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Last Updated on 11 November 2014 by Gertrude

A Freudian Slip has it’s origins from the Austrian Psychoanalyst who believed the unconscious has hidden motives, ideas, wishes and desires. We keep battling between the conscious and the unconscious to reveal what is desirable or non-desirable. So, this means when I call you a dog, or cat or tell you how meaningless you are, I actually mean it, meant it.

Going with this notion we can therefore deduce that a Freudian Slip is an intended unconscious thought that the conscious unconsciously articulates. We can correct these slips sometimes, by apologising, but communication is dynamic, once out, we can never take it, we can but through untruthful apologies. Like, sorry I never meant it. Freud intended to work the mind of his patients through the Psychoanalytic therapy or talk therapy. He knew that through this, we can always reveal our exact true inner hidden disturbances. I meant to kill you but due to repercussions like a death penalty or life imprisonment, I cannot or I am afraid.

Now, when a Kenyan Political Leader goes on to insinuate, ”Your tribe betrays you”, then went on to really try to excuse his behaviour, he actually meant this deviance. He automatically meant, ” you inferior being from another tribe, take heed, you are nothing”. Imagine this Politician actually declared this during a press briefing. When a Leader goes on to declare his distaste for others, publicly, in this era of social media, what does he expect?

He’s a leader, what do you expect from other small fish like you and me? Of course, we will hack each other to death, isn’t this what we know better? He is instigating on us how insignificant others are, how meaningless role they play in the social system and culture that is Kenya. He is telling us because we don’t agree with the President and he is from the Kikuyu tribe, now, all you that are non-Kikuyus, attack

Us of less education, who have been left to ‘fight’ for space agree without blinking an eye, and what do we see, you and me hurling very powerful exchanges expressively agreeing how Mr. Kalonzo in his remark was so right!. Little wonder we just accept us to be used then dumped like meaningless humans after we have finished our purpose for them.

Be wary, you, you and you, after the political game is over, you will be like cow dung, whose purpose will be for fertilisation of their deeper hole-less pockets. Think again if and when you hate your neighbour, yet, he is close to you than even your relative. These politicians come and go, don’t take sides with them, ask them for performance records, stop blind following. Leave them to crack their own jokes, then you to continue with your life.

Be careful, read in between the lines when Mr. Political Leader opens his mouth to speak, because in there can be venom, hate and mountainous love for his-self.

NB: Freudian Slips in these context have been used satirically.



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stephanie · 11 November 2014 at 6:54 PM

Any errors, ambiguities or exaggerations are my own, don’t run. Oops, a Freudian Slip.

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