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Before you begin work online as a Kenyan, the only question you ask is how do I start working online. 

The idea of working online is so enticing to many Kenyans but how to get started becomes confusing.

 What are the most burning questions about starting work online in Kenya? 

The following frequently asked questions on how to start work online as a Kenyan have been answered for you. 

  1. How much money do I earn working online as a Kenyan 

The amount of money to earn depends on what your skills are. On top of skills, comes how you network and the number of hours you want to work. Also, it depends on whether you set a business or simply knowing how to charge your worth. When first starting online, you are tempted to sign up for shitty 2-dollar jobs as I call them. That diminishes your earning capabilities helping you give up early. Learn how to start a business with an on-demand online skill like that of a copywriter or digital services. More about this on How to start an online business as a Kenyan. 

2. How do I charge my worth when working online as a Kenyan. All I see are 2-dollar jobs on Upwork 

When your profile gets accepted on Upwork or freelancer, you start applying for jobs immediately. The best jobs online are what I call 2-dollar jobs. The first thing as you set your freelancing profile online to ask is how much are your skills or expertise are. And how much of worth of your time are your skills? You get the drift. If other freelancers, seasoned, have listed their jobs as 95 dollars an hour for example as landing pages copywriter. What’s making you charge 10 dollars an hour for the same job. You’re devaluing your work hence your employer will devalue your work and worth. Be confident and charge competitively, a profile with stars or not. Always be a confident expert and stop getting intimidated, who does 200 help in Kenya. Already living in Kenya is hard. And if an employer says, I’d love to hire you but your rates are so high yet you’re a newbie. Tell them, ‘sir, the experts started from my stage. I may not be an expert on Upwork but my services/skills match/excel what you are looking for. Try my services, I go above and beyond for my valued/valuable clients’’. Come report to me if they still said no. and if they did, move on. Never devalue your work/worth for a pittance. And most employers take advantage of your location, so beware of cheap hounding employers. Keep in mind Upwork takes a cut as well and count for the extreme number of hours you’ll be given to revise the same amount of work for 2 dollars. Now, go out and give the best job there is according to your promise. 

3. What is the difference between home-based/freelancing/work online/work at home/ independent contractor/solopreneur 

There’s a small difference among these terms and which you must note so that you don’t get confused with terminology working online 

A home-based business is a business done from the home. Some of these businesses are moving like when driving Uber/Lyft/Bolt are listed as home-based businesses. You’ ’re doing the business from the comfort of your own home. 

Freelancing, on the other hand, means working on different projects online for oneself. I remember back in 2010 when I came across this word and how it was my eureka moment. You are self-employed but you can work for companies/organisations. So you set your own hours, pay your taxes, choose the clients you’d love to work with/for. 

Independent contractor bears almost the same meaning as a freelancer. In simple meaning, it can be an agency/organisation you have set up providing digital services for example but you are a non-employee. You provide the services/products as needed. 

Work online. You use the laptop/pc on the internet/virtually entirely. You don’t work anywhere else. A term different from work from home.

 work at home. Means working from the comfort of your home/coffee shop, if it’s allowed, a co-working space but it can be online or offline jobs. Therefore you use a computer or drive uber, a great example of work at home job. Some work at home jobs can be online/self-employee/company based opportunities. 

Solopreneur. Can be a freelancer/independent contractor/work at home/online individual. All these words can be confusing, they are slightly different from one another. In the end, you can call yourself a solopreneur/self-employed individual.  

4. What are the terminologies/special terms/words used for work online in Kenya 

The following special terms are used for work online in Kenya and they include, solopreneur, freelancer, work online, an independent contractor. There are other terminologies when working online as well as a copywriter in writing and SEO specialist in technology. As you get into the online working world, you will get to know the differences in terminologies according to your industry. Learn everything there is to learn. 

5. What are the jobs I can do online as a Kenyan 

The number of jobs you can do online as a Kenyan are many. The thing I emphasise a lot is to find your niche and work on it until you are the best in it. 

And the various jobs include



Seo expert 

Digital services guru 

Social media marketer/expert 

Public relations 




Leads generator 

And the list keeps growing and getting longer. 

6. What are the most popular work online jobs 

The most popular online jobs a Kenyan can do are 






Social media marketing 

Graphic designer 

Handmade crafter 

Being an Airbnb host 




Affiliate marketer 

And the list keeps getting longer and longer. 

