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A virtual assistant, social media manager managing and building communities, a writer/blogger. I am a mum of two who loves to smile. I have overcome a lot with MINDSET SHIFT courses which I have developed for myself and for you. I am extremely ambitious, self driven and a dutiful learner who sets the bar high for herself. I don't believe in failing it's just a belief which can be shaken. I love community service and the ART OF GIVING which is empowering and endearing. I also believe in second and third chances but not in LOVE, HAHAHA. This is how witty I become too with words, we can never be enemies unless your attitude sucks. I am not apologetic either and don't believe in regrets but lessons. See, let's connect with you as my subscriber as there's a lot to learn. Ohh, if you don't like learning, I doubt you'll love me either as my life revolves around learning and fun. I'm obsessed with love so let's talk about it every single minute of the day. I'm always open for writing gigs, so hit me up, find me on my HIRE ME PAGE or PORTFOLIO. There's a lot to take home.

Online Businesses/Work from Home in Kenya