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The most intimidating thing one can do is start something new. And when beginning an online business or work, you’re going to feel like an amateur majority of the times. Sometimes you feel like an impostor. Impostor syndrome affects even former first lady Michelle Obama as she revealed in her book becoming. To move beyond amateur you’re going to be available for the new learning that’s going to take place. 

What are the tips of moving from amateur to a credible business person

The following tips will help you move from amateur to a professional business owner in no time. 

Are you ready to learn 

Greta, the young Swedish girl taking the climate world by storm is learning as she said in an article. She loves to soak all the knowledge coming to her. All the world leaders including former president Barack Obama attribute his learning to his knowledge. You must keep equipping yourself with knowledge and information to expand. Have you checked our October reading list for entrepreneurs in online Kenyan businesses? If you don’t read/learn you risk stagnating, you can’t grow. And so will your business. 

Are you willing and ready to adopt the new working tools

When I jumped into the online working space, I thought I knew it. I got confronted with a lot of information some which scared me like SEO and some which helped me start my blog, knowing how to write on WordPress. It’s a skill that many businessmen are;t ready to acquire, we all believe we’re knowledgeable in our respective business areas. Until we open ourselves up to new learning adventures. If you want to be a sales copywriter and have never done this kind of work before, why not bury yourself in knowledge by knowing the ins and outs of a sales copywriter. 

You’ll fail more times than you pass 

Persevere accept that sometimes, it takes many steps to reach atop the hill/mountain. Before you arrive at your destination you’re going to have to fail a few times. You’re going to try and make it work by enduring the process. I started a hobby blog and now turning it into a business, the ride hasn’t been easy because I wasn’t ready to learn and accept I didn’t know. I kept guess working until the day I let knowledge and information attack me. I promised myself to have an info overload. You can have all the information, but are you ready to take a leap of faith and do the work. Don’t be afraid to fail, you’ll narrate to your listeners like a motivational speaker. Failure is what keeps an entrepreneur together, they realise enduring pay the price. 

You don’t need to know all at once 

Do you believe that you need to be an expert to start selling online? You don’t. Have you bought into the notion that or you to be a respected personal finance business blogger you need to go to business school? Have you bought that a life coach needs a certification before they begin coaching? While this adds credibility to you, it doesn’t mean you can show your passion to the world. It means taking all the information you have laying around and making the information available to your customers. If it’s a product you’re developing like a business plan, learn how to write a simple business plan. Now, go and read a lot about winning business plans and incorporate that into your products. Expertise comes from constant and years of carving. You’re an expert with experience and years of doing. 

Don’t change learn to reinvent 

The best inventions yet are the ones that saw a gap. Steve Jobs didn’t invent smartphones but some people view him as the father of smartphones. He enhanced the smartphone. He added features to it that others hadn’t realised before. And other companies copied and followed his suit. What’s around you and what can you add value to. I have stayed in the online working space for a decade, learning, unlearning and relearning. The only thing I see is mediocre written blog posts with half-assed information. Yet those blog posts reach number one and rank number one on google. Why, because no one else is churning content like them. They have mastered the art of SEO and are using to their best. Now, there’s a gap, scour for keywords on sites like uber suggest or Ahrefs or sem rush and start writing meaty content that drives traffic to your blog. 

Start showing them that you are understanding the market’s hunger for valuable information. And you’re ready to satisfy that hunger. With time, you’ll be creating content for other big industries like what Jackson Biko did with his blog. 

Plan your goals 

What are you aspiring for as a beginner business owner? What do you see doing? What do you making a change in the world? Write your goals, what I call ultimate goals, then break the goals into achievable steps and take action each day that brings you closer to your dreams. Goal setting and breaking makes it easier to visualise where you see your business going to. Learn how to goal set with me on my Instagram

Takes time 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and so your business guru image will take time. Give yourself to learn and become as Michelle said in her book. Stop rushing the image, your recognition is coming and you’re going to feel it hard. Don’t start jumping from your chairs yet but keep holding your head high. Learn a credible lesson each and every day as an entrepreneur and live each day as if it was your last day. 

Know your why 

All business gurus know why they started and why they keep moving forward. They love to push themselves out of their comfort zones.  When you know your purpose you won’t be deterred by social media, sleeping r other distractions that keep causing confusions in entrepreneurs lives. You will remain focused because your ultimate goal is to reach the goal post and effecting change. You’ll leave some patterns and accommodate the new, and your only drive is your destination. To pave the way for others who are stuck.

Enjoy and Have Fun 

Don’t forget to unwind, take a moment to appreciate yourself as a businessman. Have you ever seen what they say as ‘billionaires lifestyles’’? It’s when you stop to appreciate yourself for the goals you keep kicking and not hating or blaming yourself. Or not enjoying at all the accomplishments you have made for yourself or for the far you have come. When you learn to appreciate yourself nothing seems like an obstacle and your entrepreneurship journey seems like a breath of fresh air every single day. 

How do you stop to appreciate yourself or have fun? 

In conclusion, the life of an entrepreneur is a journey others don’t or are afraid of the undertaking. You must take risks, be willing to remain laser-focused and creative at the same time having fun. To be an accredited guru, you have to be a beginner. You have to tell a story of your entrepreneurial journey because all journies begin from somewhere and with a single step. 

What steps are you taking in the business that makes you keep moving from amateur to a business guru? 

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