7. Is it easy to get hired online? How

Contrary to popular belief, it’s easier for Kenyans to get hired online. The best work online practices include some of the expert tips I give always. 

It’s not a get rich scheme. You won’t get rich overnight working online. 

You have to exercise your patience. Like all Kenyans, the rush to acquire wealth is something that keeps us from patience. We forget that all great men and women took their time to build what you can see. Some have taken decades to learn, like me. Some have taken 2 years and other months. It’s not about luck, it’s working on the opportunity tirelessly until you get what you want. Napoleon Hill calls it DESIRE. 

Keep learning and having fun. Honestly, if you are coming to work online and you believe that you know it all, better stop and keep moving because there’s nothing called working online without a few lessons. This is an opportunity like offline you can’t assume. Keep failing but moving. 

Balance productivity. There’s nothing as daunting as working online. The opportunities are there but the distraction from social media and life’s duties are overwhelming. You have to create a balance. Get disciplined.  

8. Do you hire people to work online in Kenya 

I don’t hire people wanting to work online unless I have assignments on my own which I can’t accomplish/complete. But I update my online jobs board with jobs which I scour from prominent jobs boards like realwaystoearnmoneyonline and ProBlogger. Sometimes, I check other websites like rat race rebellion. But I find these ones are catered for our market. Other times, I check Kuhustle, a Kenyan jobs board with employers in Kenya or abroad. But the jobs on Kuhustle I find are so low-paying. But you never know, I got a copywriting job from there. 

9. Which work at home job can I do online as a Kenyan 

There are numerous work online/ from at home jobs you can do as a Kenyan and they include 


Taking surveys, not highly recommended but great for quick pocket money. I never find trusted survey companies. Also, most work online opportunities started as survey companies. 

Data entry. This one is loaded with conmen/artists, go with caution. Try typists job/transcriptionists instead. 




Graphic work/design

Design websites despite the market flood with easier to build websites like Wix, there’s a need for web designers, choose a niche. Which includes building websites for travel companies, web designers themselves, writers, coaches. Always include some great features for the niche identified. For example, as a coach web designer, you need to keep in mind billing per hour/ books/pdf/articles written by the coach and consultation hours and the methods of payment have to get incorporated. 

10. Are there work at home/work online companies in Kenya. 

Not yet. Many companies in Kenya haven’t embraced work online opportunities. Even apple recognises the part of the changing culture for the need for work freedom. Why not big companies in Kenya, it’s you and me to enhance the change. 

11. How do I start working online as a Kenyan in Kenya 

To start working online as a Kenyan, you need to beware of some of the rules about working online and they include 

The equipment you will need. Your laptop and abundance of internet connection. 

Learning resources. I mean, you are going to acquire some knowledge which requires for you to keep investing in yourself through books/courses/masterclasses. Masterclasses are great for helping you polish your knowledge. 

Investing in self. When you want to begin work online you have to invest in yourself. That means, buying knowledge and immersing yourself in the knowledge. To acquire all you can about what you want to do online. 

A dedicated workstation or home office. There is no background noise and children running around. In fact, your work environment isn’t different from the offline office setup. Make it yours, fun and appetising to work in it. 

Productivity. You have to master productivity and there are some key areas you have to pay attention to. 

Learn about your skills. What can you do offline and how are these skills transferable online. Learn about the most popular work online skills here. Skills are what sells and the amount of experience you have. You don’t have to have experience working online, you need the right kind of skills. 

12. What job sites do I need to use to get hired online in Kenya 

There are some best job sites out there. And some of them better than others. 

The best sites to get hired online for Kenyans include 


Indeed.com, though some times it has offline jobs or country-based jobs mostly Americans. 

Use content mill websites like Upwork/Freelancer. Know how to charge your worth, don’t get undervalued.

You can start your own business too. This one has earning potentials endless. 

13. Work online jobs are only for writers, a job I cannot do because I’m not a writer 

No, the work online opportunities vary and are so many. There are so many jobs available but writing being a popular niche leads always. The need for writers is enormous online. You don’t have to be a great writer. You will get rejected over and over and over. But you need to be a persistent writer. There are some courses suited for writers only and I will scour the internet to find the courses. The best writer there is they say is one who practices. So keep writing. And if you are teachable, you can be learnable anything. I learnt bookkeeping and java programming and SEO and sewing. 

