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How does a Kenyan get hired in a high paying online job? What are some of the skills-set required to land an online dream job? Is it easy to make money online when in Kenya in a lucrative niche? The answer to these questions is yes. There are some high-paying lucrative niches. Kenyans with these skills offline can apply them online.

Quick Tips for Getting Hired in a Lucrative Niche Online in Kenya

1. Be professional. Stand out among the competition.

2. Have a skill-set combination. Have two high paying lucrative skills in your portfolio.

3. Learn how to market yourself. Get yourself a website, a website with related content creates your credibility. Put yourself out there to receive criticism.

4. Be competitive. Have experience, an organised portfolio. A portfolio shows your past experiences, enhances your chances of getting hired. If you’re a web designer, get on Github. If a writer, guest post. If a filmmaker, create documentaries.

5. Learn. You cannot work online without willing to learn. Develop your mindset and skill set gets you hired fast.

6. You won’t get rich. Online work is not for the faint-hearted. And it’s not a get-rich-scheme.

Best Online Jobs for Someone in Kenya

There are no bad or good jobs. These online high paying opportunities keep recurring in the Kenyan Online Jobs Board. A Jobs Board I created for Kenyans looking for online work. Would you like to get notified when I post new online work opportunities?

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Here are the Most Lucrative Online Niches

1. Writer

The most recurring and high paying job is that of a writer. Don’t look at writing as a poor man’s job. It’s a lucrative niche when you niche out. Know how to charge for your writing worth. Value the time you spend researching and creating content.

You need to pay your bills. When you niche out, you begin to get specific about what you write on. You also have a targeted audience. Rather than calling yourself a writer, call yourself as a Professional B2B Writer. Or a B2C Writer, A Financial Advisor writer with Investment as your niche.

Define your role as you’d when applying for your job. Train for the most lucrative writing niches like Technical, Advertising or Blog Writing. Learn to be a rich writer.

Expected pay ranges for online writers in Kenya from $0 – $100 per hour.

Insist on per word count which may be from $0 – $3 per word and some niches even higher.

Know your worth, charge a writer’s worth.

Roles of Online Writers Include:

Researching SEO articles.

Writing Product Review.

Creating content for blogs.

2. Customer Service

The role of customer service to business gets underestimated. Yet investing in great customer service, your business grows. The way you talk to your customers reflects how they’ll treat you and your business.

If you give rude comments about customers, how do you expect for them to grow to like your business? When customers ask questions but you leave them with a bad taste in their mouth, how do you expect your business to grow?

Customer is King, many businesses say. But you forget the King loves royal treatment. Hire customer service personnel who understands the value of excellent customer service and experience.

If your day job includes working at the front office, bring your experience online. Provide solutions to online businesses by answering emails, giving feedback, understanding business analytics, making sales promo videos. Customer service won’t die unless businesses stop.

Pay range for customer service providers online is from $10 per hour – $35 or more.

Jobs advertised include:

Customer Support

Technical Support Specialist.

Customer Specialist.

Roles of a Customer Service Personnel are:

Answering emails.

Answering phone calls.

Responding to customer complaints.

3. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a Jane/Jack of all trades or so I believed. You don’t have to be doing all. While having a skill set combo sets you apart from competitors, it’s good to get specific about your role. Define your strengths and passions.

List them down so that you know which ones make you stand out. Offer office solutions to businesses. For example, if you’re an accountant, have customer service skills in your portfolio. You’ll work as a bookkeeper while answering your client’s calls or emails. That’s double salary.

Virtual Assistant pay varies from $1 – $35 per hour.

Roles of a Virtual Assistant in Kenya Online are:

Researching for content.

Booking flights.

Keeping the boss’ files organised using cloud software like Google Drive or Spreadsheet.

4. Transcriptionists / Voice Over Artists

How well do you love accents? And how do well do you follow instructions? How fast can you type while listening? Have you ever fancied being a court reporter? These are job descriptions of transcriptionists.

A transcriptionist job entails deciphering meaning and making others understand. The meaning never gets tampered with. A transcriptionist job is to make audio into readable files.

The pay range for a transcriptionist depends on the audio length and may range from $5- $100 dollars.

Depending on your expertise. Getting into transcribing is becoming harder and harder. Pay ranges are dismal $0.01 for a minute long video.

With transcription, work in high-end transcription like Medical Transcription. The certificate course on Career Step costs thousands of shillings. But you’ll get paid high money.

Roles of a Kenyan Online Transcriber are:

Have excellent typing skills.

Understand Medical Terminology if a Medical Transcriber.

Know basics of Grammar and Punctuation.

5. Proofreaders

Proofreaders are responsible for the sleek content you see after writing online. Some writers never check their words for grammar, punctuation or spelling errors. Fatal mistake. A spelling error discredits your writing.

Pay is $15 – $30 an hour

Roles of  Kenyan Online Proofreader include:


Know different writing styles.

