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Last Updated on 20 July 2021 by Gertrude

These small business ideas keep rising in popularity.

Small businesses ideas keep getting born because of the internet and some people become ‘overnight’ millionaires and billionaires because of the internet with their small businesses.

A small business doesn’t mean done in a congested smelly or ramshackle with no structure.

In fact, a small business can have up to 500 hundred employees.

Some of the small business ideas on the list became famous because of Covid-19 or Covid-19 enhanced some businesses while changing lifestyles for other business owners.

As a small business owner, you must have the wit, strength and quickness to adapt to changes like the pandemic.

Some small businesses on this list also became notorious because of the internet.

The internet disrupted how we approach work, life, school, businesses and life.

And the invention of the cellphone/smartphone changed everything because we now have small business owners like social media marketers, Instagram influencers and they make a full-time income from sharing their lives from and with their phones.

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Some of the businesses like home-improvement rise for the necessity of remodelling or remaking a house into a modern house for sale or for Airbnb.

Choose one business idea from the list, then create a business plan, adapt an entrepreneur mindset, because without that business mindset you will fail.

Learn why small businesses start and fail within a year and the reasons why you must begin your business.

Keep learning and educating yourself on how to brand your small business and why branding is important for your small business.

Always provide excellent customer service and satisfaction and in no time, you will be a conglomerate.

That’s how conglomerates get born, from small businesses. 

90 Most Successful Businesses to Start in Kenya

  1. Tutor 

I tell people that my child was in school for three months in a decade and they look in awe.

School is important in our kids’ lives but not the kind of research assistant schooling in the Kenyan education system.

The only thing our kids master in school is to become and have good grades, you are a failure, looking down on others who aren’t speaking in English.

Last year, 2020, we changed our perspective of the school, I believe, because the public education system was out for 9 months. Some kids, until now, June 2021 haven’t resumed school. 

Tips for Successful Tutor 

Create a YouTube channel, because Kenyans throng YouTube every day. YouTube is as popular in Kenya as Facebook.

Create lessons you are proficient in, for example, you are a maths guru, set up a whole class one to eight school curriculum.

Come with creative topics like Making Maths Easy for Class One Kids in Kenya.

Use Kenya in the titles to narrow down your market. Parents can access and download your lessons to watch later.

Remember the internet is a challenge, you can create a blog offering the same. You make money according to the views/traffic, sell private classes/tutoring kids.

Don’t limit yourself, go on Facebook and find parents like me world schooling their kids and have difficulty in certain subjects.

The earning potential for a tutor is from 0, at the beginning or millions as a starter.

The difference, learn your offering, solve a problem and make parents embrace a new way of schooling their kids. Imagine the kids from poor families you will help? 

2. In-home Beauty Services 

I love Sam my hairdresser, but Covid-19 slowed my time from the salon, in the end, I decided to wear ‘natural curly kinky hair, this means shaving’.

Women and men love to look and smell beautiful even kids.

During the pandemic, a lot of beauty shops increased their home beauty product range, for example, footbaths for pedicures and led lights for manicures. 

Become an In-home Beauty Service Provider 

Some people don’t have the time or luxury of purchasing such beauty products. Become a walking billboard; walk in your neighbourhood or drive around your neighbourhood advertising the salon services you offer.

Create aprons with the name of your mobile salon, Fb pages or Instagram pages for your business, also provide your mobile phone business number.

Let people know you exist. Now, when you get your first customer, post the experience on Facebook or YouTube or social media of choice. To make it better, post while working.

According to your client, show their faces or not. Let them say why they love you working on their eyebrows, feet or hair.

To make this experience creative, because you want to be contactless, buy a tent (hema) to house your clients.

Carry some refreshments with you to surprise and wow/woe your customers and more.

Don’t rely on providing a home to home services; make more money by becoming a makeup personal shopper.

I know the struggle of choosing the best colour foundation for my skin making me give up on makeup.

Create a channel talking or explaining concealers and what they do.

Also, emphasise the importance of taking care of the skin instead of hiding with makeup.  

3. Online Plant Nurseries 

I love plants, I prefer plants to pictures on the wall and other nature decorating stuff like seashells. 

Become an Online Plant Nursery Seller 

Sell plants for decorating the homes or designing nurseries for your customers.

Come up with creative ways of making customers love the green, for example, use wood, biodegradable planters for those living in apartments or for the ecological ‘green’ customers.

You can sell these products as an affiliate marketer through your YouTube channel, Fb page or blog. 

4. Cleaning 

Who doesn’t love a clean home? In future, this is one of the businesses I have to start because of how meticulous I clean houses; I keep hearing.

Don’t stop at cleaning houses, with Covid-19 arose another cleaning problem ignored; the everywhere thrown used masks.

Also, hospitals and apartment dwellers want to clean their windows but some apartments get built in a way that window cleaning isn’t easy.

Hospitals want to keep patients without covid- 19 in clean spaces, provide a service for cleaning hospitals. 

5. Translation Services 

I worked as a translator for a few months before deciding it wasn’t for me. Some things aren’t as they look.

You must be fluent in the languages you want to translate. Yes, I am pretty fluent in Swahili but not very much when it comes to paper.

I remember my Kiswahili teacher complaining about how my sentences sound like English and I needed to read more Kiswahili books.

Translators working in German, Japanese, Mandarin/Cantonese, Spanish, Korean get paid a lot.

Learn one high-demand language and begin working as a translator. 

6. Lawn Care Services 

 One of my brothers does lawn caring and maintenance. He is pretty good.

A lawn care business is about landscaping, ensuring the hedges get trimmed and the grass gets watered. Simply put, making the compound look neater. 

People in Kenya are getting richer and their compounds bigger. To win a contract caring for lawns of the rich in Kenya, market your work. Learn who your client is, share your work before and after for people to see what you can do.

Remember to be and remain professional just because you mow lawns doesn’t mean you come to work smelling or looking unkempt.

7. Taxi Business 

Ridesharing became popular with Uber then other ridesharing apps became popular.

Covid-19 brought with it a new need for cars.

Before this, I never cared for cars then we needed cars not only for convenience but for travelling to places we want to explore.

We had to stop everything and begin budgeting for a car.

I used taxis, kekes (three-wheel cars) and motorbikes as a mode of transportation and I was fine until covid.

Quick Innovative Tips for Growing Your Taxi Business 

Road trips are becoming the new normal around the world. People are travelling more than ever around the country and they need your cars.

To make more money, customise your cars to fit the needs of families, for example, equip your car with refrigerators, water and charging stations.

Learn how to customise a car for a road trip or for a country adventure then make money building cars for other adventurers.

You don’t need to focus on hiring the cars only.

You can advertise your business by taking trips around the country in your car and post the adventures on your YouTube channel.

If you want to take it a notch higher, make your cars available like an Airbnb by allowing customers to pay online, get keyless entries and travelling as they wish.

8. Digital Artists 

Some people claim that the digital artist is not a real artist because digital artists aren’t using the paint and brush methods.

I discovered digital art in 2018 through clipart; that’s when I wished I could draw a straight line to save my life. 

Tips for Digital Artists 

Don’t limit yourself to drawing if you cannot. Though Cambridge online says an artist is someone that paints, draws or sculptures I want to encourage you that artists don’t end there.

There are sculptors, illustrators, graphic designers, printmakers, photographers, calligraphers, content creators and the list keeps growing.

There’s fierce competition for artists and that’s why it’s not an encouraging way of making a living.

Let me tell you, you don’t need to be a starving artist. Artists these days are living the dream and changing history.

Look at the people enrolling for drawing, art, calligraphy classes online. The numbers are promising, remove starve from your name. With that cleared, build a brand.

Everyone is an artist but artists that use their creations to tell stories, innovate the way we live are building their brands; distinguishing themselves from the herd.

If you are a photographer, identify what kind of photography makes you happy, same for writers or tailors.

Learn the trends and predict what the trend is saying about the future of your business. Keeping abreast with information means you can innovate. 

9. Website Flipping 

I heard of website flipping as far back as 2009, before fully immersing myself in online work.

Website flipping is like selling a business. Before selling a business, you need to prepare the business by working to develop that business to investors taste.

If you want 100 million shillings or more website flipping, create content, show the domain authority or prove why investors must invest in that domain name.

Have traffic, ads. Making money website flipping may take months or years depending on how dedicated you are.

Don’t forget website flipping also means you must start with a good name that attracts investors and Google. 

10. Bike Selling, Services and Tours 

Sustainable living is everywhere these days even in the tour business. Instead of relying on car hire service, hire bicycles.

Bicycles pollute the air less and you can go on hiking trails with them and other ‘small’ places.

