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Does a Kenyan business owner really need a blog?

Why does one need a blog in the presence of social media?

Do blogs really pay?

I don’t have expertise blogging, do I need to be a great writer to operate a blog as a Kenyan business owner?

What really is the purpose of a blog and what does it mean to a Kenyan business to own one?

If you’re a Kenyan business owner who wonders what a blog for or it use, I was in the same place as you are now.

That’s why I took it into my own hands to explain in this massive guide why as a Kenyan business owner a blog is a critical marketing tool. 

So, you’re going to learn what a blog is and it’s importance in your business in 2019 and the years to come.


Define a blog in simple English

What is a blog post

Why did I decide to blog and when did I start?

Mistakes I made as a newbie blogger?

Unexplored blogging niches in Kenya.

What I learnt operating a hobby blog

How to monetise a blog

How to attract traffic in your blog?

Is blogging really lucrative as I see in other countries?

What must I blog about to make money?

For how long before my blog makes money?

Why a blog is a beneficial investment for your business in 2019

Downsides of a business blog

Step and Step Guide of Building a Blog Explained

How to pick your blog’s name and the address for your blog

Who hosts your blog

What’s a theme and how to select a theme. Is a free theme or a paid theme the best?

What are the blog categories I can explore

What’s your blog’s niche?

What are the pages you’d love to include in your blog?

How often must you blog to get engagement?

How to find and use commercial free photos to liven your blog posts

How to publish and promote your blog

What’s your content strategy?

Define a Blog

I want to start a business blog for your magazine, I pitched a famous Kenyan publisher.

I got an overwhelmingly positive response then a resounding ”NO”.

Before I pitch another business, I’d love to educate the remaining businesses the importance of having a business blog and to the enthusiastic writer, the purpose of a business blog.

The whole world is publishing stories online but the print media is still a winner in publications.

So there’s a need to balance between the two worlds.

What if you don’t have the equity for a magazine?

Bring the magazine to a blog.

In this busy tutorial, you’re going to learn the importance of having a blog if you’re a business owner and how to start one.

Blogs offer an alternative way of earning money online through advertisement and sponsorships.

But that’s not the only way to monetise a blog, there are over 100 ways of monetising a blog, you just have to choose which one is preferable for your business.

A blog offers a source of long-term wealth.

You’re going to learn a lot and if you have an online presence, why you’re delaying the blog process and why you must get on it.

What is a blog?

It’s an online publication which offers educational materials or acts as a lead generator to a business which means, aiding in bringing new businesses and reaching out to new or potential customers.

What is a blog post

Like this one you’re reading.

You carve an engaging blog post by including search engine mechanisms which include optimising your site. 

Knowing proper placement of keywords and not over-using them in a document.

Writing well-researched content which adds value to customers hence engagement.

A blog post is meant to establish you as a market leader or a go-to person.


Why did I decide to blog and when did I start?

In 2012, 2 years after working online and earning a measly 10 dollars which I assure you I was happy about, I talk about my getting started online here.

I decided it was time to branch out a little bit and create content which went with my style of writing.

So I created a blog, it’s where I got my twitter name by the way.

I documented a few stories there but I was fearful of writing in depth.

The goal being to share my personal stories as a single mother.

Because I didn’t know much about what I was doing, I never wrote for long.

And also because I never saw anyone reading except for 10 people, I felt like I was fighting a lost battle.

So I decided to further read about a blog and came upon domains,

I also read that if you want to establish yourself as an industry leader in the blogging world, you have to be a paying member.

I’m known to set my eyes on the ball and go for the goal.

So I created this blog, https://www. in 2013. I launched it in 2013.

It was so confusing to blog on it. I wasn’t even sure what I was doing.

I asked lots of questions to my creator who helped guide and encourage me to write.

Unfortunately, I refused to learn how to do blogging professionally because I felt like I wasn’t a professional in anything.

Say confidence issues, in fact when starting online, this is one thing that can stop you.

How do you negotiate for fair pay, are my skills up to par?



Don’t be stopped by yourself, keep going and make errors because you learn in the job that’s why the first step is crucial.

I decided upon the name because I wanted to review about Kenya, at the time and even now, I feel there are some aspects of Kenya we’re not exploring like making money online or even online jobs.

Back then, I found someone who wanted to show me how to make money if I pay him, I felt what a conman!

The more I kept educating myself, the more I learnt how to write and the blog tweaks happened when I was in the job.

The blog, became a hobby blog, a big and costly mistake which I have learnt from now or should I say I decided to correct from September of 2018!

Mistakes I made as a newbie blogger?

My blog started as a hobby blog, to show my writing samples to potential employers.

Funny enough though, I have never got a job through my blog or I have but it wasn’t opportunities I thought I needed, bad mistake with a lot of lessons learnt.

Lessons to learn before starting a blog for your business:

1. Learn how to write on WordPress.

It may seem silly but when I started blogging, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing or what I was clicking on I had to keep asking.

This is a time when YouTube instructions(tutorials) were scarce.

Instead, I felt overwhelmed with writing and preferred to write my usual way(pen and paper).

2. Do I need a free or paid blog versions?

You need to realise that both have their disadvantages and advantages.

For example, in a paid blog, you have to renew subscription yearly.

There are a lot of add-ons a blog needs that’s why there are talks of plug-ins, themes, SEO analytics but sincerely, don’t be tired of taking one at a time.

As for a free blog, you don’t have control over the medium and the blog can be deleted at any time.

It’s easier to move to but if you don’t know how you’ll need a web developer to do it for you a headache you could have avoided at first.

How’s a blog going to help my visibility?

I asked severally how a blog is going to help me.

I knew I needed a hobby place where I could write or vent without a lot of ”protocols”.

