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Have you ever been in love?

Well, you know how love feels then until it becomes boring?

If you love your significant other and don’t want to lose each other in 2019, then there are some activities I have lined for you love birds to do.

They are:

  1. Together write love poems, notes or letters. a-short-poem-love-poem-to-woe-your-valentines-love
  2. Read love notes to each other.
  3. Create a love suggestion box. Sometimes, love can be boring when done over and over. When life’s toll takes us on we forget our loved ones. A suggestion box would be helpful because you can come up with solutions together to make one. It doesn’t have to be made of wood and you can agree how many times to read it per month. You MUST always rekindle that love monthly.   https://www.pinterest.com/pin/122512052339416811 Don’t you think this is an awesome suggestion? Image courtesy of Pinterest.
  4. Cook some dishes; try new recipes. There are a million plus recipes being added daily in our lives try something exotic. Instead of spending the money on a restaurant bring the restaurant home, a recipe like sushi would be awesome to us or some other sea food because well, it’s good to try something new always.
  5. Bake. Baking never gets old or boring. Especially the Chemistry behind it! Where you have to balance recipes. You can bake things as simple as cookies and as complicated as cake or meringue. I remember the first time I ate a meringue, it looked like a complicated thing to eat but I tried baking it and it was a complete disaster!!!.
  6. Go and try something new. I totally abhor sea food and or fish. I don’t eat fish because it leaves a bad taste in my mouth – only when I prepare it, hahaha. Now, what would you love to eat that you desire but doesn’t like? Go give it a try and have fun doing it!
  7. Go shopping. This is a man’s absolute worst nightmare, well, at least a man who doesn’t like shopping because some do! You can show him around some of the malls you love visiting or if he loves shopping, well, now you can buy for each other great gifts! Find each other’s taste too trip this one.
  8. Pay attention. The over-commercialisation of Valentines Day took away the joy of love from it. But you can make it remain civil by being an attention grabber. You see, when you listen to your partner’s needs and wants it’s more love created. All the while, you have been bustling and hustling through life and one day, you bring them that one thing they have been yearning for. A thoughtful gift is what I’m talking about!
  9. Go shopping again this time for a luxury product. For example, your partner has been craving an iPhone xs it’s time to buy for him, her. Or shop for that once in a lifetime at Chanel or Gucci. Something you have been saving up for to do, go do!.
  10. Boat ride for two. The first time I had a boat ride, I thought I’d be tipped over and fall while at the sea, I felt a calming relaxing ambiance sweeping under my breath.  I enjoyed the sunset and went again, and again and again. Now if you fear massive bodies of water, this may be a good time to help reassure your partner that you’re there for them.
  11. Try an extreme sport. An extreme sport like bungee jumping or kayaking or zip-lining. I know most of us are afraid of the heights but being strapped up by those men and women who love the adrenaline rush is so amazing. Yet another time to help reassure your partner.
  12. Go karting. Have you ever felt like there’s a goal you’re missing? I have felt like I’m missing a go kart experience! Get to ride in one of those cars even if you’re not a riding person or a scared driver like me.
  13. Travel within. There’s nothing as empowering as travelling within your country to discover the good creations your country has. You can explore the wild, the flowers, birds and landscapes.
  14. Go to a romantic destination. You know a place for couples only? A hotel, a picnic spot, a park with benches, the beach.


15. Create a home romantic destination. Create the ambiance, bring your creative expertise in the house. Prepare some nice dinner, switch the lights off, bring in those scented candles and talk the night away. Then make love that lasts all night!

16. Create a lover’s game. What do you know about your partner? DO you even know what they love to eat, wear drink or do you know their fears? Check my shop for more inspiration for this and download there one game for 5 dollars.

