Volunteer Writers needed in Kenya.

Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude

I have been thinking about giving you an opportunity to write for this site as it’s a Kenya affair. Well, here we go. If you believe the issues here are pertinent, go with your beliefs or think the writer is just too hot to resist. Well, here is an opportunity to grow with her. News content or coverage really misses from the scene: main news media stations. How many times have you read stories like the ones I posted here on Nakuru County? You can guess the number of times.

I don’t want to be a con artist, so this is a volunteer opportunity for you. Email me, write to me or tweet me with what you have thought about. As long as it’s beneficial, isn’t libel or lies or crafts to tarnish others. Mostly, I don’t write celebrity issues here. They are humans entitled to do what they please anywhere, anyhow. General issues affecting you and me. Minimise politics too. I know you are thinking, what? For no pay?

As you can see, those articles need to come along as many as possible do when we monetise this blog, we can always, and I mean always split the cash, equally among the loyal contributors. That’s why I need you because you have so many ideas and unpublished articles with you. Of course, credit goes to you who has submitted the article, you decide what you want to do with it. Strict policies regarding our partnership will be communicated once we get there. Don’t fret.

Come on board and help educate others of your county. No wonder we want to become an online voice. In a month’s time, I will publish more about the writing compensations I will be offering.  Feel free to strike a deal with me, early! Thank you.

customerserviceva@gmail.com, twitter @indomitable_ger and google plus Gertrude Akinyi. I stopped using Facebook, you can still message and an sms will come to me. Serious writers who want to grow and be heard, ONLY.

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