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Earning money from home gives one the freedom to travel and earn while on the move.

There are some work at home jobs/business ideas which can earn you as much as $3000 per month to enhance your travel lifestyle as a Kenyan working from home.

But is it easy to make money from home as a Kenyan? What are the available work from home opportunities for Kenyans and how does one get the opportunities?. 

The best work from home idea that most Kenyans seem to embrace is the freelancing one.

But working from home can be categorised into three categories. 

And the three work from home categories are:

  1. Freelancing and there are some freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer among other sites.

On these freelancing websites, you can earn as much as $3000 or more per month depending.

The following factors determine if a Kenyan Freelancer is going to make $3000 per month on Freelancing Websites like Freelancer/Upwork

Working online is never a get-rich-scheme. If your main aim of working online is to get rich, sorry, look elsewhere. Click To Tweet
  1. Working online is never a get-rich-scheme. If your main aim of working online is to get rich, sorry, look elsewhere.

2. Know how to bid. Sites like Freelancer and Upwork aren’t conducive work environments for beginners. Mostly, because the employers on there are looking for cheap labour and it’s easier to get confused about what you want.

3. Freelancing websites don’t pay beginner freelancers amounts high enough.

4. When working on freelancing websites, you won’t charge your worth unless you’re a coveted freelancer. If you are a high rated freelancer, the chances of getting projects paying you more than $3000 are high unlike when you are starting out.

5. You have to know how to write a winning bid proposal to be able to earn $3000 per month.

6. You don’t have to rely on freelancing websites, there are JOB SITES/BOARDS which pay freelancers or home-based business owners $3000 per month depending on their expertise and quality of work.

2. Remote Job Websites.

There are some remote job websites as well where a Kenyan can make 3000 or more per month. 

These remote job websites are not Kenyan so you have a selection of freelancers worldwide who you compete against.

The best remote job websites to earn $3000 per month as a Kenyan freelancer are

Flexjobs, being one of the best because of weeding out scammers. They simply eliminate the hustle. Flexjobs is a paid website and the membership fee is $14 per month more or less because they run promo codes.

Indeed. You can upload your resume on Indeed and have the site scan it for you in case remote opportunities come up.

Facebook. Facebook groups and pages are the best for finding jobs that will pay you $3000 per month. Pages like Rat Race Rebellion is the best for finding work from home jobs.

3. Virtual/Online Business

And the last work from home opportunity is, of course, starting a virtual/online business. 

While there aren’t many work from home job sites in Kenya, one can sign up for the many work from home websites available worldwide

To get hired online as a Kenya in order to get 3000 from home per month, there are some tips to pay attention to 

The following tips help you secure a work from home job starting from helping your earn 3000 per month. This amount of money helps a Kenyan to live comfortably. 

By comfortably, I mean without stress. The income online has the potential for increasing all the time. 

The following 65 Business Ideas will help you 3000 a month as a Kenyan from home

The best work at home business ideas to help you earn 3000 as a Kenyan are:

Executive VA 


Sell T-shirts

Start a Shopify Store 

General VA 

Community Manager 

Social Media Manager 

Web Designer 

Graphic Designer 

Etsy Services 



Music Composer 

Stock Music Seller

Voice over Actor 


Landscape Designer 


Courthouse Researcher 

Errands Service 



Car Detailer 

Bike Messenger 

Dog Walker 

Pet Sitting 

Direct Sales 


Outbound Sales 

Event Planner 

Travel Agent 


Podcast Editing 


Search Engine Evaluator 


Online Selling 

Affiliate Marketing 

Home Tutor 

Online Tutor 

Online Teaching 

Magazine Writer 






Project Manager 


Yoga Instructor 

Life Coach 


Exercise Instructor 

Cooking Show 

Product Reviewer 

True Crime Reporter 

Which of these work from home businesses that earn you $3000 are you going to be doing as a Kenyan?




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