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Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude

Someone asked me, ”why do you love?”.  I told her, ”I don’t know, guess it’s the priceless gift God gave humans”. I saw her molars. ”You know Gertie, you are very very stupid to believe in the word LOVE, underline that”, she said. ”I know, I told her”.

The world needs a little love. The other day, we gallantly celebrated a christened moment in the human race called, THE DAY OF LOVE. Haha. I’m sure internet service providers, text messages, restaurants fondly remember how busy the Sunday was. Jam packed activities each member wanting to showcase their love for their loves.

I wonder, however,  who dared declare a love for their nation, her people. Was it only a boyfriend, girlfriend love declaration? Was it just a showcase of dining in five star abodes, candle lit dinners, lacy gowns affairs? Red painting without thinking of others?

Anyway, that’s just me. I build obstacles on such days. I mean, they are well meant by the human race but . . .   .

My letter to the President addresses this issue of LOVE. It’s a four letter word with numerous puzzles. It has defeated great men and women. One notable one in my country is Lord Egerton. See what a love jilt did to nobility? I don’t laugh at such a man, it could happen to you, you and you. What is this love and how does my President get here? Read On . . .      .


Dear President Uhuru,

The President of the Republic that is beautiful Kenya. The land blessed with green, different people and culture, religion, with various struggles uniquely Kenyan. The land of the people who never give up, people who unite in times of extreme adversity. I hail you. Long live. Mr. President, I know you are busy at work, with the nation’s best interest at heart. A nation you have grown in.

In your acceptance speech during the election year, you said Kenya will see progress in a hundred days. A hundred Mr. President. To err is human. You promised heaven but of course obstacles made you and your then cabinet not achieve the hundred days promise. I won’t dwell on the promises, though.

Mr. President you have ventured avenues where corruption is to be dealt with. But, is it enough? I don’t know. Because, in a Kenyan society, corruption is born. We corrupt our kids with candy, to behave properly. Or, we threaten them with the rod to make them well behaved. Mr. President the future is bleak for corruption. Hope is dead. Even in death, new things can definitely come. Sir, the nation needs a new approach to corruption. Which one, I’m not sure yet. Because, I cannot say I know.

Tribalism. Sir, You hailed the nation respectfully. You said you will work with people of all tribes and nations worldwide. Discrimination based on one’s tribe was never an agenda in your memorandum. Instead, you showed us what to copy by appointing cabinet secretaries from all walks of tribes. People we have never heard of. Sir, I applaud you. Since then, I felt a little intimidated to profess my tribe. I wouldn’t dare say my tribe until someone read my name, looked into my eyes and said, ”you sure don’t look like you are from tribe a, b, c etc”. You know Sir, that’s how to bring unity. Starting as an example from you. The ordinary Kenyan like me will take it in, Kama Prezzo anafanya a, b, c na tribe, a, b, c, then mimi ni nani? Prezzo we like to follow our leaders.

Mr. President, we got a tendency with our African leaders to ”refuse” with the Stool of Leadership. I am hoping that for the immense commitment you have, to grow Kenya, you will never embarrass us. If Kenyans have agreed to elect you over and over, oh, well, even better. No rigging, bribing of electro-rates. Let them be their own judge if they want you back. Sir, I know endorsing is a political ”thing” but let it not be your case. We would want to choose our own without being coerced, influenced or otherwise. We don’t want to give you votes, at least, not for free. We want to ”give” to a leader of forward thinking and progress.

Please do encourage Kenyan youths to embrace working together. Working towards building a food basket in all the regions in Kenya. From Mombasa, Turkana, Kiambu, Nyeri, Nyanza to Nairobi. Also reinforce working on the web. Why are we youths jobless while there are job avenues to be created through the internet? Can you please,  Sir,  look into making the world wide web safe for doing business and job creation?

Sir, please encourage voter registration, awareness. Can we be assured that our votes will speak our voice as The People?. Our votes will not be ”taken” or ”disappear”  when we go to sleep? Sir, we would love to be assured.

Sir, we would want you to listen to the will of the people. While some may not be encouraging or against your will, please listen to the cries of us. Sir, The Hague trials created a lot of animosity in the nation. Let you preach peace from these trials. We agree there was so much blood shed in the nation, but, let there be no blood shed any more. Tell Kenyans to practice togetherness or Nyumba Kumi living, loving one another letting law take it’s course.

Sir, we don’t want to tell you that you never travelled some regions. Beware of the local people and their wishes. Once in awhile, Be the President of the People. Though a little tiring with all the dignitary meetings you have per day, Prezzo you can do this. What if you say, one day travel to the 47 counties? That means a month and two weeks for seeing and talking to your people?

Sir, I also wish to applaud your efforts of what you did to Otonglo Boy and the little girl. You showed other great leaders of Kenya and beyond that leadership isn’t pride, amassing wealth for oneself and family but wealth and position of power and authority can be used to help the ”unable” of society. I applaud you.

Prezzo, on gender equality, what more than to say you created a Kenya where we feel we’re not to be intimidated by the choice of our clothing. Your Dress Your Choice Debate created a platform where we felt our dresses doesn’t define us as women rather as a way to express ourselves freely and fashionably. Sir, that alone demonstrated how you got women’s issues at heart.

Otherwise, I know you are my President, the leader of the people, our choice. May the good Lord provide you more time to lead us, with wisdom and strength. In this month of love Sir, use it to preach and spread love amongst Kenyans and especially with the coming election in 2017.

What message do you want our President to hear. Do you believe a President deserves to preach peace? Why or Why not? Do you think when a President has the issues of the People at heart a nation can see it’s progress despite so many political setbacks?

Then message, the more you message, the more we can start a campaign here for LOVE. It’s the LOVE MONTH after all.

Your say .                               .                                           .




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