Offer bicycle repair services or sell bicycles not available in the Kenyan market.

Add a little spice by offering bicycle riding classes. I could use some classes though I refused to balance on bicycles years ago. 

11. Home Improvement 

More people buy homes in Kenya each year.

Because of the rise of the middle class or because Kenyans are buying properties in high numbers, so does the increase of home improvements.

Home improvements include painting, tearing down buildings and making modern houses, plumbing, new electrical works or turning homes into smart homes.

This small business increases in profitability every year. Start with a simple DIY of your home then post the pictures on Instagram or share on Pinterest.

For more visibility share your creativity on your YouTube channel or via video.

People want to see your work before making bookings with you. Remember when making improvements to factor in the cost of materials and the time you will use.

Don’t ever underestimate a home improvement project. 

12. Rehab Centres 

Have you seen the trending video of Omosh of Tahidi high in the third week of June?

That video is disappointing and encouraging to anyone saying that alcoholism doesn’t need rehabilitation.

Youths get lost in Tusker binging and other cheap liquor, you know, the one with rats and period towels in. It’s a pity, disgusting and a new source of income.

To run a rehab, you must understand and empathise with your patients without judging them (no making faces, twitching or closing up your nose).

You must also get training on how to handle your customers, treating them with respect and finding programmes that rehabilitate them.

You have to advise your clients on strategies to use to keep their urges down.

This small business requires more than a huge startup income but you need to include, empathy, events, programmes, patience and a staff.

People keep saying we don’t have a drug problem in the country, I saw drug addiction first-hand from my father. He became an alcoholic, like an overnight magic charm.

Also, don’t focus on the recovering addicts, educate others on the value of checking what they put in their mouths.

Provide or do outreach programmes in your neighbourhood but online. Encourage people with drug addictions to come to your centre.

You will end patience because most addicts have anger issues when sober. 

13. Creating Online Courses 

Online courses became famous or gained notoriety in 2015 because man bloggers realised how to encash their knowledge.

Enrol people in a programme, learn how to blog, then teach others. Most online courses range from 0 shillings to millions of shillings, depending on what you choose.

If you are a learner, gather as much information as before joining a course.

If you are the course creator, find what learners want to learn and create content that meets their needs.

Don’t jump in without surveying how much your students want to pay and can afford and other ways of delivering the course content without video.

Some people create courses and deliver via their emails, blogs, YouTube or specialised platforms like Udemy or Thinkific. 

14. Design Phone Cases and Sell 

Since learning how to use Canva in 2018, I have wanted to explore all kinds of arts.

One of the arts was designing and selling phone cases. The number of people having phones keeps increasing in Kenya every day.

Nearly half of Kenyan citizens who have a smartphone can download videos or watch videos or create videos or take beautiful pictures without investing in cameras.

With this oversaturation, no one wants to own a phone case resembling their neighbours.

My kid said, ‘Mum, I want my iPhone’s case to be different from that woman’s’’. Now, find a market.

We know the larger phone case market is for iPhone users because they want to use unique cases.

And some android phones like Samsung and Oppo phones, you can design and sell up to 1000 shillings and make a passive income from the home of 50k or more, depending.

Remember, the iPhone and Samsung or Oppo users aren’t big. 

Tips for Selling Phone Cases

Sell what’s not in the market. Design phone cases and iPad cases not in the market. 

Don’t stick to phones and ipads, there are laptop sleeves and covers for pcs to prevent dust. You know dust eats up the electronics. 

Market your phone cases on Instagram, FB, Pinterest or open your shop with Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce. 

Find your niche. For example, investors of phone cases are Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppos, iPhones. Choose one or two phone markets to cater to then fly with the designs. I would design for Samsung and iPhone users. 

Keep up with the trends. Most people investing in phone cases are youths from 12 – 35 years or up to 45 years. They want their gadgets to stand out what a better way with luxurious looking phone cases. 

15. Start an Agency Hiring Skilled Workers 

Since before Covid, the need for skilled workers keeps increasing. Skilled workers include plumbers, electricians, construction workers, masons, welders.

In your area, do you know a plumber that does an awesome job and his business is well branded?

You can begin an agency to help skilled workers get customers to their doorsteps.

I can see how you will create employment with such an agency. Don’t forget nannies.

Such an agency can bring in 100k per month after a few months of operation and millions more.

You can offer construction companies, mums and dads, water companies with hired hands at all times, 24 four seven. 

Tips for Running a Successful Skilled Workers Agency 

Know who your customers are and what they need.

A skilled workers agency is about solving customers pains by finding people that can complete tasks that they cannot.

So, ensure your workers get trained.

Don’t send any work that doesn’t love their job or ‘’eats’’ the client’s money without completing their duties.

Get a cut for connecting the workers with work. This is more like fulfilling the problem in Kenya of creating employment.

If you can, offer training to the interested skilled workers. Give incentives to the skilled workers, like, if you recommend our services to other youths, you get a bonus.

Like an affiliate product. Advertise and see the number of applicants you get in an hour, that’s how desperate for work we are as youths in Kenya.

Become active on social media Kenyan youths frequent like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin.

Give tips on how to get employed no matter your level of education. Also, give tips to youths who want to begin their own businesses in the skilled work industry.

We undermine skilled workers in Kenya, but without them, we cannot have buildings or muscle guys. 

16. Become an Instagram Influencer 

When I heard of ‘Yummy Mummies Australia’’ I almost fainted. These mummies are rich, they were pregnant at the same time and important have millions of followers on Instagram and Facebook.

These mums dress themselves and their kids to kill, eat good shop all the time and run side businesses as ‘Influencers’’.

Who would have thought the innovation of social media would make for riches on a social site? We didn’t see that coming until YouTube monetising/partner program. 

Tips for Becoming an Influencer 

Create value. People will say you must have a huge following that comes with value.

So, rack your brain ask, what do I want to learn and teach others from this channel?

And how am I going to leverage this fame with a fortune? Don’t only be famous but make money from it, learn from Kim Kardashian.

As an influencer, I like to insist on recommending products and services you use. Don’t be a desperate influencer signing millions of dollar deals but twitching your nose at the mention of the products.

You know, those are the kind of influencers these days.

Trust the brand you work with then recommend others or help the brand grow by speaking your story. 

17. Become a Tour Guide 

I made side hustle money with a tour guide business and still do. I take my Airbnb/bed and breakfast guests on lifetimes tours. I learnt, to be a good tour guide, visit the destination yourself.

Learn, take in and find ‘locals only’ kind of experiences. Also, always ask your customers want they want. A simple way to get started is of course beginning as a walking tour business.

You will learn what tourists want to see, communication. I am a very shy person in a group of people but when I engage like 2 two people, I beat the shyness and shine.

I shine when I know what I am talking about no wonder I read and research a lot.

Talk to your guests ask them what they want and also show them your adventurous side by taking them to of world experiences.

Tour guiding is about listening, putting yourself in your customer/s shoes and catering to what you were told and more. 

18. Tailoring 

Since learning how to tailor/sew, I wanted to make my clothes because clothing styles began looking like everyone else’s.

In 2015, though there were upcoming tutorials channels, tailors didn’t teach a lot. Or when they did, it was hard to understand, others rushed through or told you to enrol in their courses.

When taking tailoring as a hobby, I never wanted to pay for courses but for fun.

Then I found the blog, sew very easy, and the owners said, sewing is about keeping it straight.

I went on a roll to keep my sewing straight. I wish I could show my earlier works (I have over 1million photos, sifting through them is a lot of work, haha).

And the idea of cloth diapers got born, repairing and ruining clothes then a little later in 2017 a pillow business got born.

It felt relieving to sew and see people love my pillows yet I was an amateur. Some people thought I was a pro. 

Tips for Running a Successful Tailoring Business

Learn what you want to sew and sell. Don’t skimp on the details. Start small.

Children’s dresses or boys shirts only. You want to establish yourself as an expert first.

Learn what your machine can do. Sometimes, you don’t need a serger/overlocker, but a sewing machine only.

Only investor upgrade when you’re sure it’s not a hobby but a business. 

19. YouTube Channel 

In recent years, YouTube grew to become not only a source of entertainment but of business. We keep hearing of YouTube millionaires and multi-millionaires.

I signed for my YouTube account in 2013, sometimes, I tell myself, what if I worked my courage to pick the camera, face it and share what I wanted to share? Anyway, you can only regret too much. 

Tips for Beginning a Paying YouTube Channel 

I may say paying channel, but remember this is work. A few years ago in the comments section of a video tutorial, some people ridiculed a woman that said she’s building her YouTube career.

