Trending and Ever-Green Products to Sell Online in 2022 for Kenyans [Updated]

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There are profitable products that are evergreen and you can sell online as a Kenyan.

An evergreen product means the product increases in value or simply never goes out of fashion.

Evergreen products are trending products and they recur each other.

They get enhanced but are the most prominent in the e-commerce niche or general stores. 

Products You Can Never Go Wrong Selling Online in Kenya

You can sell the following products online in Kenya over and over because the demand increases with each passing year.

These products are everyday items people from all over the globe cannot live without.

The products rise in trends (hot trends) and demand making them evergreen. An evergreen product means = It never gets old, you simply update it and it becomes new.

The products you can never go wrong selling online in Kenya as a drop shipper or when beginning a niche e-commerce store include the following:

1. Wireless phone charger

As the smartphone market share increases, so does the need for a wireless phone charger. 

2. Dog collars and others like bowls and dog toys 

Our pets have become the central part of our lives, just like you would care for a baby, so does one care for a pet.

Pet products like Doggles made for a profitable business. What product does your pet need and does the market need the product?

3. Watches 

Watches are making a come-back after they went almost extinct. Women, men adorn watches for beauty purposes. Smartwatches for sports enthusiasts and fitness. 

4. Shapewear 

Waist trainers are no longer for men alone. With the fanaticism for abs getting on the rise, so do shapewear. 

5. Baby toys 

Baby toys from plush toys, educational toys, classic toys like legos and remote control cars are products that sell well because babies are born daily in Kenya. 

6. Wireless earbuds 

These wireless earbuds help car drivers drive their motorcycles or listen to music hands-free.  

7. Evening dresses 

Cocktail, evening and maxi dresses are a big hit with women all the time, especially during the Valentines period. 

8. Phone cases 

Phone cases decorate your smartphone. You can choose to design phone cases in all kinds of categories through print on demand. 

9. Innerwear /intimates 

Women underwear, lace bras and lingeries are examples of evergreen women intimates to sell online. These are items of clothing women wear all the time. 

10. Drones and quadcopter 

Enthusiasts and hobbyists play a major role in making drones and quadcopters be popular. You don’t have to stop at these two. 

11. Natural organic make-up/beauty kits

As women become aware of what they wear on their faces in terms of make-up, the need for natural beauty kits is on the rise. And no matter what people say about makeup, makeup is here to stay. 

12. Baby Clothes

13. Solar Energy

Any energy-saving product sells like hot-cake. Don’t include in your shop/store what every store has.

14. Health and Beauty Products

15. Phone Lenses

Find customers with iPhones or Samsung – they’re always ready to splurge on an accessory to enhance their gadgets.

16. Magnetic Eyelashes

17. Eyeshadow Stamp

18. Strapless Backless Bra

19. Cable Chompers

20. LED Lights

21. Bluetooth Gadgets w.g headphones, earphones, speakers

22. Bathroom Accessories

23. Activity Trackers

24. Wireless Keyboards

25. Noise-cancelling Headphones

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26. Portable Speakers

27. Humidifiers

28. Sunrise Alarm Clocks

29. Portable Blenders

30. Solar-powered Toys

31. Outdoor LED String Lights

32. Foldable Water Bottle

33. Reusable Shopping Bag

34. Pencil Sharpeners

35. Yoga Mats

36. Pull Rope

37. Home Fitness Set

38. Fingerprint Lock

39. Anti-Theft Backpack

40. Alarm Keychain

41. Reflective Shoelaces

42. LED Collar(Dog)

43. Pet Bed

44. Cat Toys

45. Automatic Dog/Cat Water Fountain

46. Black Raincoat

47. One-Piece Swimsuit

48. Jewellery Hair Comb

49. Party Supplies including prepackaged birthday decorations based on age

50. Child Wrist Leash

51. Front Facing Baby Carrier

52. Posture Corrector

Posture correctors are best for those working online and find themselves at their desks for long periods of time.

You want to prevent back pains and spinal cord misalignment.

Plus, good posture is a productivity hack work from home individuals don’t pay attention to.

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53. Breathable Mesh Running Shoes

54. Home Ice-cream Makers

55. Hiking Backpacks

56. Plush Blankets

57. Minimalist Wallet

58. Cruel-free Makeup

59. Natural Hair Products e.g hydration oil, shampoo/conditioners

60. Keto Bars/Powder

61. Detox Tea/Juice

62. Hair Removal Products

63. Magnetic Phone Accessories

64. Matcha Tea/Powder

65. Denim

66. Cellulite Remover/Massager

67. eCigarettes

NOTE: I selected these items based on data from over 20 blogs including Oberlo, Niche Pursuits, Bigcommerce, Shopify among other prominent blogs. I also included products I felt, yes, felt, Kenyans cannot live without.

Kindly know, each product in any niche can be a hot-selling product. To succeed as an e-commerce store owner, always, choose evergreen products. The simple formula is, look around you, what can you NOT live without? We cannot without food, water, shelter and clothing. Aside from that, examine the secondary needs and begin your store from there.