I didn’t realise how important SEO was to get my visibility on Google’s ranking and I didn’t even care for that.

As the months passed, I yearned to be a name in the writing making money online in Kenya girl but I was stomped.

I took a plunge of learning SEO/SEM but it was never enough because I understood nothing.

A blog helps you gain respect in your industry as this Kenyan freelancer has proved(Walter Akolo).

Always educate yourself first.

I got enticed with the idea of making money online but now blogging for business was an extremely new game and enticement plus excitement for me.

I could make money from my sleep with my writing?

I didn’t realise though that I had to take a lot of courses about how to make money with a blog.

It was a slow torturous process for me.

Take courses, valuable courses to help you learn about blogging.

What I learnt operating a hobby blog

Operating a hobby blog isn’t a walk in the park either.

You cannot slap in words in WordPress and assume you’re doing something online unless it’s a private personal journal.

Even personal hobby blogs can create an income if utilised well, in terms of their SEO marketing strategies.

You have to keep educating yourself

Use copywriting techniques.

You can use your hobby blog to create an income

Your blog is a sample of your work online experience

Take Note:

Sometimes, no matter how you work for clients, some don’t allow you to use by-lines so you never have the authority to say you wrote a particular masterpiece.

A better option? Have your own hobby blog and know how to use it.

How I plan to monetise my blog

There are a million courses on Google that teach you how to monetise your blog but many don’t actually show you.

Or those that do, only explain about CTRs, PPC, Google Adsense, Google Adwords .

Now did you know a blog can be monetised by creating your digital products?

It takes time but this is the ultimate blogger’s money-minting guide.

Digital products include e-books,PDFs guides, printable( blogging check-lists, quotes, planners, journals, tags, certificates, coupons).

Digital products can include software like online payments and mobile apps. As your product gains popularity, you monetise it in different ways.

How do I get traffic in my blog?

This is always the most difficult part of any blogger.

When dealing with a hobby blog mostly you don’t even consider this approach until you start to see the results of others running their hobby blogs.

Now start creating content for your audience or if you have a few on Google’s number one page, re-purpose or add more information or upgrade the content with e-books, free offers, subscriptions.

I learnt quite easily that people always find content ”by accident” on Google.

And sometimes, they may or may not come back that’s why it’s very crucial to add a subscribe button or an exit intent pop-up like Optin Monster.

Sometimes, the topic is eye-catching or the writing style of the author(motivating, simple yet educational) can draw people to content.

It happened with my tips for starting a daycare, a topic I’m passionate about but didn’t think would give me google’s visibility in 2015.

Been trending till late 2018. Then it disappeared because I didn’t know about the value of updating my blog posts.

Target a particular consumer.

Even when writing a hobby blog establishing a target market is quite invariable, I mean, that market may be so entranced they want to pay you for the time you take to create.

Social media is a place to get traffic with a blog.

You can blog in bits or share images now with Instagram being the new hotspot for inspiration.

Or pinterest a visual social media board.

PPC where it involves paying a publisher like Facebook, Instagram every time an ad you created is clicked on by the user, or target customer.

By creating marketing automation techniques like newsletters, social media scheduling with tools like Tailwind, BoardBooster or Hootsuite.

Content Marketing which is creating content for brand awareness, for lead generation and customers. This technique can include email marketing campaigns, online guides.

Email Marketing which includes sending blog newsletters, customer welcome emails, customer follow-up emails.

Search Engine Optimising your content mostly done by creating effective title tags, knowing where to place your keywords, H1 Tags, Internal links, meta descriptions, website slogans, URL’s file names.

Is blogging really lucrative as I see in other countries?

Blogging is lucrative in all countries.

A Nigerian Blogger (Linda Ikeji) is a billionaire due to blogging.

Another Nigerian Uche Pedro started blogging soon after Linda Ikeji and grew her blog revenue to a billion.

While they rely on entertainment(celebrity) to make great news, which is a nice way of growing your blog topic, there are other niches to explore that don’t even explore the topic of entertainment.

With a blog, you can create a buzz around any topic, I know of some stripper who grew her blog to a six-figure by increasing bookings and accompanying men around the world because you know, rich men love very exotic and beautiful women.

So yes, choose a niche, explore a niche and stick to it.

Even if you are multi interested like I am, centre your topic around one subject and create an authority.

You don’t have to but it does help with your blog’s growth really fast.

Look at Walter Akolo or Cup of Jo, for example.

A writer focusing on writing niche and a writer or journalist turned lifestyle blogger with a spin to it a fashion blog but with other varied topics.

Blogging only requires for you to be diligent, dedicated and driven to succeed and also know where to find sponsors for your content or advertisements – you need a large following.

For now, stick to affiliate marketing, which earns Michelle Schroeder $100,000 plus per month! 

And she said she did so without even having a huge following contrary to popular speeches.

Otherwise, I prefer to monetise with digital products. But, a variation isn’t a crime, money has to come from all sources.

What must I blog about to make money?

Blogging topics to consider include your passion.

There are some unexplored blogging niches in Kenya or should I say blogging isn’t quite a mastered job in Kenya so all niches are lucrative?

Well, I have a few areas of interest for those interested in joining the blogging world and thank me later because these niches never grow old!

a) Happiness – every human wants to live a happy fulfilled life but it’s not easy. A blog topic based on this niche would have topics like How to be Happy Living with Less than 6-Figures a Month or Year. Blog statistics show that happiness is a topic

b) Mindset / Self- Development

c) Newly Weds

d) Wealth

e) Love

f) Parents

g) Grandparents

h) Love

i) Health

For how long before my blog makes money?

Why a blog is a beneficial investment for your business in 2019

Downsides of a business blog

Steps and Step Guide of Building a Blog Explained




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