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I found a treasure of products to sell online – but I got confused on what to get started on.

After perusing the internet for hours I came upon this article by StartupBros Step by Step Guide: How to Find a profitable product to Sell!

After reading it for a while, I jotted down the most important points to take note and I’m sharing with you.

Beginning an e-commerce business isn’t clear cut as we want to be Jeff Bezos, God knows I love him! But, we have to begin from a profitable product.

It seems though like all the profitable products have been taken and are already making millions for the ‘early entrepreneurs’.

Don’t get discouraged there are strategies for coming up with products to sell as a Kenyan and they include the following:

Products to Sell Online from Home: How Top Sellers Find Hot Products 

Brainstorm ideas 

Research ideas on Google Trends 

Find market data to see if the industry sales is growing 

Find low competition niches within growing industries 

Collect data such as amazon sales, search volumes, keyword and keyword difficulty 

Solve problems 

Appeal to collectors or commonly called hobbyists 

Go with your passion 

Keep on the trends 

Keep in mind SEO and learn SEO 




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