capital. 

And these quick money-making businesses are:

Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever sold something to anyone then got a commission? Affiliate Marketing is a sales job in disguise. The more you know how to sell or the more talkative you’re, the more money you make. 

You have to do affiliate marketing right or risk being viewed as a scam artist. Also, it’s important to recommend products which you use or love. 

To run a successful affiliate marketing business you have to: 

Ask yourself if you’re committed. 

Are you ready?

It’s not easy, especially in the beginning. 

You have to advertise. 

Are you ready to show up?

A successful affiliate marketing business can earn you a great income like Michele Schroeder of Making Sense of Cents. 

Affiliate Marketing is a high Return on Investment business because:

  1. You don’t need to be a blogger but having a blog is awesome. 
  2. You don’t need to have traffic but having reliable traffic or finding ways to increase your traffic is awesome. 
  3. You can start with your social media followers. Leverage those unnecessary ‘friends’ you have on Facebook or Instagram. 
  4. The more you use Affiliate Marketing best practices, the more money you make. 
  5. You can do from home with your phone. 

2. An Ecommerce Business 

You fancy an eCommerce business but don’t know what niche to explore? Or you think you should compete with Jumia or Amazon. While I love you to dream big, I want you to be extremely realistic. Start with a niche. What’s a niche? It’s a small un-targeted market in the area you love. How do you find a niche? 

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An Owner’s Manual to Start an Online Business/Work in Kenya

In this guide, you’re going to learn about niching out and choosing a competitive niche. 

Or why a niche is crucial to your online business. 

And the unexplored eCommerce niches for you to explore in 2019 are: 

Digital Ecommerce selling digital products like ebooks, printables (checklists, meal planners, planners or gratitude journals, journals, stickers, wall posters, art). Or business cards, business certificates. 

Other lucrative eCommerce niches include: 

Natural/Organic Facial products. 

Organic Baby Products. 

Selfie Drones

iPhone Cases

Blog Writing 

What’s a blog and how does one monetise a blog in Kenya? Can a blog make so much money as a sustainable income in Kenya? Yes, a blog does make money and a lot of it. But how can an individual make money from a blog?

Do you know of the Nigerian Billionaire Blogger, Linda Ikeji who carved a niche for herself with celebrity gossip? And have you ever heard of Cup of Jo, a lifestyle blogger making headlines? How about Stephan James of Project Life Mastery? And of Kenya’s own Sonal Maherali, a luxury Kenyan YouTuber/Blogger? And of Nomadic Matt? Adam? Among many other bloggers?

 They found a niche and capitalised on their niches. They never gave up but treated their blogs as businesses. A blog is a business, change your mindset on how you treat and view blogs. 

I didn’t realise how to make money with a blog until 2017, that’s the day I figured it out. I found the most inspirational blogger of all time Jon Morrow.  And went on a mission to educate me. And even purchased courses, which, sadly, I didn’t implement. 

I have discovered that a blog doesn’t require a lot of initial investment. You only need a domain. And you can get a domain from Wix. Go Daddy. Bluehost. Shopify.  And you need hosting too. That’s if you want to make money so that you ‘own’ your part of this lucrative real estate market.

Now onto finding content for your blog. The blogosphere isn’t an explored market in Kenya, so the niches are underexplored. And the most popular blog niches include:

Lifestyle and Fashion. 


Baby, Kids and Parenting

Relationship, Dating and Sex.  

Online Courses 

When I first heard about online courses, I felt so tired. Because I hate teaching, I’m an impatient teacher. I also was very camera shy and didn’t believe it was something I could do even if I wanted to, well, because I never wanted to be seen. 

That was in 2014 when I signed in with Danny Iny wanting to understand how to make money with my blog. An online course has the potential of creating an income for you while sleeping. And especially if you involve yourself in ‘’high-ticket’’ online courses, for example, Masterclasses or creating a Saas firm or marketing funnels builders like Clickfunnels or Builderall.

A highly valuable skill as it’s called is what you should be aiming for. So, what is that very highly valuable skill you have that another person would benefit from?

 Do you have the sound system to make the course be audible?

 Do you have the content and is divided into easy-to-understand modules your students will appreciate? 

In teaching an online course, imagine being a college Professor. And choose your passion. I believe in teaching, passion sells. Or find a niche which people are struggling with. It’s always good to start with email subscribers or a survey. And you can teach about anything under the planet. You can easily make over $500 a course depending on how you price. 

Would you love to know how to create a successful course that brings in an income for life? A successful course that sells? 

Virtual Assistant 

I started freelancing in 2009, officially in 2010 and earning a dime in 2012, consistently. I am a passionate writer. But an unexpected opportunity presented itself in 2012 that of a virtual assistant.

I didn’t know how someone could work as a secretary, online. That wasn’t something I saw happening. Then I was told the chores were as simple as booking flights, organising the calendar for meetings, answering emails and responding to client calls. Or cold calling. I was stunned and jumped into the offer. 

After all, I affirmed to myself that the field of writing is too oversaturated with bogus non-passionate writers. I was right on one part but not the other part with ‘’oversaturation’’. Every field is. I just didn’t find an angle with my business. I’m still learning about branding, marketing and promotion as an on-going long process which is enticing and exciting. 

So, how does a virtual assistant make so much money? A virtual assistant nowadays is a field known and over-saturated as well. But, find an angle. Start your agency.

Market your prowess to start-ups or struggling companies. What do you offer? Find a niche. Is it customer service, accounting, sales, social media marketing and promotion, content marketing? Is it a combination of these services, how do you intend on reaching to your target market?

You can easily make more than $1000 a month depending on how gorgeous your brand and market. Or how aggressive you are.

Why Do These Online Businesses Have High Return on Investment?

You do these businesses from home. 

You promote your business from your Facebook friends or family. 

You don’t need to buy inventory. 

Because it’s an online business, you get to test your idea without investing so much money. 

They’re online businesses so you don’t need an office. But you need a plan, you need to be professional to be taken as a profession. 

Which online business would you love to start as a Kenyan? Would you love help starting your online business? Because you cannot find what to do as a business or work?

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