I guess that’s why I gave up. YouTube is a business, a side business at first. For some like me, fun.

Then you begin to see the traction, the traffic it brings to your business and starts thinking of ways to advance your career.

So, you will invest in a tripod, no fancy video cameras or tripods. Get your smartphone, a stack of books and start making videos.

When using your phone, tilt the phone don’t use it straight. After getting the equipment ready, decide on what you want to discuss, your theme. You love eating.

Are you going to teach me how to cook daily healthy meals? Or meals for busy parents/single parents.

When you decide on a theme/niche, it’s easier to build a following. You can expand to other topics later.

It’s what I did when I gained the courage to make videos. I filmed the first video in 2018 on making money with shaggy videos, bed and breakfast. 

20. Sell Stock Photos 

Shutterstock, Flickr are some of the most recognised stock photo websites in the world.

Stock photos are a collection of photos on one website, meaning, you find photos of all categories collected on one website.

It’s like the aisles of a supermarket filled with different soaps, shampoos.

Stock photos gained popularity due to bloggers seeking different photos to style up their posts.

Stock photos aren’t for bloggers only but authors, lecturers/teachers, students, doctors. 

Tips for Selling Stockphotos 

Find a niche. With a wide range of photo selections online, find a specialisation. This means, researching what sells. Beginning from what sells ensures you get money from day one. For example, portrait sells, landscapes, animals. 

Don’t copy. Even if you sell what’s already selling, don’t copy anyone. Don’t take pictures of existing brands. Make yours unique. 

Learn photography with a camera and your smartphone. Sometimes, you won’t carry your camera everywhere so invest in a smartphone that takes great pictures. Also, invest in becoming a good cameraman. These days 30seconds to one-minute videos are gaining popularity on stock websites. Learn how to video breathtaking scenes depending on your niche. 

The pricing strategy in a competitive market. Give lots of rights to users. With so many selections, some creators make their content inaccessible by pricing too high. Don’t. Price for profit. Give lots of rights to customers purchasing from you. Instead of having lots of licences and restrictions, write, ‘Permission to use however you want. Customers love a bargain, choose what customers want but learn to profit from your effort. 

Have excellent customer service. Selling stock photos or videos is an online transaction and your customers aren’t limited to Kenya. Learn how to answer customer questions with enthusiasm. Also, tell stories with your pictures. Why did you decide to photo from this angle and all? 

21. Baking Business 

Covid 19 created baking enthusiasts, we got holed in the house, some with nothing to do.

People will love food and always want to try new foods no wonder the food industry is one of the fastest-growing small businesses to begin from home. 

Tips for a Baking Business 

Check what’s selling. Just because people will love food and always eat doesn’t guarantee you to jump without knowing the trends. What are people buying, what are people not trying and what would people love to try. 

Teach baking tips and tricks. I see YouTube channels made from tips and tricks or hacks. A popular blog, Lifehacker, makes millions of dollars a year selling hacks. Hacks shorten/simplify. 

Make your baking colourful. Any food blogger will tell you how hard it is to sell boring-looking cake. People want to see colour because colour makes the food pop and attractive. 

Take custom requests. In any industry, taking custom orders mean you get more money. Also, a custom order makes you concentrate your creativity on a masterpiece. 

22. Wedding Photographer and Wedding Venue Scouter 

No matter how many divorces we experience, weddings will remain a hot industry and one of the fastest-selling and growing. Why? A wedding is a time for enjoyment without limitation.

And no wonder people love gate-crashing at weddings. You know if you are a good wedding photographer, you can make up to half a million shillings per wedding.

If you don’t know anything about weddings, opt to become a wedding venue scouter, this means, you have a portfolio of ‘hidden appealing wedding destinations and honeymoon for weddings of all sizes and budgets.

A wedding venue scouter can make millions of shillings per destination depending on how well you market, the budget of the wedding.

Keep in mind you will cut profits with the owner of the venue. If you can afford it, buy your venues. 

23. WordPress Support 

I started blogging in 2012 even though I didn’t know what I was doing. It was hard to figure out how to write a blog post and back then, YouTube tutorials weren’t as many as they are now.

I spent hours and hours figuring out how to write posts on WordPress and that discouraged me so I got little done.

If you know your way around WordPress a lot, offer support to first-time users of this wonderful CMS (Content Management System).

Don’t stop there, offer to fix like loading times, installing plugins for WordPress users, show how to use Alt Images and texts.

And show how to get SEO for beginner bloggers and experienced bloggers or why they shouldn’t get scared of SEO. 

You need to have good communication skills to offer WordPress support, meaning, you will explain technical terms to customers who are tech-challenged.

Use simple and easy to understand language for your customers.

Combine blog posts and a YouTube channel for your customers to better understand terms, concepts and terminologies. 

24. Dog Walking 

We love our dogs in Kenya either for security, companionship or because our kids asked for them.

And the rise of the millionaire middle-class is making owning a dog the necessity and one of the best businesses to get into in 2021 in Kenya. 

My daughter who is now 12 asked and cried for a dog when she was 4 years old.

I went ahead and bought for her without realising the challenges of dog raising.

As time went on and out travel and other duties took charge of our lives, we ended up walking the dog less and less.

There are no dog walkers in Kenya or at the time it was a foreign duty.

And even now, I don’t see many dog walkers unless you live in areas like Runda, Karen, where the ex-pats live. I don’t even live in Nairobi. 

Tips for a Creating a World-class Dog Walking Service

Maybe there are dogwalkers in Mombasa or Nakuru, where I reside mostly but they don’t advertise themselves.

Market your dog walking by showing people how pets love you or adapt to you.

Charge an affordable and reasonable rate for long-term and short-term customers.

Introduce a dog boarding service for nomadic families. And also find homes for the abandoned dogs left in your care.

Learn how to train dogs.

Don’t forget to sell through affiliate marketing dog products, this way you don’t carry inventory but make money by recommending good products to dog owners.

We’re still lacking dog accessories yet dog owners increase. Start an exotic dog breeding business and introduce dogs not found in the Kenyan market. 

25. Design and Sell Jewellery 

Kenyans are watching the luxury market, we’re an emerging market after all.

Look at the concluded Safari Rally in Naivasha and the number of luxury and over the top cars and accessories on display.

To cater to this rapid growing jewellery industry, learn how to make jewellery.

Don’t stop at beads only, we the consumers want to wear things that are more than the Maasai beads, we want gold, diamonds.

The craftsman left to do jewellery designs with high-end precious stones are Indians and Muslims. 

26. Laundromat Business 

How many times have you wished not to call a mama fua to your house?

I hate doing manual labour and washing clothes seems like manual labour to me. Why a laundromat?

Kenyans want ways to simplify and make their lives interesting so imagine running a laundromat business in your area?

Charge the rate of the common mwananchi so that so employing house helps get challenged.

Make your laundromat like a home with fresh drinks and offer education.

When I tell people I use the washing machine, some tell me it doesn’t clean clothes well or they are too expensive.

No wonder I started offering laundry services to apartment-mates/neighbours.

Go the extra mile, do a pick and drop laundry service so your customers don’t have to wait in line for their laundry.

Ensure to stock refreshments in your laundromat for your customers. Offer to mend clothes for an extra income or iron clothes for them.

It’s becoming harder to find mamafuas that do an awesome job no wonder running a laundromat is gaining popularity in Kenya. 

27. Personal Chef 

The rise of the middle class again is making personal chefs pop in different neighbourhoods.

People want to cook healthy home meals but they don’t have the time because they work from home or want to make their lives simple.

If you love cooking, show your cooking skills on YouTube. On every video you make, tell people you are available for hire and can travel anywhere in Kenya to cook for families.

Some families will want to hire for years with accommodation and good pay some will want to hire you for private events like a girls night in with champagne.

Ensure you are flexible and not too fixated on one area. Experiment with different cuisines, why?

Because, again, people want to eat foods from different cultures, we’re tired of ugali, sukuma and meat.

We want to try sushi, steaks, baked fruits/veggies, exquisite desserts. We want to eat French, Korean, Italian, American bbq, Japanese, Chinese at the comforts of our homes.

There are many YouTubes tutorials, learn from each chef helps you improve your culinary skills and taste buds.

Ensure to give your foods to experts so that they can help you improve your cooking skills to become the Gordon Ramsay of Kenya.

The more cuisines you are comfortable creating or recreating the more you demand.

A Girls Night Out With Champagne can net you up to 250k shillings. Cooking for a family of 4 can net you up to 150k shillings, the money you only earn when you are an executive chef in a five-star hotel. 

