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What’s a solid morning routine and why must you adopt one as a Kenyan entrepreneur?

Statistics show that people with a solid morning routine have a productive day ahead of them. Prompting Hal Elrod to write THE MIRACLE MORNING for ENTREPRENEURS.

If social media is your morning coffee or part of your English Breakfast yet you wonder why you have unproductive planned years wonder no more.

How do you wake up?

Looking forward or looking tired and angry?

I always loved waking up or sleeping late into the night – chatting on Facebook.

I loved the thrill of flirting with others online; who I didn’t even know.

I would be flattered by their ”kind” words towards me – I still needed approval and appreciation.

By 11 am, I’d be ”busy”, lying to myself that I’m working. And on went the behaviour year in and out. Achieving nothing than pity and more pity.

I came across an article, which I vaguely remember talking about ”What Successful People Do Every Morning”.

And that article plus listening to an online marketer called Stefan James helped me reshape my mornings.

I sat upright on my chair and made a morning ritual that would start the process of changing my mind, strength and well-being.

I made a morning routine which was as simple as:

  1. Putting my phone down,

2. Drinking water,

3. Reading and feeding my mind with positivism and energy,

4. Visualising my day, speaking greatness into my mind, morning plans or morning goals.

I cannot insist enough how that changed my life forever.

Take a Keen Note: I even made a morning routine plan which I want to turn into a course for you to follow.

What do you wake up to do? Following negative energy news about how the economy is hard and we can barely survive the next few days, months, years?

I mean, those are the kind we see on our television stations in Kenya, or how politicians have swindled money, or how who is who is doing what is what?!

Please, don’t wonder where depression starts from.

If you follow a successful morning plan, you’ll always look forward to your job or daily routines.

The recommended reading list for Morning Rituals for Kenyan Entrepreneurs are :  

  1. The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs by Hal Elrod


2. The Miracle Morning Not So Obvious Routine to Transform Your Life





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