Sales is the action of selling. Steve Jobs is known for emphasising that entrepreneurs begin in sales.

A lot of entrepreneurs have exceptional business ideas but don’t know how to sell their ideas to their customers or investors.

If you don’t know how to sell, how can you successfully make a difference with the products or services you invented/innovated?

An entrepreneur is someone who identifies business opportunities and uses the available resources to start and run his business.

This process usually comes at high risk because the entrepreneur has to build something new, innovate, identify problems and apply simple and efficient solutions.

An entrepreneur comes up with business ideas and tries to influence the audience to accept his idea. How is this made possible? This is done through sales.

What is Sales?

Sales is the action of buying something; where you can buy what I’m saying, buy a product/service or buy an idea.

Sales can range from door to door services or brick and mortar stores where one can walk into your enterprise and buy something.

It is important to learn the basics of sales, even if you don’t go into it in depth.

A certain amount of sales experience is great for everybody. 

Why Must Entrepreneurs Learn the Art of Selling?

Sales cuts through everything.

Everything is selling and every person is a salesperson.

Take this instance where you go out on your first date with this special person.

The whole time you do a product pitch, where the product is you. In a job interview, you sell yourself to the company and the company sells its ideas to you.

If you can’t sell, influence, or persuade your customers, it is nearly impossible to get your business off the ground.

However, it is quite sad that salespeople are always looked down upon like they are some lower form of business scam.

Remember, all significant achievements start small.

In this day and age of heated competition in marketing, the big question is always how you can succeed in sales.

It is not enough to come up with a knockout product that will give you an edge in the industry.

You have to know how you are going to sell these products.

There is no other important aspect in business that is able to match the worth of the products themselves than the sales.

100% business failure or success starts from sales.

When you start off with sales, you get to know your customers and build a product around them once you know there is a ready market to sell it in.

A good number of successful business owners started out in sales.

Sales bring out the best in an entrepreneur.

You gain a lot of positive qualities as an entrepreneur when you make sales a starting point in your career.

There is no better place to learn about the intricacies of market competition and cash flow than the sales department.

People in the sales department know how to make things work in favour of their company.

They are the lead horses. 

Going into sales first as an entrepreneur will save you time, energy and money. 

It’s fun to interact with your customers while explaining to them why you want them to buy your products and services.

You learn about yourself and your products when you’re a salesman.

While working as an insurance salesgirl, I understood how hard it was for me to stand by the roadside passing flyers. I wanted to interact with customers face to face.

What are the Skills of a Salesperson?

In order to deliver positive results to a business as a salesperson, you must learn to be:

  • Confident
  • A good listener 
  • Empathetic 
  • A good communicator
  • Innovative
  • Persuasive 

Why Must Every Entreprenur Start in Sales?

  1. It helps you sell your idea.

This is the primary purpose for entrepreneurship (to sell business ideas) and the only way to get it sold is if you have your place in the sales department.

Your goal is to sell your business idea to your target customers, be it goods or services. In sales, you can get in touch with your target audience.

Most startups fail when they are too far from their target audience or have a product that no one wants to buy. Through sales, a salesperson learns about product advertising and product promotion.

This ensures you are in touch with customers’ evaluation and feedback and stay focused on the needs of your customers and how to satisfy them.

As you build a good rapport with your customers and they know their feedback is taken into account, there will be a good flow of income.

Sales also open you up to new ideas, objectives and potential upgrades in the market which should be taken into consideration before you make your pitch.

2. It helps you gain business skills.

Many challenges in the business world are best solved by making the right choices.

Making informed decisions.

By starting in sales, you overcome significant challenges of entrepreneurship.

Experience in sales build up skills that you’ll need when you become your own boss. Consider it a training ground for the next big thing.

As you ride the waters of sales, going door to door or living off commissions, you learn an important skill; persuasion.

This is when you make people see things the way you see them and agree with you. However, persuasion is not the same as manipulation.

In persuasion, you focus more on yourself and more on what is important to your prospects.

Ask your customer how your product can contribute to satisfying their needs and be honest if it is not what they are looking for. Do not sell what you cannot buy.