  1. 17. Try calligraphy. Maybe, I love fonts or because I love writing but you may not. When you learn calligraphy you can learn the beautiful art of writing nice letters to your loved one. I don’t know who made the art of letter writing and calligraphy lost! It’s always beautiful to see words well created with beautiful fonts. Calligraph each other’s name in a notebook. art-work-for-valentines-day-calligraphy.
  2. Watch Netflix. Woo Netflix came to change how we watch TV. You know no boring shows or restricting ourselves to a t.v and you can choose from their selection and watch a romantic movie or comedy if you’re into comedy.
  3. Go to a comedy night. I love laughing but intentional laughter doesn’t make me laugh, the one where I know I went to laugh at. But your partner may be enjoying this, take her, him to a night of laughter or find some comedies shows to watch on YouTube or Netflix. You will find an array.
  4. Create a room for music. De-cluttering your home creates a space for a dancer’s club. With slow playing music that makes you connected to the hip. Find some soul, jazz or whatever you like or some African ones
  5. Watch the sunset. Have you ever caught the sun going down? I love its orangish flavour looking so beautiful and making everything so beautiful around it. There’s always something in a sunset that I cannot quite put my finger on but it’s so romantic.
  6. Watch the moon. Another free creation that doesn’t need money but to sit there and watch it! But there’s usually no moon in mid-month maybe you have to wait a bit longer for this one but the sun’s always plenty( sorry winter months).
  7. Gift wrap. Have you ever wrapped a gift? I remember myself trying to fidget with a wedding gift. I almost fainted and had to leave the gift at home because I couldn’t do it and couldn’t find a gift wrapping shop nearby. It’s the hardest thing to muster if you’re not interested or doing in a hurry. Like everything else it requires a lot of patience. Do you know why you should engage in gift wrapping? So, you can perfectly and professionally do it for your loved one at no expense and of course it can be a business too.
  8. Learn a craft. Learning a craft makes you see the level of patience you have for each other or chore. I know of some couples who cannot even stand each other for 2 minutes and those who tolerate each other. While learning a craft, one is holding the edge of the sword and has to carefully cut a piece out- what would you do?
  9. Try chocolate fruits. This one seems like a spoiler for health but good chocolate is always in season not just during Valentines Day. Melt the chocolate then wrap them as gifts for your love, I’m sure he won’t mind mixing sweets and fruits for a day! how-to-cover-strawberry-with-chocolate-for-valentines.
  10. Stare into each other’s eyes. There’s a craft called: Let’s stare and see who blinks first or is it a game? Some cannot hold a stare for even a minute! Play this game pretend to be in the other partner’s eyes for so long that you can see what they think after all, aren’t the eyes the windows to the soul?
  11. Discover new places, hotels, picnic spots. If you are the outdoorsy type don’t feel restricted by staying indoors. You can show your partner a new place you discovered, an eatery, an ice-cream place or frozen yogurt joint or a floating restaurant around your area. Or a place to go line your wines and champagnes as you blissfully relax- a picnic.
  12. Play board games. Board games never get old and especially scrabble if you’re so good in words, go compete. Award each other a heart or keep cheering on each other.
  13. Plan holidays in advance. Sometimes, there’s no better excuse than not to plan a holiday together in advance or how you’d want to spend your times with each other. It helps build team work, team spirit. After all those who work together, stay together.
  14. Travel unusually. Have a non-stop journey in a bus from one country to another within your country’s jurisdiction for example, non stop travel in Europe – if in Schengen region or in Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, only stop to walk around, shower in a motel and see the town. You’ll only have each other to rely on because such long travels require team work like the Amazing Race!
  15. Plan a trip to an undiscovered park. There’s a butterfly park within my area which I only discovered after the Christmas holidays and we have been planning a  trip to it. Butterflies are beautiful and beauty bonds us together. We get to learn about one another, teamwork and staying together and cheering on the butterflies together. Plus, we smile a lot! We’re going to the butterfly park!
  16. Visit an animal rescue centre, a zoo or rehab centre. You can learn a lot there and the importance of not choosing ( like finding a cow with three heads rearing a goat) that it didn’t give birth to. You can also find the importance and relevance of togetherness. Plus you get to learn together, nothing superior than that.