28. Resume Writer 

Every time I read me 10 years ago resumes, yes, I keep some of them but close my eyes when I see them, I realise why I NEVER got employed.

Then I thank God because I wouldn’t have learnt or used my writing talent. Kenyans are underemployed, graduates with good scores and work ethics getting 5000 shillings a month job or getting no jobs at all.

Or graduates that NEVER EVER find employment because they know no one or have zero work experience.

Have you wondered why there are unemployment rates rising every single month? Kenyans study hard in schools to get good grades but we aren’t taught how to market our skills.

Helps graduates or form four leavers get employment by crafting their resumes.

Don’t stop by writing resumes. Start a career blog and explain to youths why they aren’t getting hired and what to do instead.

I know some graduates sitting at home waiting for an opportunity even with the information age =INTERNET.

I sometimes ask myself is it because we don’t love money, or is it a lack of motivation or pride?

Encourage youths that it’s not about the job market, we are to create the job market by employing ourselves and that’s the main purpose of this blog.

To provide and give options for youths unemployed in Kenya. 

29. Begin a Snacks Business 

For the youths unemployed, find a way to make money by selling snacks.

Now tell this to some graduates and they will eat you alive. I remember when I sold mandazis before my writing career took off in 2012. I invested only 1200 shillings for purchasing the deep frying mandazi pan and a spoon.

Let me tell you when you are a youth jumping into business, everyone wants to help you and that’s what happened to me. I got the pan and spoon at a deal.

Ask a few questions, what snacks do Kenyans love eating in your area and why?

I started with mandazis because I saw people supplying small local shops with 50 plus packets of mandazis. That encouraged me.

I am going to cook mandazis my customers have never tasted in their lives.

Because I was shy, my mum marketed to me the mandazi business to over 100 shops creating a demand for me I have never seen before. She gave me her recipe.

We tasted the mandazis supplied by others and realised how we were going to make money. And honestly, in a month, I made more money than I could. In no time I made over 300000 shillings, yes, you saw that right.

I got exhausted running my mandazi business but learnt a lot. Market your business. Learn the snacks that sell and use your secret recipe to create a business.

Don’t sell or skimp on the ingredients, we used blue band, milk and eggs but my mum warned against this.

She said some kids and adults are allergic to dairy so we would use water and some blue band. I cannot give the full recipe but people loved the mandazi, I ended up selling over 100 packets of mandazi to one shop and also not meeting the demand for the other shops.

Thank you Mama Bryo for your encouragement, I learnt a lot from her. To this day, the residents of the area I lived in know me as the ‘Mandazi Girl’. Create snacks people want to eat.

With the increase of clean street food, ensure to use products and ingredients you would eat and don’t go little on the ingredients. 

30. Digital Event Planning 

Just because Covid interrupted meetings and gatherings, doesn’t mean people don’t gather.

The increase in digital events from conferencing via Zoom, Skype or Google hangouts shows digital events planning is a hot market for Kenyan entrepreneurs.

And people will avoid gatherings for a long time until Covid goes away. So, this is a new and growing industry.

Learn how digital conferencing platforms like Zoom work. Have a fast internet connection, check your internet connectivity for interruptions. Always be in a well-lit room.

I remember the first few years when I started working online and the opportunities I missed because of my dark-lit room and shyness.

Dress to kill, I am not saying in bling-bling or shiny objects but as you would in a normal office meeting with a client.

Make it professional, take notes when necessary for what to get for clients. Listen more than you talk, allow the client to say or ask for what he wants. 

31. Virtual Dance Studio 

Dancing helps improve your ‘body sculpting’ because of the movement. And a few months after getting holed up in the houses due to covid, people want to be on the move.

And dance studios are the in-thing right now, you get to have fun while working out.

I saw a virtual dance studio a few months after covid and the owners made a lot of money from sign-ups.

People want to remain healthy or pick up a new hobby and if you know how to dance, teach others your move.

You must have a well-lit studio, be a good choreographer and film yourself in motion for your students to follow.

If you’re a startup show your customers dance moves for free on YouTube in order to attract more customers.

Also, don’t begin by charging blindly without asking your customers what they’d love to pay.

You can go as niche as showing dance for weight loss, dance for post-pregnancy, dance with a baby to gain customers fast.

Don’t go too broad because competition is fierce. Popular dance moves include Zumba and African dance styles.

Don’t limit yourself to this. Marketing yourself as a dance instructor means you can get gigs to help celebrities and other private citizens get in shape or enjoy dance moves.  

32. Lead Generator 

Have you ever started a business and started wondering where you will get customers?

That’s what a lead generator does and lead generators are in demand because of the increase in online businesses and social media.

Businesses want to stand out and lead generators help bring new business to business owners. You need to be great in sales and convincing skills.

This means you know how to attract people and how to close deals. People assume lead generators must be extroverted, they don’t have to be.

Know what business owners want and give it to them. As a business owner, it’d be great to work with a lead generator to sell my greeting cards, Airbnb, pillow business and other ventures.

You get paid according to the leads you bring, this means a commission or as agreed with the business/brand. 

33. Design Cloffices 

Seen the new trend on Pinterest and Instagram Influencers? Cloffiices. These are offices inside luxury closets/walk-in closets.

Influencers take pictures from their closets showing others their unique styles. Now, the cloffices trend isn’t limited to Instagram influencers alone mums and millennials want to work in their happy places, closets.

Because most closets are organised to kill, who would want clutter in their closet, no wonder this trend is famous.

Now, look at most Kenyans with money, they live in apartments or mansions.

Choose Kenyans living in apartments because they are open to change. Then, offer to design a section of their unoccupied room with a cloffice. Show the before and after pictures for more attention.

Market your work and this trend on Instagram where fashionistas are and on Pinterest.

On Pinterest, you can get ideas for unique cloffice designs and post your designs for more shares.

For Kenyans living in mansions, market to those renovating their old-style homes to fit the modern building trends.

Show them how a cloffice will add to the value of their home and why it’s a perfect addition. Because cloffice designing is a new concept, except for this niche to grow and with perfect timing, you are bound to become a millionaire.

Also, have a unique eye for interior decor by taking classes or reading the new trends in interior decorations.

You will make more money when people see how you transform spaces so have some previous work done and share on Facebook or Instagram. 

34. Teach Art 

If someone told me that I can magically draw and make money, yes, I would want to draw.

I have amazing ideas I would love to share but for the life of me, I cannot draw or paint. I am an art critic, haha.

Art and artistic people are forever on the headlines because of their beautiful pieces.

With the internet, artists get recognised for genius every day. If you know how to sell or draw, paint or sculpt or whatever kind of art you do, share your talent with the world.

People are picking up the art a lot because they want to show their unique creations or as a form of learning something new. 

35. Bookkeeping 

Bookkeeping is in high demand on the internet.

Small business owners look for support in paying/filing their taxes, small accounting things like balancing the balance sheet, helping with payroll.

A bookkeeper isn’t an accountant. Software like Quickbooks and Freshbooks enable you to run a bookkeeping business from the comfort of your home.

It doesn’t hurt to take CPA classes to become a certified accountant in order to enhance/make more money. 

36. Virtual Assistant/ Virtual Assistance Agency 

I gave up becoming a writer because writing is oversaturated and believed virtual assisting wasn’t. In a matter of weeks, I got hired as a virtual assistant.

The skill that got me hired was my knowledge of WordPress and writing. It came back to writing.

I want to emphasise there are no undersaturated fields unless you want to work for NASA or in highly specialised tech industries.

The other industries get flooded with knowledgeable people all the time, we’re talking about the internet industries.

Virtual assistants help businesses complete tasks like bookkeeping, writing blog posts, daily secretarial duties (maintaining order in the reception area of a business).

Yes, online businesses have receptions, answering emails from customers, complaints, concerns.

A virtual assistant started out as a helping hand for online marketers like bloggers, vloggers and tech entrepreneurs.

Nowadays, a virtual assistant’s role isn’t limited to talking to people on phones or booking flights but to more specialised roles like a virtual assistant managing social media accounts or a virtual assistant bookkeeper.

The more specialised your virtual assistant role is, the more money you make because you are a guru in your field. Aim for specialisation.

Virtual assistants remain a popular role and job online and it’s not going anywhere.

Some virtual assistants make $2 an hour while others make $30 an hour.

This amount depends on your expertise and specialisation. You can get a job as a virtual assistant online on Upwork ( though Upwork rejects virtual assistant roles almost after you submit your ‘resume’), on Flexjobs, Facebook Groups, connecting with bloggers or online in mum groups, freelance networking groups where the role of a VA is advertised. 

