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Years ago stealing of classified information or government details was something we have never heard of, let alone, this new crime. Technological creations brings change, change is inevitable, unavoidable. But also new ways of committing crime. This revolution has rendered creative ways of misappropriating funds, damage property, warfare, sell illicit drugs or smuggle goods and services, espionage and terror.

What then is Cyber Crime? It’s new as we have said, can be series involving theft and or destruction of information, resources, or funds utilising computers, computer networks or the internet. The internet having provided new tools and opportunities for organised criminals having morphed from local gangs,  in this case,  Internationals, whose illegal activities span not only in Kenya continents. Picture drug gangs or human traffickers who may move their products from one continent to another. Are there rules in place to help persecute these Chinese caught performing cyber crime? Or will there be no evidence to support the allegations, and during their nabbing, are the police sure they caught them all? Even so, are we prepared to deal with complicated issues that is cyber crimes?

Criminals like these Chinese men and women are technologically sophisticated, using the internet to carry out their criminal conspiracies.  Do we blame Information Technology which is responsible for globalisation, a process for creating transnational markets, politics and legal systems, a global economy or openness of once ‘closed borders’? The internet is responsible for providing new forms of entertainment, communication,  research and education. Creating huge income revenue for the people. Life has practically become virtual, Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or You Tube are where we get our information from. It’s unavoidable

The vast openness the internet is creating has brought with it new modus operandi  where cyber-criminals use modern technology to sell illegal goods and services or to illegally appropriate legitimate products and services.

There is Cyber-theft, which is illegal copying of copyrighted material to using technology to commit traditional based theft like larceny and fraud.

Cyber-vandalism motivated less by profit and more by the urge to commit technological destruction. Main aim being to disrupt, deface and destroy technology that they find offensive.

Cyber-war. It’s political, involving espionage and even involve cyber terrorism, which are acts aimed at undermining the social, economic and political system of an enemy nation by destroying its electronic infrastructure and disrupting its economy.

Cyber-criminals are high tech thieves others high tech vandals, destroying electronic rather than physical property. Others create transnational networks making it hard to be nabbed by law enforcement officers.

Offering a basic understanding to what the Chinese brought unto us, the big question remains. How do we tackle this and are we ready? Is equipment in place to deal with these criminals? If so, how do we prevent it’s spread or how do we provide the admissibility of evidence in court? Are the judges, magistrates prepared to deal with these new forms of crimes globalisation has brought?

Do you think Kenya is ready and can you offer solutions to deal with this new form of crime? Keep reading as we will explore more on this topic and globalisation too. What do you understand by cyber crime?. Have fun.

Source:  Siegel L. Criminology, 11th Edition.




stephanie · 10 December 2014 at 3:37 PM

You can read the full story on the link. Tell me if it’s working or not. Thank you.

Anders Holmberg · 10 December 2014 at 5:13 PM

The link is activated now, check how i did it in your e-mail!
Great job as always i enjoy reading your work every day!

    stephanie · 10 December 2014 at 6:24 PM

    Thank you very much, that proved to be slow on my side. I never understood how to do until nu. Tack.

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