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Our leaders are really amazing. Sack, sack is their answers to everything. Now, the governor of Mandera is loudly asserting his governorship by announcing the ”sack” that we are aware of. The big question, should teachers in Mandera feel threatened by the sack? Why is the governor not open to seeing things in reality?

First, teachers, you are the ones who made us who we are. You shaped us into governors, senators, leaders, doctors, nurses, lawyers, writers and bloggers. Yet, after we earn our pocket swelling money, we forget you. Yes, to some extent we do. Some of you taught us with very kind hearts believing in us. Some, were just too lazy thinking we deserved not to learn. You gave up on us. Still, we say, THANK YOU!.

When an insane and irate man or woman decided it’s about time we kill teachers before schools closed end of last year. The nation begged for answers and Ali was among the ones begging for them. Brainstorming, cursing, blaming eventually deciding it’s about time we tighten security not only in major towns and cities, but, all over. Applause to that bold step, we said.

2015, teachers have refused, downing their tools of trade, abandoning their chalk and board. The dusty paths with guns saluting at them just because they come from a different region of the country. With children bullying them in the classrooms they so adore, trying to impart knowledge on the Mandera youth. Oh, how do you expect teachers to believe in you after the pain you caused them?.

We saw how the gunmen fired aimlessly their weapons on our poor teachers, didn’t we? We gathered to mourn the death of the sisters and teachers from all over Kenya. Did we see any teacher from Mandera county being shot down at close range, with hate, rage and spite? Didn’t we? No, we didn’t.

We aren’t refusing to come to work. We remember that once upon a time we signed that contract that, ”we’ll work anywhere, anytime, anyplace and without prejudice whatsoever”. We recall, governor. The problem is not going back on our words, it’s this thing of being the black sheep. Didn’t the gunmen select non-muslims, governor?

We were meant to lie down and feel the pain of the gunmen’s wrath upon our useless lives, because, they had decided so. Don’t you see they were warning us to never westernise their children with the books we think we are so clever about? Don’t you? We’re teachers, reading in between the lines is what we know best.

Sir, we cannot step in Mandera unless you assure and reassure us that we’ll be guarded, 24/7, round the clock, round the year. Threats of sacking isn’t the way to go. You know what we know, you saw too, didn’t you? Now, you’re scaring us with a sack. I wanted to say, yes sack us but I won’t. I will be arguing with you like you, I don’t want.

Why not find a solution because us we don’t discriminate. That’s why we’re teachers, we impart knowledge, anywhere, anytime, anyplace to whomever. We are not defeated. But, in death, we cannot continue our legacy. If your children don’t want us to reach them, chasing us away like deers, how do we reach an amicable route; one with a conscious conclusion and not one full of intimidation?

Did you forget we taught you sir. With our meagre salaries. We weren’t content but, we managed to make you a governor. We cannot be all the things, governor. We put you there to fight for us, sir and those of our kids. If we end up being killed, all of us, what will become of our children’s children? Our children?

Furthermore, governor, can you throw yourself in a pit of fire knowing well you’ll burn like roasted chicken eventually turning up into ashes? Can you, sir? I don’t think so? Why should we fry us, alive? We’re afraid and will remain so until we come to a mature consensus one that is full of thought provoking questions and answers plus solutions.

We cannot risk our lives to rescue children knowing we will end up being murdered. We just cannot. Understand our plight, we will understand the plight of the kids there too.

Do you believe the governor of Mandera is right in openly asking Teachers Service Commission to sack teachers? Would you risk your life because of a career knowing very well death or whatever is awaiting?

Hearing from you is always amazing.



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