Side hustles are turning into the main gig if tackled right.

I believe as a freelancer you need more than one income for survival, because, well, living in Kenya is becoming more unbearable and only for the rich and famous. I had to add famous there.

Expenses like schools, mortgage/rent, entertainment, clothing, cars and living life on the fast lane can’t just work with one income!

Even two, so you need your main income (used for paying mortgage and fees), side hustle(food, transport and entertainment and the main business( savings, emergencies and expanding of your business).

Seriously, when you have your income spread like this, you won’t even cry of being broke or looking forward to an end month.

The key here is balance and following passion, then money will follow you.

If you don’t work your passion though, you’ll meander to no end and back, like I have done and to my passion I have landed, writing.

                                        So, why a side hustle?

There are basic reasons for me why I need a side hustle and even how you can turn the side hustle into a business. 

  1.    As a freelancer, relying on one income is a thing they did in the 1900s when Kenya didn’t exist or it did but under another name. 

2.     I have to have money for entertainment, kids need ballet, I need to do Yoga, they need Yoga too and we need to travel all the time.

3.      I need the side hustle for food.

4.       I need the side hustle just for the sake of having a side hustle.

5.       I love having side hustles because that money helps me save a lot of money later.

6.       I love working.

7.        I love side hustles because they give me the power to grow something and I love growing things into empires.

8.        I love side hustles because side hustles create destinies and gives one some sense of financial freedom.

True dis, agree?   People have a lot of reasons to start side hustles which differs from one person to another. 

Add your reason for a side hustle below.

YOUR SAY:            ”As a freelancer you need a side hustle because …”

I).  My God, a client can lose his or her money anytime

II).   You need to be safe i.e, sure that you won’t go hungry or into debt one month or two because a client hasn’t paid you.

III).   You were duped by a seemingly very large and interesting contract.

IV).    It’s very important to have many sources of income so that when one fails you easily run back to another as you work the failed one.

And many many more valid reasons why you must have a side hustle.

What are the side hustles to start with and tips to be successful?

  1. Find a passion

2. Find a niche.

3. Dedicate time and energy to actually see the side hustle create an income.

4. Grow your side hustle.

5. There’s a reason this is a side hustle, so have fun.

6. Don’t forget to always learn your niche or passion.

Kindly Note: If these points aren’t clear, add more colour by adding some words to them.


35 Side hustles for a Kenyan Freelancer to Begin Asap. 

1. Up-selling your creativity.

2. Childcare

3. Grocery delivery.

4. App development.

5. Airbnb

6. Website Building.

7. Consulting

8. Coaching

9. Blog Building.

10. Advertisement.

11. Affiliate Marketing

12. Network Marketing

13. Driving

14. Tutor

15. Baking

16. E commerce Store

17. Selling household goods

18. Personal Chef.

19. Offer airbnb experiences.

20. Make videos for companies.

21. Sell photos or take photos on monumental sites.

22. Become a handyman e.g cart pusher, puller. electrician, plumber.

23. Make furniture.

24. Become a digital painter.

25. Assist in video editing, production.

26. Learn a trade.

27. Start a car-wash.

28. A fruits vending business.

29. Start a retail business like a roadside shop.

30. Keep chickens and sell eggs and the chickens themselves.

31. Be a farmer offer services on hydroponics, aqua-ponics, help build greenhouses.

32. Make shaggy mats.

33. Sew pillows and or start a sewing business.

34. Sell candles.

35. Start a crafts business.


I’ll update this post with numerous other side hustles you can start as a Kenyan.

Some I’ll tackle as individual topics while others, I’ll explain in-depth here.

Which one is your side hustle and why?

Note:                      Mine is definitely making pillows.

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