14. Why do I need to learn when working at home 

You need to work when starting a work-at-home opportunity as a Kenyan because some skills you may not have. You can take a three-month learning journey as you apply this learning to free jobs. You also need to learn because the more knowledge you have and the greater the plans, the more you are going to find success. 

15. I signed up on Upwork a week ago, my profile got rejected. I give up 

You cannot sign up on Upwork and in a week you give up. That’s what I call impatient Kenyans working online. You have to keep bidding for jobs and understanding how the bidding websites work. More about getting hired on Upwork in a later article. 

16. How do I know a work at home opportunity is legit as a Kenyan 

For you not to get scammed online, you have to perform what I call due diligence. You have to check on websites like glassdoor to check how much a work from home company pays. You have to check the company’s reviews online as well. And if the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. That’s why you must know how much your industry pays. Ask for your payment to get secured via escrow. Make sure you are not working on third party sites when working on content mill sites, this means, don’t work away from Upwork, for example. Ask for employers to pay you an upfront minimum and have a freelancing contract signed by you and the employer. So that in case of disputes, you know how to solve them or in case of court cases. Ask for payment in known online transaction sites like Paypal, Stripe or via your Payoneer card. 

17. Is a niche necessary when working from home in Kenya 

Yes, when working online as a Kenyan you have to have a niche. A niche is an area of specialisation for you as a freelancer. The area of specialisation needs for you to find a broader field then narrowing it down. For example, if a writer, don’t call yourself a general writer or a writer who writes everything and nothing. Be a writer that writes on SEO only, or an SEO copywriter or a romance ghostwriter. Same applies to a web designer. Don’t design websites for everyone. In everything that you do online, ensure you have a specification. That way, you have a solid portfolio to back you up. Also, with a niche, you get opportunities faster than serving a general audience, at least, I learnt this one the very hard way. 

18. How does it become a business when online, I mean how do I start an online business in Kenya 

To turn work online opportunities to a business, you need to start thinking like a businessman. There are some characteristics of a businessman we discuss in this article, embrace the business mindset. That includes being patient, not giving up, recognising an opportunity and diving right into it. 

19. Are there personalities made for work online. If so, how does a Kenyan know which personality suits the online working world? 

Yes, there are some personalities suited to work online. The personalities include self-drive and able to work by themselves without much push. This is a self-employed opportunity which puts you at a lot of time-wasting opportunities such as access to the internet and social media non-stop. being non-productive can kick in immediately. Also, you need to get disciplined. No one is going to tell you to do this or that task, you are at your own mercy/discipline. You have to know about time blocking that means, putting off everything else to focus on one which you want to accomplish. You have to learn how to have a life. Sometimes, I fall short of this where I overwork and don’t unload, then when the burn out happens, I sleep or travel until inspiration jumps again. You have to learn how to automate your business or do the bulk work during those times when you feel great inspiration/desire. 

20. How do you keep sane working online in Kenya 

There are methods to keep your sanity when working online. The methods include 

Being time productive or mastering the key productive areas mentioned in this article which include time management and business automation. Learn how to automate some aspects of your work online. I can say there’s no balance about working online, you are responsible for your working hours and no one else. So, keep in mind, house chores, kids, if you have them, time blocking for focus. You have to keep time for exercise as well. That means having a small gym within your house for cardio or lifts so that you don’t amass weights in areas you don’t desire. That means you can get waist trainers and arm toners. Run up and down the stairs or use a rope. 

21. How do I become productive working online in Kenya 

22. What’s does working from home not mean

23. Why are many Kenyans not getting hired online 

24. What are the reasons for making you want to work online as a Kenyan 

25. Are you ready to learn while you work online in Kenya 

26. What are the various free learning online universities best for Kenyans 

27. Is it necessary to acquire additional skills while working online in Kenya? How 

28. What are the best paying and high paying online jobs in Kenya 

29. Are the work from home jobs in Kenya a bunch of rubbish and con artistry 

30. What are the skills required for work online in Kenya 

31. Are there equipment necessary I need to purchase while working online in Kenya 

32. Are there software I must rely on while working online. And do they work in Kenya 

33. Is social media a necessary marketing tool while working online as a Kenyan. 

34. What social media is the best to use when working online in Kenya 

35. Are there online jobs which pay handsome amounts of money in Kenya. 

36. What’s the difference between having an offline and online business in Kenya 

37. What are the tips for getting hired online fast as a Kenyan 




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