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Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude

”Christmas, Christmas everybody sing, Christmas Christmas every body shout”. These were the songs we enjoyed when growing up in the joyful household in Nanyuki. Back then we went to church to celebrate the birth of Christ. In fact, we were taught how to engage in giving activities by the Parish Priest of Christ the King Church, Nanyuki, Father Franco and Carlos. It was such a joy to see other kids my size and age, who we called and still call dirty chokoras, being given clothes and food. Winning prizes and entering into raffle games where we competed for various awards. It was always a day well spent and much memory to live with. Oh, how I reminisce.

Since then, I have relished Christmas so much because I knew with the birth of Christ, I can rebirth my own ways, I can make amends. I can become a new me with the coming of another year and season and hope of life. It’s always a very exciting moment. Not like yesterday-years though. Those times, we enjoyed when our parents took us to exotic sight seeing places around Mount Kenya and visit our grandparents. Our parents bought us clothes, shoes and surprised us with sweets. Back then, if you don’t hold a little ceremony for the people you love, you would go to eat in their houses. As long as the kids adorn new clothes, so they don’t spot clothes so last season. Nowadays, it’s the trees, expensive overseas travel, exotic holidays all over the world and for most sticking to where they are;home.

However you choose to celebrate this day, take caution, it’s just a day. One that ends too quickly. Me thinks that Christmas promotes thuggery. Here are a few reasons:

Trying to be like nani (someone else). 

Over – drinking

Over – eating. 

Never wanting to be left out. Following everybody else.

Spending all your money at once. 

Just wanting to have fun. 

Not appreciating that this day is meant to be HOLY DAY and not HOLIDAY. I don’t know if there is a difference, though.

Aping global trends and views about Christmas. 

Christmas is a great day and great time to spend with family and friends. It’s also a day to buy and sell because, there’s too many bargains going on. People are willing to spend the money, so, all in all, it’s not a bad thing after all. It’s just too sweet.

We make amends promising those we love silly untruthful things. During parties we attempt to have our first sip of beer, sex, drugs, we party all through the night. This time is just too good, the birth of Christ is full of abundance.

Merry Christmas, Krismasi Njema, God Jul min vänner.







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