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Giving a gift to a loved one doesn’t have to be a complicated process.

Valentines Day offers you a space to creatively share with your loved one from the depths of your heart.

DON’t sweat it though because I have prepared a list of thoughtful gifts which you can diy in a matter of minutes, package in minutes and send over to them.

  1. Offer them a valentine printable card. 

In the world of printables, uniqueness is the way to go.

The quality is determined by the artist if buying clip-art.

Now, for a writer like myself, creating a unique message takes some seconds or weeks to figure it out.

The back-end is, make it as thoughtful heart-warming as possible.

You can rekindle love with a printable too.

Shop for you love’s printable valentines card by looking for a selection in my shop.

Follow the link below or check the article I wrote first then shop for the printables, a variety of collection is provided.

NOTE: The check-out is as secure as they come.

My site has a ssl cert so no worries with your credit card info! Or if in Kenya, you can pay with M-pesa.


2. Message in a bottle.

How does this work?

Take an old wine bottle or an olive oil bottle, write a message or print your valentines card, place it in a well decorated bottle.


I love a surprise, you can present a well decorated, painted bottle to your loved one. Let them wonder why they’re getting a used wine bottle for valentines!

Or you can provide clues until they reach the decorated bottle. Wait for their reaction when they see a bottle!

It’s always good to play tricks on our loved one, then ta-da! It’s a gift!.

Always accompany with another thoughtful gift.

Valentine's Day Wine Bottles #valentinesdaydecorations

All About Valentine’s Day Flowers

This is the link to where I found the Valentines Day Bottle. Loving the flowers! Courtesy of Pinterest. 


3. Mason Jar Message. 

Another Valentines upcycle project.

Some people don’t love simple gifts but love doesn’t choose which gifts it wants or gets.

Just a very thoughtful gift think along those lines.

Now with mason jars because they have wider space you can fill in a love letter, note or poem or a printable.

Or you can add some candies or love or a name on the mason jar.

valentines mason jar gift

The Happierhomemaker.com is the site I found on Pinterest with very great ideas on mason jar crafts.

You may find an even better idea after reading the 40 plus ideas she has listed.

Then get even more educated with cleaning and organising as a busy family.

What a legend mix!

Valentine Mason Jar Gift & over 40 Valentine’s Day Ideas!


4. Chocolate

Now, I know you cannot make chocolate but you can creatively use chocolate to create a perfect gift.

Like in fruits.

Or accompany the chocolate with more gifts… personalise the chocolate with a cute printable expressing your love.

5. A cute plushie animal. 

Plush, chocolate, cards are a valentines special collections.

But take the time to create one that is as unique as they come.

Like a corgi plushie which are small, squishy and adorable.

You don’t have to be a prolific seamstress to create a corgi, just find a pattern, then sit down learn some hand sewing and there you have joined some fabric.

Find beautiful fabric because that’s what makes great seam-stressing or tailoring. I think I invented seam-stressing there!

Image courtesy of:  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/637329784744986883/

Puppy Plushy

6. Write a love note, letter or poem. 

There’s nothing that spells it better than words.

Create words which will resonate with your partner, package them in a cute diy card or printable( I know), but if you don’t know how to create a printable?

Now cut a heart out shape card or L-shape or whatever you like shape, then use some amateur calligraphy to decorate your master piece.

Yay, you have diy-ed something powerful there.

Now package it with accompanying gifts.

I love receiving letters and to this day, I write a lot of letters to people worldwide.

It’s a craft that I’m bringing back.

7. Create a gift wrap printable. 

While wrapping a gift, put into thoughts how to present it to your loved one.

You want the first impression to start from the package.

Or you can find a brown paper bag, draw some all over it like gift wraps or write over it then use that to wrap up.

Now, it doesn’t have to be drawn all over or perfect because your loved one already knows you’re perfect.

8. A pillow with a message. 

You know I love pillows, I don’t even know how it’s not number one on the list!

I guess priorities change when I have gifts. Now –

heart pillows...... Almohadón "Corazón tricolor"

Image Courtesy:



A heart pillow says it all – I heart you.

It only takes two pattern cut-outs and some fibre-filling.

Plus never forget to include the message, you can write( embroider), ”Heart to Heart, Jack”.

Hand embroider is so easy when you find some awesome tutorials on  YouTube.

9. Create a Wall – art. 

If you’are an artist,  draw your heart away but if like me drawing is an expensive price to pay, you can pay someone to do so.

Now that’s not cheating – it was your idea to make your loved one the gift you just went out of your way to make it come true. Yes I have to defend you.

10. Wood Carve. 

Now, if you’re not a carving artist, creating one will need an artist wood carver.

Carve your loved one’s name on wood or if you have time you can follow some YouTube tutorial.

I love wood and think it’s an awesome gift that lasts generations.

I remember to this day the tables my dad made for us as a form of unity instead of sibling rivalry.

11. Charm bracelet. 

Diy a bracelet with the name of your loved one on it.

I’m sure, he she will rock it for days to come.

I don’t know how to create bracelet but anything with pearls is my addiction!

You can find a stone that your loved one likes: ruby, emerald, diamond to include.

12.Etch on glass. 

Etching like wood carving requires a lot of patience, skill and expertise.

But what can stop you from crafting if you’re a handy one?

Plus these diy crafts turn hobby are always good side hustles.

Find yourself a YouTube tutorial or read as many blogs as possible on etching or wood carving.

13. Wallet.

A wallet like a pillow or plushie only requires some pattern pieces.

You don’t have to go to sewing school to get ahead.

There are PDF pattern pieces available for download with very clear instructions some are  offered for free!.

A wallet is a big turn-on gift especially for men because most of them forget to renew or use one wallet for decades.

Wallets, for some reason, hold a personal place in the men’s heart. Imagine a woman’s handbag, purse.


If I haven’t succeeded in making your creativity jump, maybe you should tell me what to add in this creative valentine day diy list. 

A valentines day gift doesn’t have to be elaborate, make it thoughtful then elaborate that’s how to create appreciation.

Some people don’t look at price tags.


What are the diy valentine days gifts you wanted to see here?

Which ones are pleasant to your eyes and which ones are sore(hard) to make?

What will you gift your valentines day lover in 2019?





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