37. Financial Advisor 

I know I’d need the role of a financial advisor to help me get out of debt.

There aren’t many financial advisors in Kenya or if they are, they aren’t marketing their services or making people understand why they are a must.

For any business to make sense, one that doesn’t, you have to tell people why they need you.

For example, when I told others I worked from home, some thought it was slack and they asked over and over for me to explain how this work from home worked.

When people ask you as a financial advisor what you do, explain to them in simple English or Swahili, I help you save money, make more money from your meagre income or help you build generational wealth.

See, then your customer will ask, teach me how to build generational wealth. I want that.

Start by making simple YouTube videos or Facebook videos/posts on investing, saving, debt control, buying stocks, bonds.

Kenyans don’t understand what these terms are, and those that do, don’t know where to begin.

Teach like your professor would in a layman’s terms, if possible in Swahili for people to understand the importance of investing, saving.

Because you are dealing with people’s money, you have to be a trustworthy individual, don’t take money from people and misuse their trust.

Don’t give your business a bad rap.

If you’re unsure of what you’re doing, tell them, try the investment on yourself first then give an honest opinion.

Customers will begin trusting you with their money or for advice and in no time, you build your business faster.

Financial advisors are on the increase worldwide, see the number of personal finance blogs. Why? Because people want to know how to build their wealth or live a rich life or retire early or save for their children’s future. 

38. Freelance Writing 

When I tell people I worked as a freelance writer for a decade-plus one before quitting in March 2021, they go like, ‘Did you earn good money?’, Does freelance writing pay?

I heard about freelance writers earning nothing and I wonder how you survive. This was the story of my life in the early years of freelance writing.

I knew I was a good writer who could write in a bazillion subjects under the sun except for the tech industries even without researching.

But I didn’t earn money because I wanted to write for everyone. Suddenly, I told myself, why not make money writing books for others as a ghostwriter?

And for the next few years, I researched how to tailor my voice to my clients, I learnt why clients want their books written and I would never get credit from my clients.

I was fine with that, my goal, after all, was to earn money, keep quiet and never share my secret.

I was wrong, in 2013 the urge to share how to make money as a freelance ghostwriter started pinching me and I started my YouTube channel.

I never posted anything on it and when I did the first video got a lot of attention but I almost fainted while filming that video.

In 2019, I became serious about sharing how to make money online as a Kenyan. And recently, I want to share everything I know about freelance writing and freelance ghostwriting.

Why are freelance writers in high demand?

Why is the niche of freelance writing oversaturated making me not get a job?

I am a good writer but my Upwork profile got rejected, help me. These are some of the concerns affecting freelance writers in Kenya. 

Tips for a Successful Freelance Writing Career in Kenya 

Find your niche. This means, simple. On YouTube, I wanted to share my sewing journey and how I learnt how to sew. I realised, no, that was and is a side hustle, something I do as a hobby or as a break from writing.

And more people asked, show us how to make money as freelance writers, good money.

Honestly, I thought I wasn’t good enough to speak about it.

And I started my focus on making money online content.

And suddenly, the YouTube channel grew to 100 then 1000 subscribers and we’re moving up. Start from a specific area/category. If you have kids and a unique perspective on parenting, I know of ‘free-range parenting’ where you live your kids to do what they want.

And free-range parents are popular on YouTube. Or homeschooling, world-schooling, single mum parenting and dating.

You want to focus on one topic then get prominent on that. Don’t say you’re an expert or professional writer. You’re not going anywhere with titles like this. 

Solve a problem. We think of writing as a creative endeavour. Yes, very beautiful but I want you to think like a designer.

Ask yourself, what’s your writing solving.

Take a piece of paper, I prefer a notebook and ask, why will clients hire me? What’s my client’s voice and why do they need a parenting blogger? How can I help them solve this crisis or problem?

How can I make my client’s work be visible to a bigger audience? What difference am I making with my writing?

When you think for the client, you shorten the client’s work and clients love working with problem solvers. 

Have a portfolio. Did you know having a portfolio helps you get hired at a weekend on Upwork?

A portfolio shows your work and you don’t have to be an experienced freelance writer to have a portfolio.

Do this, commit yourself to write in the niches you want to get hired on. For example, I love tech writing, personal finance writing, romance and crime thrillers ghostwriting, SEO Copywriting.

If you are new to these niches, research how to write content in these niches, then, write.

The following month, use your portfolio to get hired on sites like Upwork, see how clients come clamouring for you. Keep updating your profile to get high-quality clients. 

Be a writer and a researcher. Have books to write your researched notes. Keep up with the trends in all industries.

The stories we see, the movies we watch came from a writer’s creative space which got recorded down in a notebook.

And always write to build your writing speed/muscles. The more you write and research, the easier it gets to finish your client’s work.

And freelance writing is about speed, accuracy, and meaty content. 

39. Business Consultant 

Businesses keep moving online at record numbers. The need for business consultants keeps increasing every single day.

Business consultants have successful businesses or they’re aware of how to make businesses successful.

They give your tips to succeed as a business owner. Market your consultancy business by giving business tips on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

You can create quotes for business owners because quotes are memorable.

Use a catch business name so your customers can remember you. The more you market your services, the more businesses realise you’re in existence.

Offering business advice isn’t a new concept in the Kenyan market but it’s met with scepticism.

Remove that by telling businesses for free on YouTube what they must do to reach a million dollars a month in revenue.

Or by explaining what terms like branding or helping businesses come up with their branding story or marketing story. 

Be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of running a business, the business terms used and have an easy to understand the language when translating these to your customers.

If customers want one to one discussion, charge them a premium because this means, they trust what you’re doing and saying. 

Be patient because it will take a lot of time to explain o customers exactly why you’re in existence.

And some customers when they hear, business consultant, they believe they have to cough up millions for no results. Build trust with your customers. 

40. Blogger 

I love blogging and with Google or the world having more than a billion blogs, you know blogging isn’t going anywhere soon.

I started blogging as a way of realising my frustrations as a single mum in Kenya. I didn’t know who to share my story with because I am not only shy but very private.

For months, I wrote on my free blog indomitable woman and it felt freeing.

Then the idea of this blog got born. It took a while to understand how to monetise a blog, I read all I could between 2015 and 2017 but never implemented the strategies.

Instead, I never believed I was meant to make money with a blog. I knew I would freelance write for life.

A blog is like a newspaper where information about a certain topic gets shared.

For example, on my blog, I share every possible way we can make money as youths in Kenya to avoid unemployment by becoming employers.

In your blog, you can share anything you want from providing books to your services, selling products, sharing information about topics like money, building wealth, the Gospel.

The information you can share on your blog is endless and with the internet growth’s, the possibilities keep growing.

These days, you can not share information about cats without content or words and get paid.

You have to learn about SEO, or writing content for your audience, helpful content.

You also have to be consistent in your content. This means, write often, don’t post once a year, I am guilty.

I never saw the importance of working without getting paid, hahaha and a blog can challenge your patience.

You have to develop the stamina to wait out. Create content your audience wants.

And don’t rely on Google Ads to pay you. There are avenues of payments like selling your products or services, affiliate marketing, sell online courses that can help you make more money with your blog.

Don’t get cheated that blogging is dead, diversify your income or blogging with videos and also become active on a social media you love and where your blog readers can find you.

Don’t get afraid to try with different niches as a lifestyle blog does. And always start from a niche.

Make your content, informative or provide information not found anywhere in a blog in Kenya.

Take time to write long-form high converting blog posts like this one; meaty content.

And if possible, guest blog on the world’s biggest blogs in your niche, don’t expect to find those in Kenya so look outside Kenya.

You can use your blog to sell your freelance writing services. It’s why I write these contents even though I quit freelancing.

I can give others to write in my client’s voice. 

41. SEO Consultants 

When I heard of SEO I was looking for ways to build traffic faster on this blog.

I had over 100k visitors on my mum blog in 2012 in about 3 months of writing.

And it became a struggle to get this blog to viewership like that. I thought SEO was complicated and a waste of time.

In fact, it somehow is. Don’t learn SEO to write for Google, learn SEO for customers to find your business on Google.

Always keep the customers in mind, that’s my mantra for learning or trying to understand SEO.

I wanted to learn how SEO works in order to find keywords customers use and why they use those keywords and how to tailor my content to my customers.

And it worked, suddenly, I saw an increase in traffic from May 2020. And it’s been going up.

SEO Consultancy is increasing because of this same headache I heard. How do you bring customers to your business?

How do you make them paying customers? How will you make customers beware of your services in this big internet world where there’s a lot of noise?

