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”Congratulations Mr. President for having defied the odds of arrest by a Mzungu, coming back home safe”. Some dignitaries sent in their message of hope and rebuild to the President days ago. Honestly, it didn’t come as a surprise to me and some few others. Why? Because, I had anticipated it, hadn’t we? We knew our President was never guilty, we told them that he is an innocent man. We assured them that he is not a murderer as they had concluded. Landing on deaf ears. Now, we finally had the last laugh, right? Just a little brushing up of memory. The President had said he would face this, alone. Slowly, it became a nation wide problem hence a Kenyan and world problem. Why, because our politicians made it look so. The campaigns made it look so, even the ants felt so.

His acquittal meant that there would be tension in the Public. Of course not, why are we always mistaking these things?. It meant, we stay united as Kenyans. It meant that our tribal differences of 2007 and beyond would come to an end. Actually it meant, the biggest test of our lives. We were tested as Kalenjins and Kikuyus, they brought this upon us. They wanted to see if we became one, or are just bloody liars and hypocrites. Of course some spelt more doom and cry in the nation. We see none, not that we dislike fighting, we do like fighting. We adequately follow the, amani haiji ila kwa ncha ya upanga. Sorry but sorry, this time, we are just going to use our powerful tongues to restore Kenya to a peaceful nation. We know better, don’t we? Hacking each other to death or throwing garbage on one another’s face is just too . . . yesterday.

Again, we can defend ourselves by citing Hitler and his descendants who fight until they get what they want. We don’t want to defend ourselves with crazy defence, we would love to see harmony beyond and love extended. Because, we don’t want to ape them. No, some say, even the white Americans and African Americans have never ever loved each other. Okay, my warning to some of the thoughts expressed this way, that’s their own problem. After all, they are a first world country and you will never hear any bad thing about them in the media. But, if Kenya, I mean, a Kikuyu and a Kalenjin or Luo fight, my oh my, it becomes news headlines. It’s like magic, it’s bound to happen, right? Because, we are just beggars and mostly street urchins. Now, let’s also not expose our problems to the world. Let’s prove them wrong, like we did in 2013 general election.

Let’s tell them with our actions that, we have learnt our lessons from 2007, we have become very cunning and clever. That even though we hold grudges with each other from ages we weren’t born, we do love each other, in our own little ways, of course. Won’t we? Our children’s children are intermarrying and we of young generation are finding love across borders. We have believed for very long that, love is the solution to the world’s war. What if we brought that as our way of life, a Kikuyu marries a Luo, Kalenjin Maasai et al. See, during 2007, such unions were frowned upon being the result of hacking each other to death. Haven’t you noticed that when a man or woman marries beyond their tribal affiliations how that man or woman becomes too open with life. I mean, he accepts everything and sees no big thing in tribe, interracial love etc? Bridge the gap, it’s what the acquittal means to us.

It means that, we never saw the President and his Deputy wrestle each other, why would you want to wrestle your fellow just because the President was acquitted and his deputy not? Why? Even if they wrestle, we never see that they do it physically, in public glare or hack each other, it’s in their own private rooms. When they decide to air their differences, don’t, don’t ever get in between. Don’t be tempted to choose that man from your tribe. Just as a husband and wife fight in public, and make peace, letting the ‘go-betweeners’ fight themselves, is the same way, these politicians will leave you! So, think twice before you open your mouth accusing one another and carrying axes singing how betrayed you were or feel. Even in marriage, they betray each other, this is a just but a tip!.

We are all different no matter how similar we think we are. Yes, and that difference means we have to really be supportive of each other knowing clearly that our ideologies no matter how similar still differ in form. Our fate, whether in public or privately matters, so choose what you do, diligently, carefully keeping a wide eye on the consequences. There has never been fate, it’s the results of our actions that determine our punishment. Some take a little longer to prove, others simply go unscathed, while others may rot in hell,  forever. Always doing unto others is the goal to knowing what your punishment will be like. How will yours look like?

The cliche that, in politics there are never permanent friends or enemies, has proved since time immemorial how used we can be, if we let ourselves be. How many times have you seen politicians unlike the recent ones throwing punches in public? Oh, they do insult one another, just as we insult others who we think don’t match our ambitions and lines of thought. Yes, they fight, even so, they never take it to heart because their children have already married each other, they are making business with one another. They are long time best friends or even studied together or their parents know each other. They do remember this line every so often no matter how arrogant they seem. They understand so deeply that no human being is ever so sufficient by himself, we need each other. Us who dig and axe our neighbours to death, do we understand that, when a Luo and Luo live with one another, it’s fish we will feed each other? We will have little supply of vegetables? Do we? The world will be full of braggarts? Do we?

Look left, right and side, what do you see? Another black Kenyan or white or green, realise and keep realising that, this Kenyan didn’t make himself into what he or she is. She, he found themselves there and no matter the insult you throw at Akinyi, Njeri, Lamurian, Okoryoit, sorry darling, we are proud of being, ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE. So look again quizzically holding that chin, and ask what made you so happy with your Swahili neighbour, Somali national, Sudanese, or Indian? Why do you seem to love them too much? I realised long ago that, Kenya needs very peaceful people and leaders for it to function. Kenya doesn’t need dead bodies scattering, it needs energetic leaders and people who will soar it like the eagles.

What was your take on Prezzo’s acquittal? I must have been very excited but disappointed to, I guess.

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