This list isn’t exhaustive in any way, I’ll update it as regularly as possible, each quarter because the demands for products change.

I’m also on Amazon as an Associate and will earn a commission. Thank you in advance for buying through my link, if you are buying for single/individual use.

I included Amazon products as a guideline because I’m an associate and want to earn some money.

I’ll include products from Alibaba and Aliexpress too and you will see the gap in pricing.

On Amazon, I tried my best to include branded and exclusive products, so you can see the importance of branding for your store.

Also, I included the products I love and use. And for those which I don’t use, I include products that others hyped about on Amazon through the reviews.

How to Stand Out When Selling Trending/ Evergreen Product(s) Online for Profits in Kenya

In order to stand out when selling evergreen and trending products for profit online in Kenya, follow the following key tips. They include: 

Fill a need

Don’t start selling a product for the sake of selling.

Sell to fill a need.

When you fill a need, the market will always be receptive rather than resistant. 

Stand out due to over-saturation 

These evergreen and trending products are not so easy to stand out from.

Because the niches are over-saturated. You have to learn to properly brand your business or introduce upsells. 


Just because a product is ever-green doesn’t mean you don’t need to market it.

In fact, you have to get creative on your marketing tactics to help you stand out from the competition.

One of the ways of standing out is by using videos.  

Learn how to properly brand your business

Even if you are setting up a dropshipping store, learn to create a brand story.

A brand is having a logo, finding a great name for your business, finding taglines and developing a marketing campaign or strategy. 

Have great customer service 

Customer service seems to elude a lot of online startups. You need to be in touch with your customers to answer their questions about the products you offer to the market.

Provide excellent customer experience by ensuring your e-commerce store loads faster. 

Try out your products 

Before selling any product, make sure you how the product works or functions. You don’t want to risk your product not working. If it’s a faulty product return it to the supplier or manufacturer. 

Choose a niche

When beginning any business online, narrow down your audience. Many believe that narrowing down your audience reduces the profit.

While this may be true introduce upsells and cross-sells and become clever in how you raise more income from your business.

It’s all about strategy. I give an example with my blog all the time when my audience was too wide, I lacked direction.

In fact, it felt so overwhelming creating categories all the time. Plus a very broad audience and Google gets confused.

Start with a specific niche then learn how to expand. Learn how to run a profitable e-commerce niche store as a Kenyan, read this article. 

Research, research and research 

Don’t sell a product without knowing about your target market and their buying needs. Research for products by searching Amazon best-seller products in the category you are interested in. 

Provide value by educating 

If you want your evergreen products to keep generating a tidy sum of income, provide value by educating your market.

For example, if you sell shapewear create videos educating your customers to choose shapewear that suits their needs. Video tutorials like How to choose a waist trainer for new mums become a hit.

Because women love to lose their baby bellies fast without putting themselves under exercise pressure. 

Know who your ideal customer is.

There’s nothing as painful in the rear as having a business without educating yourself about your ideal customer.

Their shopping preferences, demography, age, earnings, disposable income and how much they are willing to spend in your shop.

When writing researching products, draw your ideal client. 

Have a website.

To make an expert out of your niche, so that customers throng your store, like Tatiana who sells shapewear, have a website with a list of your products.

When you have a website, customers don’t forget where they last shopped.

They come back to your store because of the great branding, customer service and experience you provide. Plus it’s easy to create an e-commerce website with Bluehost or Dreamhost. 

Resources to Help You Sell Evergreen/Trending Products in Kenya

Before you begin selling an evergreen/hot product online for high profits, educate yourself. The trending and evergreen products may be a safe start but, the market is already filled with the products.

Ask yourself, what do your customers want.

Also, choose unique products which aren’t available in Kenya.

I prepared a lot of great blog posts, and websites to help educate you with the ideas or kind of products customers choose over and over.

The resources to help you sell the trending and evergreen products include:

Don’t begin to sell an evergreen or trending product just because you read this article or another one online.

There are hidden factors for making a profit with a trending product.

Factors like knowing your ideal customer or choosing a niche market, help you fulfil a need for your customers. 

Which one of these trending and evergreen products to sell online for Kenyans in 2020 will you be investing your time on?

Have you read my article about running a profitable e-commerce niche store as a Kenyan? You don’t want to sell products online without having a website.

2 thoughts on “Trending and Ever-Green Products to Sell Online in 2022 for Kenyans [Updated]”

  1. Can one get wholesale or reduced prices if wants to trade in evergreen products?
    Can one get part of evergreen products on credit if wants to trade?

    • I didn’t get your question or what you mean.

      But what I can say is selling evergreen products means selling for a lifetime.

      Evergreen products are things that people and buy like food is evergreen; it keeps evolving but people will always need food.

      When selling online you want to choose products people want and buy all the time, for example, accessories.

      Yes, you can buy evergreen products wholesale. Before purchasing wholesale, you must do market research or be certain that people want the product you are selling.


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