Don’t encourage your customers to pay for ads yet. Let them understand what customers are doing when they come to their page, encourage your customers to analyse why customers love another business over theirs.

Let your customers remain as original as possible and make content for the audience and not for Google. 

After Google’s gone, will customers remember you if you get stuck on staffing keywords everywhere and writing clickbait content? What happens if you cater for customers?

You will move your blog to another platform and customers will follow you there. 

42. Graphic Designer 

Graphic designers are the hottest trend right now because we want to make our online content visually appealing.

A lot of people are confused about what a graphic designer is. A graphic designer can work as an illustrator, animator, cartoonist and their work is about solving problems for clients with their art.

Why are graphic designers on-demand in 2021 and will their demand keep increasing?

Yes, graphic designers demand will keep increasing because of brands that want to stand out with their creative logos, art for capturing audience or animation for services or products.

And as more businesses grow and come online, so will graphic designers work increase. Choose and begin from a niche.

For example, begin by designing logos and design as many logos as you can. Market your work online, after all, your clients are available online at the touch of a button.

Start from simple sites like Canva before going on Photoshop.

And after learning photoshop, teach others or create online courses teaching others how to use or manipulate Photoshop and other graphic design platforms.

43. Transcription 

Transcriptionists increase in demand because of the need for visually impaired or hearing-impaired individuals.

Not only do the visually impaired or hearing impaired need materials transcribed, but people want to consume content in different forms.

For example, I prefer watching videos sometimes and reading more times. When I read, I go through millions of blog posts in a month. It’s faster that way.

Content these days comes in videos, blog posts, animations and businesses want to take their products in front of as many people as possible. 

44. Voice Over Actor 

Do you have a unique voice or have people told you your voice makes them sleep or your commanding voice is what they want to hear when they beat down on themselves?

Ever heard of Morgan Freeman’s voice or for those that love true crime stories, Peter Thomas?

Voice actors make money acting with their voices. You practice your script purchase good noise-cancelling microphones and begin recording you ‘’playing’’ with your voice.

Why is voice acting on the rise? The rise of video and ebook content and important audiobooks publishing.

Amazon has its own service hiring voice over actors. Remember as in any profession, the more you practice, the more you earn. 

45. editors/Proofreaders

I talk all the time about proofreaders and how you can make money correcting people’s English mistakes.

You must be a well-read English speaker, know about commas, full stops, asterisks at the back of your hand. 

46. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing career became a thing after the introduction of FB ads. Businesses want to know how to make money with their services or products with the help of Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, Instagram.

As more social media platforms keep getting created, so is the need for a specialised social media marketer.

Which platform do you know about like the back of your hand?

I know Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube marketing a lot but I don’t advertise those services, hahaha.

I implement the strategies I learnt about YouTube and Pinterest marketing a day at a time. Know the social media site well, the algorithms, analytics reading, what works in terms of advertising and what doesn’t work.

Customers/brands/businesses hire social media marketers because of their prowess.

It helps if you have books or tips and tricks on your Facebook, YouTube channel about growing your channel and getting paid. 

47. Email Marketing 

We undermine email marketing in Kenya a lot. Businesses/brands only care for phone contacts.

People have over 5 sim cards from five different telco companies but not many people have over 5 email addresses.

Email address is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly.

For example, instead of bombarding your customers with products you are launching or useless information, tell them how to better their services or what you are doing to improve your services or products. 

48. Selling Print on Demand/Custom-made Items 

I talked about print-on-demand since 2017 when I discovered about custom clothing.

This is where you design a drawing then use the design on mugs, hoodies, shoes, backpacks.

A printing company does the printing/fulfilling for you. And you share the profits with the company. Before designing, ask yourself what’s trending? Then check online on Google.

When people search for trends, they undermine the power of Google search.

Don’t stick to trends too much because someone else may be doing the same. Remember, there’s fierce competition, ask yourself, how can I stand out as a print on demand business owner?

Do I need more specialized skills or do I need to advertise my business more? Showing you behind the scenes or how you come up with that art is the best way of marketing your business.

You can teach other art enthusiasts out there how to create or draw like you, that means more money.

There’s always a concern with ‘thieves when dealing with print on demand products.

Remember a thief doesn’t make a move before you make a move. Make moves that confuse the stealers. 

49. Reusable Products Business 

Oh my God, there is a whole community/community of cheapskates on YouTube. I am not saying to go ahead and become a cheapskate, if you don’t feel an appetite for it, don’t swallow it.

Do you love sustainable living? Sustainability is the in-trend and Mukesh Ambani said his company is moving towards sustainability.

Reusers create products from waste or plastic into new products.

I have some clothes from South Korea made from plastic.

We cannot avoid plastic as we witness with our bread, milk, soda packagings but we can decide on how to reuse the plastic into reusable products.

People love the creativity of reusing and that’s why they buy such products. 

50. Branding Expert 

Since Apple, businesses don’t want to remain in the dark. Businesses want to get recognised by people.

The better branding you do, the better money you make and the bigger the impact. So, branding is becoming more than fancy logos and responsive websites.

It’s about customers raving about your products/services.  The more oversaturated businesses are, the more the increase in the demand for a branding expert.

So, do you know how to sell a business and what makes a business stand out? 

51. FB Ads Agency 

As long as Facebook exists so will the need for an FB Ads agency. Businesses want to know how to leverage their online traffic by understanding how FB Ads work.

Not knowing how FB Ads work means you get to get targeted traffic to your products or services.

I see dropshipping gurus dropping thousands of dollars a day on FB ads don’t do this when starting out. Build a platform from organic traffic. 

52. Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is a big field including social media marketing, content marketing(videos, films, animation/animated video, blogposts/tutorials), SEO writing, email marketing.

So digital marketing uses online tools to help take your business to a bigger audience.

As a digital market provider, you must understand how to drive traffic, understand analytics and how analytics work, customer behaviour and what to do with it.

You must also engage with customers in order to increase awareness of a brand. 

54. Dropshipping 

Dropshipping is selling products you don’t have. You create a store with niche or general niche products then sell to customers.

When a customer places an order, you alert the owner/supplier to pay them their cut then they fulfil the order for you. You don’t need to talk to your customer.

Dropshipping is popular because it’s a way of ‘validating’ your idea.

Remember, you don’t have to sell products via drop shipping only, you can use Amazon FBA or the old-fashioned way of making prototypes and testing.

Though creating prototypes costs money and you need a lot. Dropshipping is also popular because there’s a low-cost barrier to entry. Meaning, anyone with internet access, Shopify and Oberlo can begin earning money online by selling other people’s products.

The learning curve of operating a dropshipping store is quite steep, so get prepared.

I’d recommend before shipping a product to a customer, ship it to yourself test it so you can advise your customer. 

55. Amazon FBA 

Amazon FBA is also another popular way of making money with products and its ease of it makes it a low-cost business to begin. Amazon fulfils the orders you send to their stores.

To sell quickly, find products with high demand like waist trainers, electronic accessories and other accessories that solve people’s problems. 

56. Delivery 

Food delivery became more prominent because of Covid and delivery as a business went on another level. 

And we started hearing of Glovo that took advantage to ramp up their business operations.

Why is delivery popular and fast-growing in Kenya and especially in major cities and towns?

Because sometimes people want to receive products at the comfort of their homes and sometimes they don’t feel like moving from their homes.

Also, some elderly people want products delivered to their doorsteps or their children pay for services like delivery.

Set a delivery service in your area and not one serving the whole country as Glovo does. 

57. Podcasting 

A podcast is another way of the blogging content you love.

You have to build a following with a podcast before you begin getting brand sponsorships.

Choose a topic you want to talk about and you love and begin from there.

More people listen to podcasts for motivational content, so, if people tell you you are inspirational, go ahead.

Because podcasts haven’t caught on in Kenya, your audience will grow faster if you discuss an interesting topic. 

58. Real Estate 

I love real estate and the potential to become a billionaire investing in real estate.

And that’s one of the reasons why modern and beautiful houses keep increasing and the seeking of high-end/luxury real estate in Kenya.

The houses that sell the most are rental houses and there’s a potential for making money asap.

Choose a niche that rents quickly, in Nairobi houses ranging from 30-80k sell higher. Remember, to study your county before getting started in real estate.

To make more money, the source for house sellers and help sell their houses for Kenyans in the Diaspora. Kenyans in the Diaspora or as I love to call myself, ‘ex-pat Kenyans’ want luxury homes to buy in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu or Eldoret to provide a comfortable home for their families. After all, they have pride.

Plus those Kenyans want to buy more properties for selling later. You can learn a thing or two about house flipping and begin scouring your county or country for abandoned houses. 

