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Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude

Recently we have had ”attacks” from youths of Kenya using social media platforms. Of course, such get so much media hype from our local stations.

What they don’t tell you is,  you can use social media to tell a story. Turning an uneventful moment into an eventful one. What are you waiting for, grab the seat, sip your coffee or tea or juice or soda as we together unveil new ways we can use social media in Kenya.

Education. Although I love emphasising on education as a means for curbing this serious illness we have in the country, some critics say, ”even big amounts of education doesn’t take the hooliganism away”.  I still insist upon it. Use social media to increase your knowledge. Knowing what is going on around you, what’s making the world tick. Who are founders of what, where did it begin, why. You know, these fundamental questions. Stop hurrying up to buy bundles for your phone for insulting the President or his Deputy.

Find jobs.  Yes, stop wasting bundles on insults which will earn you a jail term. Use it for searching for employment and how to enhance your life. Many job sites like career point kenya have jobs posted daily. Compete healthily with other Kenyans.

Do meaningful tasks. Help the elderly, take surveys or better yet, apply for social media consultant jobs. You can be a search engine optimisation expert, this one is so in demand. Why waste time and space then?

Fight for change. Tell you Mps where they are going wrong. Using positive words and not harsh words. Insults make you look very, very stupid. ”Sir, this is what we want”. ”Sir, you promised this and are doing this, why?”. Push for accountability from these men and women, your vote decided, let it speak, generously!

Encourage our leaders. You chose this leader or the majority did it. You said, ”we accept, we’ll work with him no matter what”. Why then are you going back on your words to contradict your wise words? Why are you making noise everywhere with very intimidating remarks? You gave this man power, not all of us could be leaders, now, down your smartphone and support him!

Start a movement.  Create a facebook page, market it as vigorous. There’s twitter, gmail and linkedin. Get active there. Tell us why we should join your group. Make it a point to encourage us to sign up and in because, you love doing what you are doing. Be engaged, we become your number one fans.

Speak peace. We need peace. The world over needs this vital weapon against all the evils. We cannot eradicate evil but you can help us control it using peace. You believe in peace, carry the white flag or dove, release her or him, let the whiteness shine in your soul, mind and heart. Stop tribalism dogging our country. Let’s drive Kenya forward with words of encouragement from you. Become the Blessed Teresa of Calcutta or Nelson Mandela. How would you want to be remembered?

Enrol in class. Learn something. MOOCs are advertising free online courses. Take a short course and learn something you have yearned to learn for ages. Increase your knowledge speed in this changing world and society, for free!

Encourage others. Start a union which fosters positive attitude towards life. Youths like David Marenya need you. They need you to tell them that it’s okay to be rich and not all rich men and women are thieves. Tell youths to stop sleeping on their laurels, before long the youthfulness; face and body will be submerged with broken limbs and dreams. Where would they be forty years from now?

Start an opinion blog. But, base your argument on something meaningful knowing very well there are laws. If those laws are gone against, my, you face the noose. No mercy, no pity, no faith. Slandering is an offence. Help the society make a change. With insults people see how stupid and of little thinking you’re. Be careful not to be of little minds. Great minds speak less and do more. Who are you?

Take Home.

If you cannot beat them, join them. Doesn’t mean joining them in wrong doing, it’s joining them by pointing out their mistakes. ”Here you were offensive, you wronged us. Care to apologise?”

No tribe is superior. Superiority is for God. Abide by the laws and read some laws governing insults and slander. Say things you have tangible evidence on, not so-so said. Analyse what you are talking about. How would you want it to be said, if you were the one?

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