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When is the best time to start an online business in Kenya

Kenyans want to start businesses but wonder the best time to get started.

There’s never a better time to begin a business than now.

There’s the internet which you can utilise for beginning a business when you’re broke.

Beginning an internet business is cheaper because you cut the costs of operations and hiring.

The internet provides you with a space to test your business idea on social media (followers, subscribers or likes) and also the analytics provided by those social media. 

The best time to begin a business is when you feel ready and you believe that you came up with a great idea.

Remember, there are no original business ideas. Business ideas must solve the problems people have in their daily lives.

Simple solutions make for the best business ideas. 

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Best Time to Start an Online Business in Kenya   

Some people say there’s a better time to begin business others say, that you must begin when you test out your idea. The following are the best times to begin a business online or offline in Kenya and they include: 

1. When you have an idea customer wants and let it not be mediocre 

Do you have an idea that customers want? You become confident by testing your idea for the customer.

These days it’s not maths to test you. Create an Instagram or Facebook account and begin testing your idea.

Or create a YouTube channel to test out your idea.

Don’t waste a lot of time waiting for the perfect time because perfection never arrives rather wastes your time.

You cannot know if your idea is great if you keep it within yourself or get stuck in the details.

After all, your preferences and your skills develop further by doing. 

2. Asap – trust your gut 

I remember in 2014 when I took the time to know how to crochet with an aim of selling market bags to Nakumatt.

I kept putting the idea on hold then in 2017 the plastic bag ban arrived in the country.

Always trust your gut, it knows what you want and yearn for and will always lead you in the right direction, Steve Jobs said.

Trust your guts and move on with that inclining that you’re going in the right direction. 

3. After generating buzz or marketing 

You fear marketing and abhor business because of marketing. I was like that not very long time ago.

I started a YouTube channel with the aim of marketing myself but was too shy to film anything in 2013.

In 2018 I tried to test some ideas out because I had nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

You cannot fear your product and talk about it to customers. You must always come up with a story, a human story of why you got started. Stories are what make marketing.

Talk about your business as if it’s a story of encouragement to others would be entrepreneurs or as a lesson.

4. After setting a launch date  a deadline is good for procrastinators 

Deadlines push you to take actions on your goals. You know when you don’t act upon your dreams they die.

A lot of would-be entrepreneurs like to postpone everything in order to become perfect at something.

You become perfect as you keep doing and moving forward. Putting off projects make you begin to hate yourself. 

5. After getting sales from your first/soft launch 

After launching your product or service and got some customers or a customer, the customer services as a confirmation that you’re onto something big, right?

This is the time, after your first customer, to make changes or add some features to your products.

Always encourage your customers to give you reviews or ways to improve your products or services. 

6. When people tell you you’re ready 

So people around you, those attentive ones, will always tell you when you are ready to pursue an idea.

Oh, that’s brilliant, can you share it with the rest of the world? That’s a sure confirmation that you have an amazing idea which you must do. 

7. When you have the time to devote your attention – when you can focus on the business. A business is a baby

People say businesses suck the life out of you. That’s true. A business is a baby you must nurture. Take your time developing your business idea. 

8. What’s your personality and why you need it before beginning a business 

Your personality matters when it comes to developing your business. You need to develop patience and perseverance.

Some people don’t have the patience to wait for their businesses to grow. It’s a harrowing experience to develop the virtue of patience.

You also need to be a risk-taker as a business owner.

Do you have the stamina to take risks in your business to move away from your comfort zones? Or are yo rigid to change?

You have to keep encouraging yourself when no self-help book offers you the question to the answer you ask.

You have to have a made-up mindset that whatever you touch turns into gold.

These are skills developed by an individual over time, so fret not if you don’t have this. 

9. How much risk can you tolerate?

Business requires time away from family. Will your spouse become whinny or your kids need you?

Can you risk to take time away from your family, cut ties with people telling you you cannot do it or move from that toxic environment?

You cannot develop your business goals when you stick around employes telling you that businesses are risky ventures pursued only when you get rich or reach a certain level of life.

  You must be willing to take a leap of faith forward, in good faith, to make what you believe of your business. 

10. Know that there’s something to sell.

For example, there’s something new to sell.

Every time I go grocery shopping there’s something more that’s not in the supermarket which was there. Offer that product to your customers. 

11. During unemployment.

Covid causes a lot of layoffs, it’s time to ask yourself what can you offer society and yourself? Think becoming an employer is hard? 

Getting laid off can mean suicide for others and a clap for joy for others. What does firing mean to you?

Covid made this possible, unfortunately. People suffered the pen from the employment they trusted for years.

A layoff may mean, it’s time to self-reflect. Where and what are your priorities in your life, career or goal?

What do you want going forward?

It may be a change of career or a change of lifestyle.

Whatever it is, you may want to begin a consulting business after gaining years of experience from your former employer. 

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12. Companies get founded in depressing times like Microsoft, Disney, General Motors. 

During a depressing time, you get cooped out in the house in the pandemic.

You work your 9-5 with nothing else to do afterwards like going out or travelling for business. What do you do?

That business idea you had in 2000, it’s time to put it into action. Big companies surviving the test of time started this way, in depressing times.

What idea do you have and have been sitting on for decades? We cannot wait for it any longer! 

13. You will know when you have an idea you cannot let go off

You have the guts to tell you when you have an amazing idea waiting for the world to see it.

Why are you keeping it off? Let the world know about that awesome plan. Your gut keeps bagging you. 

14. You cannot ignore the voice in your head 

I started a pillow business as a side hustle but it paid me in three months. I felt like the queen of sewing despite having minimal sewing knowledge.

Something in my mind kept telling me to show other women how to run a successful business. I wanted to keep writing so bad.

I couldn’t ignore the voice in my head telling me to keep writing. That’s what happens when you have a great business idea.

Your heart mind, soul and body will keep nudging at you until you take action. 

There’s no definition of ready. Understand what a successful business example is a better product, customer experience and competitive pricing

Yes, when you have a great idea, the perfect time to begin a business is right now.

Don’t put off your idea saying you will do it next time.

Time won’t wait for you and another person is thinking of the same idea you are thinking of.

Simply, understand the basics of running a business and run with your idea. 

15. As a business owner, have an abundant mentality.

This means even if you choose an area with huge saturation, believe your idea is the best.

You are coming with ideas your customers want and look forward to.

Have you ever asked yourself why you purchase tomatoes from a particular mama mboga and not from the other?

The business offers the comforts of life beyond our eyes only after we wait out, agree to learn from what went wrong.

A business will test you out if you desired the idea with all your heart or you were joking.

You’re going to get thrown deep in debts, sometimes and sometimes it will feel lonely because you feel no one understands you.

Make sure to not isolate yourself when pursuing your business.

That’s why a mentor that offers you guidance when the going gets tough is crucial for businessmen.

Your mindset plays the central role in whether you succeed or wither as statistics say.

Keep tuning your mindset to your hearts desires. When do you believe is the best time to begin a business in Kenya? 




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