  17. Drive around the neighbourhood leisurely. Even if you don’t have a car, explore the neighbourhood, find a nice driver who can help you explore the neighbourhood as long as you pay them very well in the end. In discovering the whole world around you, you won’t feel the emptiness that comes with planning holidays and trying to find exotic locations.
  18. Take each other to one’s business, swap duties. Have you ever done what your boyfriend, husband or girlfriend does for a day? have you recently been whining about how your significant other seems lazy? Try a day in their life as long as it ‘s your business and no one will raise eyebrows. Feel how crazy it can be when all you thought was a lazy ass wife, husband or partner. a-monkey-posing-for-camera
  19. Help with chores. If you find a pile of dishes and laundry strewn all over, don’t wait for your partner who works from home to finish tidying up. Sometimes, we all get tired or are down and don’t want to do chores on that day! Help them complete their duties, they’ll remember that plus you get to talk about the importance of working as a team because teams help lift the slow ones up.
  20. Build a table. I don’t know but when we were little when dad wanted us to work together, he’d build us a table and tell us that the table’d help us sit side by side. He loved to see harmony rather than rivalry. So he’d give us the claw hammer to help beat down the nails. I was too weak, then he’d hold my hand or have my sister hold my hand so I can thoroughly beat the nail down! To this day, I love a cool beautiful table because at tables, decisions are made and hands come together! Woodwork is power!
  21. Help the environment. You can save the environment by creating disposable bags and selling them, or you can educate others on the importance of saving the environment by starting a blog. I contribute to saving the environment by recycling.- your own little creative way makes a difference plus you can figure out how to create work from trash.
  22. Surprise one another with gifts. 
  23. Go to a spa. Take a trip to a spa for full facials, pedis and manis. A day of full body relaxation and help create a clutter- free mind too. Hold hands, kiss each other and finish the day with a bottle of wine. I wanted to say water because I never drink.
  24. Try massaging one another.  Have you ever got into the art of massage?. I have and it’s a very healing process. Especially when your hands know what spots to hit on a body plus a body massage can turn into an erotic massage that drives a man or woman crazy. Just pretend to be the masseuse all the way round even during the love session – role play.
  25. Bubble bath. Anything water is supposed to drive a Pisces like me crazy and water does. Though I don’t like bubble baths because of messing with my vagina’s PH level, I’d rather use a very mild form of bath soap, shampoo but not many are available in the counters. Or if you have showers only, why not make the showers a place for scrubbing each other’s back?.
  26. Dance together. Any dance, sweaty, slow dance, as long as you are enjoying the music. Introduce each other to each other’s world of music so that next time when out shopping for music you don’t just bring any other music CD.
  27. Do yoga. Create a plan to follow a yoga routine to help with productivity and increase your body’s strength. Do so together. You know any sports that needs commitment needs two people to connect with each other.
  28. Do a candle-lit dinner. Switch all the lights off and pretend that this dark night, we can only see each other through the candle’s eyes. It’s always so cool with no lights on plus the number of activities that can be done are uncountable. a-romantic-dinner
  29. Find hobbies. What do you and your partner have in common? Nowadays people stay together yet they have nothing they enjoy doing with each other. A hike, nature walks? Can be sports at the beach? Helping kids at an NGO? Whatever it is as long as you’re doing it together.

Woohoo, that was a huge one and shortened.!!!!.

Keep in mind, Valentines Day isn’t about gifts, it’s about doing together. Staying together and building together. It’s about the heart, its depth and the willingness of two different people to bring love to each other.

It’s always so hard to love another person who isn’t your brother or sister that”s why you have to keep rekindling the love.

Be there for each other.

Sop worrying that you don’t have money to take your girlfriend out. If your girlfriend needs money to go out, go figure.

And don’t kill yourself because your love never took you anywhere – you may be missing some important love gestures.

Because in the end, it won’t be money making sounds but the heart pounding with love.

Happy Valentines to the World.

What do you plan to do on Valentines Day? Does this list give you an idea or would you love to grab a Valentine Printable card?


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