59. Athleisure Clothing / Online Boutique 

Athleisure became a thing with ‘lounge clothes’ during the pandemic. You want to shine while still at home or cooped in the house, right? I am glad I didn’t feel the need to invest in athleisure.

Some people want athleisure for going out or for working out because they are comfortable yet comfortable clothing.

If you’re the innovative type, you can redesign athleisure to make it comfortable and office-like for at-home workers. You can evolve for the office workers too.

Clothes are going to be popular because like the food they are a basic requirement. And stylish innovative affordable clothing will continue to make for millionaires.

Remember the fashion industry is competitive, very competitive. Create a brand; choose a beautiful name for your business.

Become active on social media, show how the clothes look on you rather than on the mannequin.

Prove that people buy and choose a time to post to your social media to connect with your potential audience.

Also, check what other ‘friends wear, do they rock athleisure?

Selling clothes doesn’t have to get complicated, it’s a matter of strategy, knowing what customers want and giving it to them. 

60. Ebook Publishing 

Ever since I heard how much I could make from ebook publishing, I contemplated the idea of writing content for myself rather than others.

It’s the main reason I quit freelance ghostwriting.

I wanted and want to share my stories with the world. Now, it’s not the income alone that attracted me but the potential to share any story if non-fiction to fiction.

And I get to do this from the comfort of my home. I know some people making millions of dollars writing ebooks as ghostwriters or for their brands.

People will always want new information and that’s why ebooks have become popular.

Another reason for ebook popularity is because you get to self-publish, with no hassle in finding agents.

You write, edit and publish. When you think of such ideas, you see how far the world has come and how many Kenyan youths must never sleep hungry or be labelled, unemployed youths. 

61. Online Course Creators 

I wanted to create an online course because everyone working online does it.

No, for you to sell your online course at the first 24-hour launch, ensure you have a following and you surveyed the market. You don’t want to launch a course because you believed it was a good idea without doing a bit of research.

Check what people want to learn or are learning in droves like DSLR photography, SEO, mindset, self-development, manifestation, attract quite a sign-up.

The thing is to break your lessons as a University professor would do. Make it simple and in shorter forms. Like 10 minutes or 15 minutes per video session.

Pack your videos with ideas your students haven’t heard before. And did you know you can sell your YouTube videos as courses?

Just repackage the YoUtube content with new content and you’re good to go.

Video courses or online courses perform well when you have notes or further reading or research. You want your students to get the most out of your courses. 

62. DIY 

People love watching DIY videos because they show how products get created. We want to see something come to life.

And DIY blogs/tutorial blogs are quite famous because people love to see a creation come to life or because they want to learn something new.

If you know how to sew, teach others how to sew. Decorating homes on a budget. 

63. Video Editing/Video Captioning  

They say that videos are a billion on YouTube daily. Some YouTubers starting out and advanced earning six figures a month or 10 million shillings a month want to make their works easier.

They want to concentrate on finding filming locations and new spots for content creation.

Video editing takes hours and hours to bring content to life. You need to check for sound, trim some content out, add sound effects.

You can make 10 million a month or more helping not only YouTube creators but course creators. Also, adding captions is becoming the new gig.

You need to work fast to make millions, this means understanding the editing software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia and other ‘soft’ or lightweight video editing software. 

64. Phone Repairing/Laptop Repairs 

People have phones and sometimes they don’t want to buy phones without budgeting.

So, as many people get phones so would the services of a phone repairer get needed.

Ensure you learn a particular’s phone-ins and outs. If you are going to repair Samsungs, learn how each model is built. Also, don’t steal parts from people’s phones.

I remember how someone stole parts from my Nokia Asha 300 and yet he was a trusted phone dealer. A week later he got arrested for theft, hahaha. Karma is sweet. 

I see some people advertising their services for free on YouTube.

Phone repairmen use broken phones to demonstrate how to repair your phone from home. If you aren’t sure of what you’re doing, of course, you can take it to them/experts. 

65. Software Developing 

Sometimes I wish I could invent software.

These days you don’t have to wish you can hire a developer to do what you request of them.

Software developers are solution finders, so, before developing software ask what problem have you seen and what do you want to solve?

Software is solving problems right now, Netflix, Facebook, Glovo, websites and WordPress, Shopify are software. This software makes our lives easier or bearable and functional. 

66. Electronic Accessories 

Do you love your AirPods, earphones, beats headphones, portable USB chargers and all these tiny gadgets we carry?

You can sell a whole collection of electronic accessories not only for the phone but for the laptops, work from homes, smart homes, babies, breastfeeding, workouts. I mean, the range of accessories vary and differ.

Simple, begin from a market that has customers, baby, mum/parents, smartphones, laptops, workouts to make money faster.

Sell your accessories for 20-60 dollars, ensure you make a profit. You want to target soft-spot pricing to encourage impulse buying. 

67. Rental Business 

You don’t have to rent your house, you can rent your clothes, tools, wedding dress. Ensure to take beautiful and stunning pictures.

Tell customers what they can or cannot do with the product they purchase from you.

Just like Airbnb, the more unique your product is, the more people rent it. Why is renting becoming popular?

Sometimes you don’t want to spend millions or thousands purchasing an item you will use one time.

That’s why people rent. Provide guidelines and mark up the price for your priced items in case they get damaged or stolen. Also, don’t rent valuable items or items you are attached to. 

68. Airbnb Business 

Is Airbnb a popular business in 2021? People keep asking me. Even though I am still on the Airbnb platform, I decided to branch out and find guests through social media, referrals and advertising through hotels, friends and families.

I am happy our house is occupied 100 per cent of the time. We host the gay men in my country and across the globe attracting a market people undermine in Kenya.

Airbnb is still popular and needed in Kenya more because Covid made people stay in one house. What better way to get out than to live in someone else’s house?

Plus, you get to travel and stay there. The narrower your niche is, the more money you make.

Also, market your house on Instagram or Pinterest where the style and luxury of your house matters.

On YouTube, you can show or tell stories like how you got started and why. People love to hear stories.

YouTube is a way of making customers see your house and your decorating. Plus YouTube teachers help you improve your brand. 

69. Daycare Business 

Do you love children? Kenya is a young nation because we give birth every day. Turn your right and your 18 sisters is pregnant, your bro did this.

You don’t need a million dollars to begin a daycare business. You begin from the comfort of your home.

Ask, what age group do I want to accommodate in my house and why? Do you have the facilities within your home to accommodate these kids? Are you willing to take fewer kids?

You don’t want kids cramped up in a one-bedroom house. Kids are messy and contagious.

Also, ensure you have enough water to host these kids in your house. To make more money, provide some classes, teach English, write curriculums for parents or help parents teach their kids how to read A, B, C easier.

I see teachers making money on TeachersPay Teachers, this website is like a blog for teachers and parents. 

70. Elder Care 

I love elderly people and they love me too. I am told that I am an old soul in a baby’s body, thank you for the blessings.

The elders are increasing in numbers in Kenya and we need to make our parents live in happy conditions. 

71. Food Truck 

Food trucks have food for everyone but there aren’t many food truck businesses in Kenya.

After Covid impacted the restaurant business, you’d think that restaurateurs would embrace the food truck business model but nought.

Even though food trucks are popular in L.A. and major cities around the world, the cost of running food trucks is high.

You need to find a stationary location where customers can locate you. For example, a filling station, outside a mall and places that get lots of foot traffic.

You have to acquire the licences required for running a food business like a health certificate and a single business permit. 

72. Telemedicine 

Since Covid made hospitals inaccessible because of the high risk of infections to non-covid patients, telemedicine companies picked on the trend.

Suddenly, there were telemedicine companies providing services through the phones or laptops as a hospital physician would.

To succeed in running a telemedicine company, get an app or software developer.

Research the telemedicine companies to see what sets them apart. Include a subscription service for the very poor Kenyans to consult from their phones.

Most apps require smartphones and most smartphone users afford to go to the hospitals. You have to figure out how to bring onboard those with a phone.

What other way can you make medicine available from the comfort of their homes?

A lot is going to get done in telemedicine and you can begin thinking creatively.

Telemedicine will see growth in the coming decade as a potential billionaire maker. 

73. Gym 

Fitness fanatics grow each year.

Women that want to lose their baby’s pooch, health scares, bodybuilders, ageing people that want to stay fit and healthy keeping the gyms going.

With Covid, gyms were inhabitable because gyms are breeding grounds for germs like sweat.

Gym instructors took their cameras and tripods and began YouTube channels teaching people how to walk from their home comforts without equipment.

And suddenly, people didn’t need to run outside their homes to keep fit but within their homes.

