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If you watched Jicho Pevu on KTN by Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu, you would be shocked by the extent of ‘rescue mission operation’ at the  ‘Mall of Terror’.

Shockingly, the terror dint end with the terrorists but there was a group of local terrorists, who came in form of ‘rescuers’, to rob off of people’s low moment. This was shocking beyond comprehension!. These are the Law Enforcement Officers, who we rely on during missions deadly as the recent one and many more attacks that have happened in the past .

Disgusting though, is that these are the same people we pride ourselves in as so brilliant in their jobs, but, this was a shame!!!

What action must be taken against these men who instead went into exploitation? But before we go further into this we have to know what really prompted them into these obscene acts of extortion rather than the said mission!

1. Corruption in Kenya is so rife and alive that every piece of us seems to operate under corrupt means ,in schools, churches, public institutions, colleges, name it. What, how, where, does a country prosper with Lords of Corruption? In the Mall of Terror, there was something that happened which we shall never know about. But one of the terrifying incidents, however, is how did these terrorists gain access to Kenya and supposedly, Nakumatt? What else do they know about Kenya and what are they planning next? Who gave them access to Kenya? This goes to show that the Kenyan porous borders must be looked into very seriously, Kenya must have boundaries. We must stop issuing ‘passes’ to men and women of suspicious character.

2. Cover up, we all know and understand that there is always a degree of secrecy in such delicate operations but we should have been communicated to, the truth of what was going on. No one ever said the exact situation, the journalists in there were literally sent away, the question we beg here is, Why?

3. Lack of Co ordination. What is this superiority war ? From we cannot operate under a police officer or the Recce Squad?. For example,in times of crisis, even in the house, you don’t seperate, you unite to make a concrete solution. These rescuers, segregated but never really rescued, the wait in there cost many Kenyan lives. There was no cooperation and it led to more deaths.

4. Communication. Whoever was communicating to these men in blue and green, was a poor communicator. Open and sincere communication is needed in terms of expressing one’s needs. When you lie, you are worst, hiding the truth has never helped anyone solve a problem instead there is procrastination, and accumulation of lies. There’s need to learn the beauty and art of honest communication and especially in dire times.

5. Speaking up and out . We got a problem, when we see a corrupt official, we go mum, we see the KDF looting the Nakumatt (Westgate) Shopping Mall, we go mum or we end up defending the looters. Why do we encourage others to steal in broad daylight? This comes to show how lacking in morals some government officials are and how they promote robbery! Laughable people are selected and appointed to protect us at the expense of our safety and dare say a word … some will be quick to say that is ‘none of your business’ . Do you see why terror will never come to an end ? Kenya’s territorial waters are governed by people of very questionable qualities, what do you expect? When you speak out, you are ‘smoked’, taken to the dogs and no one will ever hear from you!

6. Greed, Greed and Greed. When greed and gluttony is your middle name, what does the safety of a Kenyan mwananchi, a hustler, got to do? While, this supposed official (s) is minting lots of money at the expense of the taxpayer? This burged – bellied men and women are never tired of the wealth they have immersed in the years they want more and more! How do you expect this person to put your well being into consideration? Ponder on that.

After the ”siege”, I wonder what these guys have in store,they know what they were after and they know how corrupt Kenya is,they know the ‘INS’ and ‘OUTS’ of Kenya. Do we avoid the malls, we are not safe in crowded towns, what of slow paced towns where people know no hurry?

They came here to avenge for the terrorised Somali women, who were raped and tortured by the KDF (Kenya Defence Forces) soldiers,according to the terrorists. They are here to show how Kenya is indeed divided, we are weak and totally ill prepared but we got to change the forces,the tired officials in the Kenya Armed Forces, The Police and generally, the Forces of Kenya. We got to rid Kenya of well known corrupt officials, we got to fight war against terror, we got to be organised and say NO to looting and bribery, but, YES to change.

The KDF, were on call, a call to save but they did otherwise … Should they, looters, be punished according to Law or do we just say they were hungry and needed some food? Your opinion counts and here’s how to do it … in the comment box!!!




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