An entrepreneur can also gain leadership skills when he starts out in sales.

As you brainstorm the right ideas and right approach to sell your goods and services, your ability to provide solutions, solving problems with insightful and innovative concepts is another way to build your business. 

3. It helps you set and achieve goals.

Through sales, you can set realistic goals and actualize them over time and consistently.

A business will fail if there is no foresight or planning. By training in sales, you learn to chase customers first instead of investors.

An entrepreneur with no sales training will just dive right into looking for investors.

This is a mistake. Always remember that the more customers, the more potential investors you gain for your business.

A sales oriented entrepreneur focuses on profit and feedback challenges and goals.

He also has a clearly mapped out plan on how to achieve all of it.

Money gotten through sales can also help fund your other ventures.

4. It helps you develop professional expertise for your enterprise.

As you navigate through sales, you get to know the ins and outs of your business.

Interaction with customers boosts your business and technical knowledge.

Starting with sales helps you gain insight into the market.

You know which product is selling, why it is selling, when it is best sold and how the market is responding to its sales.

You also learn about your competitors and what they are doing to stay on top.

This will help you improve your business standards and approach challenges with great confidence. 

5. It helps you establish an excellent sales and marketing strategy.

Sales is about execution.

You learn about how you can execute your ideas. A failed execution of sales and marketing strategies in business is a failed business.

Use the SMART approach to give you insight into how a marketing strategy can be successful.

A good sales and marketing strategy should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time conscious.

When you apply this approach, you are more likely to get successful results. 

6. It brings positive growth to you as a person.

Through sales, you learn to motivate yourself since you are your own boss. As you interact with customers, you boost your communication skills.

The best entrepreneurs are good communicators. Since the business is self-oriented, you compete with yourself daily. This will increase your contribution and enable you to hone your skills.

All these build up your enthusiasm, drawing it up anytime you need motivation.

You become your own decision-maker, which keeps you in charge of your time and helps you manage your business.

You learn how to handle rejection as you will face it a lot.

This makes you never back down and give you the courage to always demand more. This is an important life skill.

FAQs on Why Entrepreneurs Must Begin in Sales

Why are sales important for an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs must begin in sales because sales = revenue=coverred expenses.

Sales give an entrepreneur the satisfaction of I created something valuable.

Sales help validate an idea.

Sales also give satisfaction, creates ambition and zeal for entrepreneurs to keep innovating their idea for human good.

Why have so many successful entrepreneurs started out in sales?

Many successful entrepreneurs have started in sales because you learn to be patient.

In patience, you learn and in learning, you develop products and services that customers want.

Sales help you understand your product and its value.

When writing these blog posts, I battled to understand what my aim with spending so much time behind the keyboard was.

I slowly came to understand I’m selling to you a dream that you can work from home make as much or as little money as you want and behind a desk.

I also wanted you to see the opportunities available and that money never got lost or went anywhere.

Yes, sometimes, you get excited as a business owner you forget why you’re excited and it becomes to tell others and sales help you understand your aim.

Sales help you create loyalty and trust between customers and business

Interact with customers

What are the types of entrepreneurs?



Fabien (Coasting)


What motivates you to become an entrepreneur?

To make a difference

To pursue my passion

Become a boss

Create projects or grow my ideas into fruition

What are the advantages of entrepreneurship?

Advantages of entrepreneurship include:

Potential profit

Follow a vision

Learning experience

Leave a productive life

Make a difference, because you were born to make a difference

What are the disadvantages of entrepreneurship?

The cons of entrepreneurship include:

No flexible hours

It’s stressing

You cry a lot

Sometimes things don’t go as planned

You have to learn to self-drive; work more than anyone else.

If you are not sure how to start out in sales as an entrepreneur, you can just take the plunge and sell anything.

Just start. It is not a waste of time.

You will get to learn how to navigate the market and acquire useful business skills.

Moreover, it is an easy way to get finances for other business ventures from the profit you will be making.

It is not the idea that makes a company, but the execution of the idea.

Why must entrepreneurs start in sales?

Are you an entrepreneur wondering it’s ideal for you to start in sales?




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