If you’re a fitness instructor, ask yourself what problem do women face for example?

What problem do people working from home deal with every single day and how can you help them fix their schedules with simple workout routines.

People don’t want complicated programmes with lots of equipment but simple effective workouts. 

74. Medical Transportation 

I saw someone getting transported to the hospital during the Covid times and it was scary.

During a pandemic, anyone can be sick and anything can happen. Kenya doesn’t have emergency services like the 911 or 999 or 119. or if we have, it doesn’t function.

You can partner with hospitals by purchasing vehicles and turning them into medical transportation.

This business of transporting sick people will keep growing because of the ageing population in Kenya. 

75. Marijuana 

Marijuana isn’t legal in Kenya. I included the marijuana business here for people that like taking risks or for those that can take medical marijuana into practice.

After watching a marijuana documentary, I got a 50/50 reaction. You can still get high from the products and some people are using other drugs that aren’t marijuana to make their products.

Watch the documentary, ROTTEN, on Netflix to understand that.

Otherwise, marijuana is becoming mainstream turning in millionaires and shows like COOKING ON HIGH keep proving how effective marijuana is if used well. 

76. Life /Career /Health/Diet Coach 

We need a life coach at every point in our lives because we may feel our life getting stuck even our careers.

I reached a point in my life when I searched for the meaning of my life.

I wondered was I going to keep on writing as a freelancer doing all the amazing work for my clients but doing nothing for myself?

I decided to seek the expertise of a life coach. It felt good to talk about PURPOSE.

I always knew I had a purpose in life but I didn’t know I would stagnate at some point in my life.

A life coach helps you get back on track to your goals, purpose, your reason why.

They literally are the GODS for the stuck people. And life coaching comes from life experience, expertise and education.

Ensure you get the education necessary for your customers to trust you.

Okay, customers won’t ask, do you have a degree in Psychology? Customers will want to feel and look different, find ways to solve problems.

A degree, masters only help you become ‘known’ in your industry.

People will always look for ways to make their lives better and what better way to come out looking and feeling the best than with the help of a coach? 

77. Massage Therapist 

A massage therapist makes you feel relaxed. If you are a massage therapist and you haven’t purchased items to make your business mobile, you’re making a huge mistake.

Massages don’t need to be in five-star luxury hotels but at people’s home comfort.

You may provide massages for people with tedious work schedules like those working from home and sit for long hours, I know I could use some, doctors, secretaries.

Choose your target market and roll. Massaging requires you to have the equipment, reputation for ‘canning’ those tensions and making people look and feel good.

You need to sterilise your location and place for clients or use biodegradable products for changing dressing massage beds. Find a way to make your massage business mobile even though you may want a permanent location.

People want to get relaxed by a profession every day and your work as a massage therapist helps with that.

Also, patients recovering from illnesses, accidents would love the services of a massage therapist daily. Massage therapist is a small business with high potential growth if done right. 

78. Essential Oils 

Essential oils are the in-thing for the people preferring alternative medicine. Like CBD Oils or Medical Marijuana.

You can begin an essential oil business from home with young living products or by manufacturing your own essential oil. Find a model that works for you.

Also, connect with customers on their social media pages by showing them what essential oil do to you and how they can incorporate essential oils in their daily use.

No one wants to keep going to the hospital for minor injuries or soft colds, and essential oils like lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus can help solve problems to do with coughs, colds, sinus infections.

Of course, advise your customers that you’re not a medical professional, unless you are, and they must always seek a doctor’s advice if symptoms persist. 

79. Motivation 

I am a self-driven and motivated person that gets anything I want to be done. Starting January 2021, I felt like there was no need to keep moving and I slept all through the month.

Thinking it’d end, I slept again in February March April and some parts in May. someone told me I wasn’t depressed or demotivated I was undergoing a spiritual awakening.

I was realising what my purpose was in life. And true to that, as I look back, I didn’t feel depressed, slightly maybe.

The depression from me asking why am I not enjoying researching or making videos or even writing?

What’s happening to me? Researching any content kicks my working gear no matter the even happening in my life this time, I didn’t want to read any heavy material or ‘disturb my head.

People became demotivated to achieve or go on with their lives when covid happened and keeps shuttering everything.

People had to adopt new ways of doing things and that can take a toll on anyone’s life. How do you stay motivated?

How do you push yourself to go for your goals when you feel depressed? Covid isn’t the only reason people aren’t motivated.

Life’s issues like diseases, lack of purpose can make you stop moving or feel like life is coming to an end.

If you’re always on your high gear rolling with spirits no matter the weather, situations, circumstances, it’s time to plan a YouTube series teaching people motivation.

Motivational videos are a hit on Instagram and YouTube. Plan your content and offer tips, tricks, ways why people get demotivated.

And tell people sometimes, they need to sleep and the motivational spirit comes back on. 

80. Skincare 

Makeup isn’t skincare. We neglect our black skin because we get sold this stupid idea that ‘black don’t crack’.

Black does crack all skin does crack. It’s just that the black skin doesn’t show as loudly as the other skin tones.

Teaching people how to ‘preserve’ their melanin way beyond their 30s is the new makeup these days. People are coming up with no makeup days and showing their followers how to care for their skins.

To make more money, you can show people how to take care of their skins using simple everyday products like Vaseline.

I don’t mean skin for the face but the whole body.

Find natural everyday products people live with but ignore to make your content interesting and affordable.

Because we are about the skins and preventing or minimising ageing, the potential in a skincare brand is big.

Everyone focuses on makeup but not on the skin below the makeup, shine your light different. 

81. Subscription 

The subscription business model is growing like crazy all over the world.

Some brands like beauty, fashion, stationery, electronic accessories like wearable devices are the best for the subscription business models.

A subscription business model is on the rise because of the idea of making money every day or month. See Netflix. Or which subscription service are you on?

How can you make your business a subscription model? Will your customers appreciate the products you add to their boxes? 

82. Currency Trading 

Bitcoins, Dogecoins, Ethereums, Cryptocurrency are the rage these days. People are offering classes on how to invest with bitcoins.

Are cryptocurrencies legit?

People want to understand the impact of these alternative currencies and how they may affect economies/countries.

And these alternative currencies are gaining popularity with people like Elon investing in bitcoins/dogecoin.

Before investing, educate yourself, learn what you are getting and where you can use it.

Don’t jump into a market blindly. Sometimes, it’s better to sit back and watch before jumping in. 

83. Agric Business Ideas 

I am seeing myself as a farmer because people neglected to farm for real estate.

Farming is the fuel/energy for the economy of Kenya and nations around the world.

Which country can survive without food and good food? Kenya is prime for making billionaire farmers.

We need to embrace new farming methods and concepts like Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Permaculture, Greenhousing, Compost/Manure Production and Farming.

We have to stop relying on the rain which is becoming scarce with the sun hitting the whole country.

So, farming and agriculture will continue to be hot and fast-growing businesses as long as countries and people exist.

Produce high-quality products in order to attract importation. Start your farm small and grow big.

Start by testing out what you want to grow before investing in huge capital/equity.

Investing in farming is easier in Kenya so small farmers can get or take out loans to buy seeds and help grow their farms. 

84. Photo Printing

85. CBD Oils

86. Virtual Reality

87. Web Developers

88. App Creating

89. 3D Printing

90. Cybersecurity Experts

FAQs for Fastest Growing Small Businesses to Invest in Kenya

What business should I start in 2021?

Is 2021 a good year to start a business?

These fastest-growing businesses in Kenya have something in common, Kenya is a breeding ground for new talent. New businesses keep coming up.

Before beginning any business, begin working on your mindset. Some will argue, these businesses need a huge capital to begin.

True, I don’t deny it.

A business doesn’t need capital alone but actions and solution-finders.

A business owner is a solution-finder, if the problem is capital, make others help you raise the capital.

Tell others your plans then run with the idea. Use your skills to get the capital required.

Don’t give excuses as to why not.

Also, change your mindset. Work on what your goals are and go for them, don’t say things like Kenya isn’t. It’s not about Kenya, Kenya is a country.

It’s about what your fears are. Instead of letting the isn’t get in the way of your dreams, distract fear by recognising it but doing it afraid.

Do you think it’s easy for anyone? Do you think it was easy for Nikey? Phil Knight had debts more than any start-up, Amazon ran on debts or on people’s money for years.

A business is a life-term venture and not a two-week goal.

When you step up into entrepreneurship, realise, you’re giving yourself up for life. Your life will always be on the life.

And to borrow Jeff Bezos words, remain a DAY ONE store.

Work for your customers as you have never done the work before, feed them what they came for from the 




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