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What would you do when you’re at your wit’s end?

When life throws you lemons, go make some lemonade think like that.

Life’s not straightforward and you shouldn’t be too.

Day 17 of 365 Days of Planning, Questions we have dared to ask and answer: How to Maximise Your Year, Tune your Mind to Achieving Success, Happiness, Abundance, Confidence, Purpose, Manifestation, Motivation.

At a cliff’s edge about to fall to your death? How pleasant is that?

Imagine you have been toiling hard to get a job after your graduation but nothing’s forth coming.

In fact what you have been getting is a series of rejection text messages never hearing back from the employers.

Or your employers love you but think, ”you’re too small, too young for the job” because it requires males and ”bulky” females.

Or your friend or would-be friend promises you a job but the owner says, ”I’ll think about it” but you hang onto hope that something’s good is going to work.

After six months you’re still waiting as you’re paid 15 dollars as a token of appreciation.

Or you get a legit job which pays peanuts but at the end, you end up getting paid no cent because you didn’t go for it.

Or your name wasn’t in the employer’s list. Now you have to ”fight” with the employer that’s months later to get the money(after you have had it up to here) you can see, right? 

Or at the end of this struggle your sister leaves saying ”’you’re too lazy of a person who can’t and doesn’t want to help themselves yet you’re a university graduate or drop-out.”.

After she leaves you have nothing to eat because she’s the one who handled all the bills.

And now you have to quickly snap out of a long depression haul because there’s nothing else you know how to do.

You feel you have exhausted all the avenues with no success at all.

In the end, you sleep hungry with your baby for three days and nights!

What would you do when life gives you an amount of struggle so hard within a very short period of time?

Would you succumb?

Would you appreciate like you’re told to do everyday?

Would you sit there and cry sinking back to depression or would you stand and go?

I say: stand and go.

Laugh it off, stand and go!

That’s exactly what I did after all the ordeals.

Yes that’s my life story.

It doesn’t seem much but it was to me.

I cried, mourned, but none of that took me anywhere.

I was fed food by a friend of mine.

I appreciate him everyday.

But amidst this storm, I always declared, ” There’s always a plan b, c or d if not there’s a plan z then”.

I always knew there was a way forward.

I created an immense hope within myself hope that wanted to keep moving on, hope that was fearless. Hope to stop crying.

Because hope is the only weapon I had to help me destroy all my fears.

I stopped worrying about a job, bills or food.

As sad as that seems. But I looked forward went on to give hope onto others, ”Kids who I believed deserved it more”.

Because when I gave them something, I received something in advance which is hope.

That my problems are just miniature.

That I don’t have to worry about food, bills jobs, a house or anything of the sort.

That I have to keep looking forward.

That I have to cut the dependency thoughts in half.

The self-pitying status I had immersed myself into.

That I have to believe I have greater strengths within myself.

That I was meant to bring joy and happiness within myself.

That having no bills, jobs or food wasn’t the end of the world. And when I stopped  worrying, God worked a miracle for me.

Yes, I believe He did.

Because He provided a relief.

I got great help from a man but I was sceptical because I don’t like receiving money from people I don’t know.

I’m too superstitious that way, it’s an African thing. He sent me money! Who does that to people he hasn’t met yet?.

Only because he was the Messenger of God.

I spoke to God that time telling him, ”If this man isn’t the truth take him away”.

Suddenly I fell in love with the man who fell in love with my troubles(story for another day).

When the world throws you into a situation which you cannot fix or seem so hard to work on: throw back the words, ”I’m great, I can do, I’m conquering this!”

I’m not afraid and I’,m facing you with a lot of strength.

Sweetheart bring it on.

I know how shocking it can be to have nothing in the pocket but HOPE.

I know how shocking it can be to have no house to go to just because the bills have piled up and you have sunk into serious debts, you have exhausted all your credit cards.

The only hope you have is to beg.

I know how shocking it feels to be pushed next to the cliff’s edge where you see nothing but the sharp pointed stone screaming, ”I’m killing you today, you’re dying in my hands”.

I know you feel like this is a speech that should be left for those with hope within themselves.

I know when you saw ”God” there you believed I’m an absurd writer, I know because I had to restore my faith in the Lord.

I had to re-tune my mind and thoughts, and beliefs so much to the extent of saying, I have slept hungry, suffered depression, oppression what more do I need?

What more cannot I suffer?

What more?

Tune that mind to speak the language of greatness, the language of hope because hope and faith make you look forward.

Hope and faith make you feel like there’s nothing greater than you.

And hope and faith help restore your energy.

Nobody ever knows a situation is going to turn worst; nobody anticipates for the worst.

We all want the best for ourselves.

Let nothing shake you.

In fact when you seem hopeless – you should wait a little bit longer because the great is coming – the miracle you have been waiting for.

This a time to appreciate your struggles, others, and yourself more.

No time for blames or regrets.

When you see a storm, the storm is simply saying, ”Change direction honey”.

You cannot fight a storm you can only reinvent yourself, your thinking and your life’s purpose.

Acceptance, I say, is the first step.

You feel beat down, anger and resentment, no problem but clear them out of your thinking space – those are hindrances, obstacles to your hope.

They’re fighting against you.

Learn to affirm your intentions and your intentions will become clearer as you speak them.

It’s a time to refocus on the direction of your life, what it is you want.

In a storm, don’t panic, stay calm, relax take a looong deep breath, breathe in and out.

Let your spirit flow, let your will flow, let your energy be released and let you keep looking forward.

And don’t be afraid to start over again, again and again.

                                                    A question to ponder:

Have you ever been in a storm? Did you try to run? Did you beat the storm?

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