Take a course online on Proofread Anywhere.

6. SEO Writers

I love Yuwanda Black from Inkwell Editorial. In fact, I’m saving up to take her course this summer. An SEO handles blog content get found online. They use keywords targeting and research tools for visibility.

An SEO writer’s salary ranges from $30 – $100 per hour according to how they have established themselves. Some charge more. SEO writers charge per word from as much as $0.1 to  $3.

Roles of an SEO Kenyan Writer include:

Keyword research and wise keyword placement.

Research on trending topics.

Are good editors.

They write long enough from at least 1600 – 5000 words per blog post.

They’re their own PR Agency.

7. Blog Writers

A blog is a piece of website with content. The blog uses SEO techniques to get visible to its targeted audience. A blog creates credibility for a business owner. How much does a blog writer earn in Kenya?

It depends. Blog writing is a lucrative yet underexplored writing niche in Kenya. Many Kenyan businesses don’t advertise their services using their blogs. You can cold-call or email pitch businesses you love on social media and encourage them to have or invest in a blog.

Blog writing pay ranges from $100 – $1000, it depends on the content you create and for how long. Don’t ever change your writing on per month basis. NEVER.

Roles of a Kenyan Blog Writer Include:

1. Creating content for marketing.

2. Marketing content.

3. Writing scannable and SEO optimised articles.

8. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer is responsible for the sleek artwork of a website. A graphic designer creates business cards, logos, brochures, postcards, gift certificates for their business. A graphic designer designs a blog’s images as well according to the brand.

The salary range for Graphic Designer online varies from $25 – $1000 per hour.

Salary also depends on your expertise and experience levels.

Role of a Graphic Designer

Creating images by hand or computer software.

Design sleek postcards or greeting cards.

They design brochures, advertisements, posters for a company.

9. Animators / Illustrators

An animator creates cartoons, is the easiest definition. They’re responsible for making images resembling human characters. Most animators work from home (self-employed). And some animator skills include attention to detail (keenness) and storytelling abilities.

Animator pay ranges from $35- $40 an hour or more.

Animator Job Includes:

1. Tell a story.

2. Pay attention to details

3. Able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

10. Online Sales Writer

A sales writer or lead generator handles your online business convert. They create content like sales funnels or create ebook or PDF guides or SEO content.

Pay ranges of a sales writer range from $30 – $1000 per hour depending on the project. Sometimes more.

Role of a Sales Writer (Lead Generator)

1. Develop content marketing strategies

2. Create sales funnels

3. Bring sales leads.

11. Personal Finance Advisor

Personal Finance Advisors help people plan their investments. They help individuals know how to invest their hard-earned money. They help clients plan for early retirement. Or knowing how to save and grow their earnings.

Pay range for a Personal Finance Advisor $50 – $1000 per hour depending on expertise.

Key Roles of a Personal Finance Advisor include:

1. Educate clients on return on investment strategies.

2. Help clients save and grow their earnings.

3. Advise clients on how to spend their money and the difference between income and expenditure. And how to keep their expenses at a minimum.

12. Digital Marketer

A digital marketer creates content for marketing or is a social media strategist. He’s a company’s public relations service. Digital marketing involves the use of blogs, social media. Search engine marketing, understanding of google analytics among others to analyse traffic. And to create relevant content for the visitors.

Role includes:

A content marketer and strategist.

A PR agency.

A social media manager /consultant.

Pay range from $25- 100 per hour depending on the level of expertise or more.

13. Teacher /Tutor Jobs

Everyone wants to learn something online. What valuable skill do you have that you can teach someone and they pay you? Is it Swahili? Is it French? Is it how to own their mindset? In 2019, if you’re an online business owner and you still don’t have an online course, you’re failing your business.

Pay range for teachers ranges from $10 – $1000 per hour depending on how on-demand the course is or level of expertise.

Role of a Teacher Online in Kenya

1. Create content that people want to learn.

2. Understand the course content before teaching.

3. Market their teaching services/courses.

14. Copywriter

Copywriters are responsible for writing converting copy. They create sale pages and generate leads for businesses. Copywriters create content for marketing.

Pay Range is from $100 – $1000 an hour or more.

A Copywriter Role in Kenya

Create content that brings in sales or leads.

Copywriters are content marketers.

15. Video Editor

Video Marketing and Editing have become the go-to for businesses online. Without good video explaining your product, your visibility online decreases.

Video Editors in Kenya earn from $50 – 1000 an hour depending.

Video Editors Role in Kenya includes:

Coming up with enticing content in line with the brand’s products.

Editing videos for marketing.

Engaging with the audience by answering the questions about a product.

Which of these high paying online jobs will you be applying for as a Kenyan? Working online offers you the freedom to live life in your terms. Do you need to take a training course in one of these lucrative high paying jobs?




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